Evening all,

This is my first post so please go easy.

After missing out on the initial share offer that they put out to their customers I recevied an email today to be part of their "OwnWise" scheme where (after a quick look) it appears once you show/ prove you've bought shares they will reward you with an extra 5% of bonus shares 12 months later - assuming you've held them.

Given they're just listed ( Wise (LON:WISE) ) there seems to be limited data in terms of stockranks etc. Does anyone have any views on this offer or the company as an investment opportunity? I use Wise to send payments to Eurozone on fairly regular basis and find the site really simple, easy to navigate and importantly much cheaper than traditional banks.

Does anyone have any opinion of the offer or Wise as a business? As a newbie I am unsure where to get the relevant research materials

Many thanks

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