XPP Power has been on a rocket ride in 2017, the share price rising 90% since the start of the year. I bought in April 2012 - a modest investment I wish had been larger (don't we usually?). This wasn't always the case; the share price effectively drifted sideways three years for 2014 - 2016.

A 90% rise in 10 months - what has changed? The biggest influence would appear to be "market sentiment".

Not enough for me - a forward P/E of 22 is asking a great deal. It's a business and a management I admire but too rich for my more value orientated taste.

TTM2011% Change

Sales£149.7m£103.6m+ 46.1
Operating Margin
19.7%24.4%- 19.2

Net Profit
£22.4m£20.3m+ 10.3

ROCE25.7%35.4%- 27.4

Dividend73p45p+ 62.2
Dividend Cover
1.602.36- 32%

EPS116.5p106.4p+ 9.5%

Share Price
£33.20£9.69+ 242.6%

As always DYOR.


No position.

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