Every individual has some dreams like buying a house or a car, going for a vacation abroad, provide quality education to the kids and so on. It is quite obvious that a considerable amount of money is required to fulfill your financial ambitions. If you have a thinking that by merely putting money into the savings account will help you to realize your dreams, then you are completely mistaken. The money in the savings account will grow slowly and by the time it reaches a certain level, inflation may have increased further. You require an investment option where you can look forward to earn extra money in a short period of time. The option, which I am talking about is the 'Stock Market'.

There is no doubt at all that the stock market is one of the best modes to get higher returns from the investments, but there are still some doubts linger in the minds of the people, when it comes to investing or trading. Many people in India, does not consider the stock market as one of the preferred means of making an investment because they fear loss of money, mainly because of lack of knowledge or advice. They are somehow quite right, but there are two prominent reasons why people cannot find success in the stock market, which are as follows:

Lack of Patience

Many people, who are inexperienced or beginners, want to earn quick money from the stock market. In the process, they buy the wrong or non-performing shares without carrying out any research work and suffer losses. What they fail to understand here is that investment, particularly in the share market is a long process and requires a greater patience. You cannot even think of investing money and getting two times returns on the same in 1-2 years. You have to put your money in the shares considering the long-term objectives in mind. The greed of making the quick profits will only result in the loss of hard-earned money and nothing else. For this purpose, it is essential that you must educate yourself about the prominent concepts of the stock market and for this purpose, you can make use of the various sources suuch as the magazines, financial news, stock market App advisorymandi, business magazines and so on.

Investing in the Penny Stocks

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most…

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