I like to know your opinions about which trading instruments that trend most, and have least ranging as possible. I am working with a strategy that will work best in a market that trend as much as possible. So I thought first about Gold, but high spread and many ranging made me hesitant, so I thought to ask your opinion about it.

In fact my strategy is every new beginners mistake, and I know it, but I like to play with it until I either false completely or succeed somehow. As long as it is in demo no harm is my thinking. It is about opening trades in fixed lot size that is so small that you can stay in the market for months even if you not get any tp which is so impossible to think with such a strategy in a trending market. Taking small stop losses every time, and setting high take profits so to get my losses back.
But I need to try the most trending instruments, so I hope you will share your experiences and market wisdom with me.

Thank you

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