At the Manchester Investor Show on Friday, I attended the presentation by David Paul who attributed the quote “never let a good crisis go to waste” to Bill Clinton.
I have since seen similar versions of that referred to Winston Churchill, Rahm Emmanuel and Hilary Clinton but it’s prompted this posting to see how other users do two things:

1) How to screen for potential shorts in this current market.
2) How to value companies in these conditions in to identify a target price to get out at.

At this point I’d like to stress that I am aware of how risky shorting is and want to make readers aware of the excellent comment (6 of 11) by Mike888 on here;

Stockopedia currently has six shorting screens but only two of them show a positive return over five years whilst the other four have made losses.
I’m currently reading ‘How Make Money Selling Stocks Short’ by William O’Neil but as I’m only one chapter in I’m curious to hear from other members about how they screen for potential shorts.

For the second point, do investors on here have experience of actually valuing companies in market conditions like these?

I have looked a little at various methodologies for valuing companies (discounting future earnings, discounting cash flows, tangible book value etc.) but has anybody tried to it themselves before with any success in the past?

Going back to the Manchester, show I did have the chance to see Graham Neary's presentation which I thought was excellent and very informative so thanks to him for that.

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