10th Mar '16


Real Name: Peter

Occupation: Analyst, Blogger, Student

Interests: Economics, European Markets, Interest Rates, Stocks

About Me:

I am a co-author of the blog - Bargain Value. We write about our investing ideas, conduct analysis of the stocks and finance indicators. In our work, we try to rely on real data and check, if the strategies we suggest are reflected in history. We prefer long-term investments based on fundamental features of the company and whole market. 

Investment Strategy
I trade... constantly
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... a few months
Diversification is ... important, but not beyond 10 positions
We prefer long-term, value based investments. We are intrested in companies with great performance (high, growing earnings) and generous dividend. Our strategy is based on the group of financial indicators, which we have tested on the LSE previously and we know, that they give us an edge over the market. It gives us semi-automatic system, which produces buy and sell signals and reduces the necessity for rigorous analysis of each stock we are intrested in.


Blog about investing on the LSE. Stocks and market analysis.

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Bargainvalue's Latest Blogs

Today, we are going to talk about an another market's width indicator - Industrial Trends Orders (ITO). It is the longest-running UK private sector qualitative business tendency survey, which covers 38 sectors of UK manufacturing industry at chief executive level. The survey has been conducted on monthly and quarterly basis by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) since 1958.It is a leading indicator of business…

Today, we will focus on the macroeconomic connection between levels of interest rates and the stock market. Interest rates are very important tool in the hands of central banks. They use them to impact money supply and to stimulate or cool down the national economy. They are tightly connected with the level of inflation and affect markets. It is common knowledge, that low-level of interest…

Bargainvalue's Latest Comments

I've thought about PDG as a good investment 2 months ago. However, after the recent declines it is very possible, that the momentum was wrong.

I agree, that the PDG is a good company and can be an interesting investment. However, what do you think about a recent, big declines?

This indicator is not effective enough to be used alone for macroeconomic analysis. The tendency for neutral results (+/-10%) within 12 months after the sync point is visible. It is the most probable scenario, but of course not certain. I think, that the most valuable conclusion you can draw from this data is about strong bear markets. They seem to apear only when ITO dynamic…

I believe, that there is no easy access to Industrial Orders data. I mean, you can check the current value easily, but historical data gathered in one place, that You can easily process is hard to get. I have collected the data manually. It is a lot of work, but I wasn't able to find another eay to do it, without paying for this.

I fully agree with you. I have written about Wood Group and in my opinion the company is strong enough to survive even a very harsh times on the oil market. I am happy to see someone, who support my point of view. 

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