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im supposed to be working but ended up clicking through youtube videos (I blame tinybullcapital)found the above video, it is full of doom, however quite a lot rings truesomeone tell me its wrong, pat me on the back and say everything is going to be alright

I'm struggling to find a decent charting software ( or at least one that I like ) the stockopedia one is alright, but it doesnt do forex or commodities, you cant do an index and you cant do market sectors. I had been using the IG flash based one, but theyve now taken it away from me, I knew that any new accounts werent allowed…

just trying to be clear on the goverment savings protection scheme and what happens if your Broker goes bust. as you have shares and not cash in your ISA, SIPP or trading account, are you still covered up the £85,000 under the goverment scheme.Also if you have over the £85k do you need to have more than one broker to qualify, if you have one…

Trying to find some information on ETFs, specifically I was looking at this one as a counter balance to all the equities i'm invested in iShares € Corp Bond ex-Fncl ETF EUR Dist GBP there is so much information on stocks and shares but I'm struggling with my ETF research, what I really want to know is how liquid is this fund and will i…

just reading about a legal case; Caparo Industries plc v. Dickman the defendent was an auditor who’s audited accounts were used to make decisions by the claimants who were investors buying shares in a company they had audited. The audited accounts turned out not to be an accurate reflection of the companys financial position, however claims made against the auditor were turned down by the…

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have you ever read thinking fast and slow, it talks about anchors, if a company is well below a previous price it maybe cheap or it maybe a deteriorating crap stock. To break free of anchoring is really hard to do, shops do it all the time in their 'reduced from' promotions (30% off 60% off etc), it gets your attention, the product wasnt worth…

i feel its a terrible idea, presently our market is open in the morning while Asia is still trading and in the afternoon while the Americas are. reducing the hours is another step into making us a small back water of a country and we're taking a lot of those steps at the moment. why are we hell bent on reducing our power in the…

the attraction of treasuries is they are liquid almost all of the time, and its a good hedge to convert your GBP to USD in case of a no deal brixit and we're all doomed. Although I havent done so, I chose to put money in gold, a few US equities and US corporate bonds, all ready to sell very quickly if we get a…

corporate bonds took a big dive in the 2008 recessioni read a similar article and went to check some ETF charts which go back that far. the only ones which didnt take a dip back then were goverment issued treasuries

If I had the chance to ask H&T managment a question it would be, "why is their website so bad" maybe I'd word it a bit more politely than that, but they could get an opensource shopping cart thats better than what they have

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