Occupation: Analyst, Consultant, Private Investor

Interests: Economics, European Markets, Stocks, US Market

Fantasy Fund: Andrewdb's Fund 1

About Me:

Day job

started as an actuarial student because it started with 'a' turned programmer turned admin consultant turned systems consultant/project manager/ whatever clients are happy to pay for.

Always liked topology/numeric analysis. Did 2/3 msc in AI. Moved house.

Grow vines to make bad wine.

Lately been interested in SVMs/ NNets, but not seen the amazing results quoted in my attempts.

Investment Strategy
I trade... a few times per year
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... years
I invest with... <£1m
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk
Like others here, start with a stocko screen to some extent based on the core SRs. Then prune: SIPP I do not buy : 'jam tomorrow' stocks, loss making companies, companies in dying industries, companies whose products are easily substituted ISA I do not buy : companies in dying industries, companies whose products are easily substituted Internationalist in the long term: Well run countries will outperform - the us/sweden/(and yes) the uk/most of the EU Badly run countries will eventually fail - china/parts of s.america, africa/russia, italy Admit that the SRs are backward looking so they are not a 'magic bullet', so before doing anything, need to look wider. Struggling with timing exits. Made early mistakes selling at/near lows. Currently considering just not selling.

Andrewdb's Latest Blogs

Index data is available from many places (including Stocko) I am in the habit of recording the FT all share index, yield on the index and the cover on a weekly basis - have been doing this since 2008. This used to be available from the FT ( but now it seems I have to become a paid subscriber to access the data. Hopefully the…

Just read the Article in the register about Redcentric (LON:RCN)I had a small holding - that is worth 60% less than it was last friday.What do I do now?Personally I think it is too late and so will sit tight and see what happens next.Wondered what others thought.

Had a small holding since '11. Not really paid attention to it as it seemed to be doing just fine by itself. Noticed sp has been fairly sideways since March '15.IC said 'Buy' on 15/06 as the property portfolio has grown and noted it trades on a premium to NAV.My calculation of NAV :-(Accs 31/12/14) Net debt 448m, Long term investments 1284m(RNS 1 April) "At…

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Apologies if this is a silly question: what is it with £TSLA that makes you think there is a big chance no-one will lend them enough to repay the loans and keep the company trading in feb 19?

I generally think TA and homeopathy rank together on the 'is it real scale' But Underneath it all, a lot of TA is based on identifying momentum And The M in the QVM stockrank is momentum and there is a good body of peer reviewed evidence to support it. So personally, i move my opinion from 'dismissive' to 'will read'.

This strikes me a another thing like purplebricks / justeat / airbnb / rightmove This is introducing intermediation in the internet age when the idea was to disintermediate. There will always be someone else who can do it (whatever that is cheaper) The only defense is to (a) get so much of the market you become the market (rightmove) (b) create a new market (airbnb…

Held since '11. I think " focus on building critical mass " == " building an economic moat " which sounds good to me.

Mulberry (LON:MUL) seems to fall down the gap between 'normal' and 'luxury' goods (- just my opinion). They used to sell menswear - and I think still sell womenswear. Until I read that 91% of the shares are held by 3 people, I really wondered what I was missing. They are not hermes or burberry. To make me interested the SP should be closer to…

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