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Strategies Editor at Stockopedia. My goal is to help private investors learn and invest with confidence through the articles, ebooks and other resources we publish on site. I also occasionally bunk off to interview famous investors at expensive restaurants. I studied History at Aberystwyth University, trained as a journalist and covered business news and corporate finance before settling in as one of the first staff members at Stockopedia.  Away from Stockopedia I'm a mountain bike junkie.

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According to behavioural scientists, cognitive errors in humans can lead to duff decision making. For investors, of course, this kind of weakness can end up being costly both mentally and financially. But while being aware of such flaws won’t always save you from mistakes, it can offer at least some protection from making them. There are few better places to explore just how big an…

Recent stock market volatility has been a reminder of the periodic price swings that come with owning equities. But so far it hasn’t been all bad. Look beyond index price charts and you’ll find that even at the traditionally sensitive small-cap end of the market, some stock prices have held up well. Often they were the higher quality, strong momentum stocks that are associated with…

After a strong start to the year we’ve had a few days of downward pressure on prices that was perhaps inevitable in some ways. Over the past two years UK shares have been flying. In fact, since the nadir of the financial crisis in 2009, the FTSE 100 has risen by a nice round 100 percent. But there have been a few corrections along the…

There’s a line in Warren Buffett’s 2000 letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, where he says: “Nothing sedates rationality like large doses of effortless money.” * At the time, of course, Buffett was reflecting on two years of “irrational exuberance” that had swept through the U.S. market - propelling the prices of tech stocks (which were then starting to crash back down). He noted: “It was…

Around about this time last year I interviewed Mark Minervini, the popular US investor, and the resulting article got quite a lot of interest. At the time, Mark was writing a follow up to his trading book, Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard. A few months after the interview, he published Think & Trade Like a Champion. We kind of agreed at that point that…

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John, That's fair enough. I haven't really meant to say that, and it's my fault if it sounds like it. The Quality Rank wouldn't have predicted a problem necessarily because it focuses on medium to long term trends in profitability, safety etc, which is why it was quite high in Dignity's case - and still is. I guess I was just highlighting how it has…

Hello John, Yes, it's a feature that is coming. It's in high demand but right now all of the effort is going into building a new Stockopedia platform. With that we'll be much better placed to release new features like the SR charts and a lot more. We're accelerating towards this.

Hey - sorry for the delay... This is a good point. I don't know Haynes inside out, but I've had a look back and the F-Scores have flitted between 6 and 7 and the occasional 5 for the past two years. And in that time the Altman Z has almost always been 1.1 - 1.3, which is technically not good. It was the recent results…

Hi - Dan Nickols of Old Mutual mentioned Blue Prism when I interviewed him a while back - (second to last question)

Hey Rick, When I did the screen, financials (specifically funds) were adding lots of noise to the results. So really it was an editorial decision rather than a screening one (but I think it's helpful to show that the rules for these screens can be adapted however you like). Cheers, Ben

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