I'm mostly interested in growth companies, and I am finding it difficult to make any money recently, despite considerable success in recent years. I think that the main problem at the moment is that high inflation in the UK is leading to worries about imminent interest rate rises, and cut backs or reversals to quantitative easing. These worries are causing market sentiment to turn negative.  Do you agree with my assessment? If you think that I have got this wrong, then what is the real problem? I like to think that I am quite good at stock picking, so I don't think that I have selected a load of duff shares recently. Also I am fairly well diversified by sector & industry, and style, but with perhaps a bit of over-reliance on growth companies.  I do try to ensure that I hold quite a range of Value ranks, so it's not that I only hold expensive shares. 

So how is your folio performing over the last few months, what big themes are helping you or hindering you? It would help if you told us a little about your investment style.

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