Interested to hear what podcasts / youtube channels on trading / investing that fellow stockopedia subscribers are enjoying, as I'm always a very happy man when I find new additions.

Podcasts I enjoy include
  • Chat with Traders
  • Better System Trader
  • Investors Chronicle
  • AJ Bell Money & Markets
  • This is Money Podcast

Then on soundcloud Robbie Burn's radio show (only 2 episodes so far, its a mix of music and his thoughts on trading). If you enjoyed his books then worth checking out. I look forward to future episodes.

I also sometimes listen to Share Radio (I wish they would bring back their "The Apprentice Investor" series though).

Youtube channels I enjoy include
  • Ukspreadbetting (educational videos by Mark, not sure what his last name is, but he has done absolutely loads of great educational videos)
  •  Jack Corsellis ( breakouts / trend trading / VCPs / Stage Analysis / Wyckoff. Jack's channel is fairly recent, but he already has some great content). Jack is a fellow Stockopedia subscriber, so Jack if you read this, great work, much appreciated.
  • piworld 
  • CANSLIM2009 (an oldie, with no new content, but still a great channel if you like William O'Neil's books).
  • Stockopedia

Mark Minervini's free live seminars are worth joining (usually 1 or 2 of these a year, if you follow his twitter then you get to hear about them).

Therefore interested to hear from other subscribers what podcasts / youtube channels on investing / trading that they enjoy (just in case I'm missing any gems). 

Thanks in advance to any replies to the thread

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