The 4% model went into bull territory on Friday 11th January 2019 so with the high interest rates, Zweig’s Super Model for January will suggest that you should be 65% invested.

There are things I dislike about the current rally which I suggest you think about first.
It was machine trading on Boxing Day that started this rally. The reasons why the market fell have not gone away – trade dispute with China, recession on the horizon. Look at the results of US retail over Christmas. Debt in the US economy has sky rocketed and Trump has not even started his wall yet. The Fed seems to be more dovish but the last statement was two more rises this year. Will they be March and June or June and December or not at all?

The stock leaders of the last rally all fell which usually spells trouble. Some have recovered ground which confuses the picture.

As for investing in the UK - how bad are the economic effects of Brexit going to be and how long will they last?

(This post is a courtesy for those that took note of my post when the model went bearish. I have no intention of posting changes in the model again.)

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