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I am a former academic at a major UK university with a background in applied mathematics and computing. While there I did research and taught Environmental Fluids to Civil Engineering students, a subject most feared by first-year students because of its mathematical content! Prior to that I worked in coastal engineering and also in physical oceanography.

I have always been interested in investing, though not always in a conventional sense. For instance, I wrote Java code to automatically predict the odds and to place live parimutuel bets, usually just seconds before the scheduled start of the race, on virtually every Australian horse race over a ten year period (2000-2010). The bets were not confined to just win but included place bets and the exotics such as exactas, quinellas and trifectas, sometimes betting on 50 or more combinations.

More recently, I have developed a keen interest in the application of applied mathematical methods and statistics to the stock market. I now prefer to code in the Python programming language.

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