As the whole world comes to terms with Covid 19, Stockopedia continues to provides invaluable analysis into the day to day movements of Small Cap Companies.

I have been a premium member for over 12 months and I have been delighted, encouraged and blown away at times by the opinions and views shared here both by the excellent contributors such as Paul Scott,Jack Brumby and Michael Taylor...of course I recognise all other contributors but Paul, Jack and Michael writings I enjoy the most.

In addition, the responders, us subscribers , are an incredibly knowledgable bunch and I equally enjoy in most cases what you write, even if I do not always agree with what you write.

One of the best aspects of this lockdown is the ability to read through the library of material presented her by Paul, Jack and Michael...going back years.

Now at this point I will admit I am no expert at investing and learn something new every single day.....but I come to this exciting area of investing in stocks with a mere 30 years of experience ..but for much of that time left my pension money in the hands of someone else better qualified than me in ...

‘The Art Of Successful Investing “ .

I particularly enjoyed Paul’s open heart statement earlier this year about his trading background and successes and losses in his investing career as it illustrated just how honest the guy is and I know many others of you agreed with this but, his recent statements on Revolution Bars £ RBG , of which I have a holding caused so much debate.

In investing, I understand the term “ Reversion To Mean” .. but my background coming to this party, is not in investing but in betting on horses and whilst you may not accept this , the skills you need to succeed at betting on the horses are similar to the skills you need here.

However, all of the most profitable strategies I use, amongst the few I specialise in , simply do not allow you to ignore Reversion To Mean...however, in betting you cannot in your analysis ignore any horse Returning To Form or Reversion To Mean , because if you do , you are ignoring a horse that is very very dangerous, no matter how good a horse you may have identified is capable of winning a race.....too many…

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