The StockReports are the most popular feature of Stockopedia. The insights contained within them are vital for making informed decisions. We are therefore committed to ensuring that the StockReports are as useful as possible. Over the last few months, we have used your comments and feedback to make a number of small yet impactful improvements...

New display for Fiscal Years

You asked: 

"Stockopedia is missing data for some stocks, such as Wickes (LON:WIX) and 4imprint (LON:FOUR). It appears that there were two statements in the same calendar year, but only one statement is reflected on the StockReport."

We answered

We have updated our data import process. Now, all statements for every stock are reflected on the StockReport, even in cases where two annual statements are issued within the same calendar year. We also made a subtle tweak to the webpage design. These changes ensure that the data is presented clearly, especially when multiple annual reports are issued in a single calendar year.

Let’s take a closer look at 4imprint…

Example - 4imprint:

4imprint produced two annual reports in 2022; one for the year ending January 2022 and another for the year ending December 2022. Both were published within the same calendar year, but both reports covered different fiscal periods. See here…


The first annual report for 2022, i.e. the January report, has very little to do with the firm’s financial performance in 2022. We have therefore updated the headers on the StockReport tables so that they now indicate Fiscal Years, rather than the year corresponding to the Period End Date (see below).

While changing the display, we also updated our data import process so that we import all annual reports published within a given calendar year. This means that the StockReport displays data for both Fiscal Years - i.e. 2021 and 2022. Previously, data for the 2022 Fiscal Year was missing.






  • Have you changed the display for all stocks? Yes. The StockReport will always show the Fiscal Year in the table headers.
  • Is the Fiscal Year the same as the Period End Date? Usually, but not always. The Fiscal Year will typically be the same as the Period End Date. However, this is not always the case. For example, retailers sometimes…

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