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Occupation: Consultant, Private Investor

Interests: Stocks

Fantasy Fund: TechnologyTrend

About Me:

Just an IT professional trying to make a decent return on whatever money I can get together.

Investment Strategy
I trade... monthly
I tend to buy... after much research
I hold for... years
I invest with... <£100k
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk
Investing is a journey that I am only 3 years into. I mostly invest in small caps that I think have interesting characteristics, it could be mommentum, it could be value it could be quality. Anything where I think I can make 20% return within a year. I've learnt a lot in 3 years and have adapted along the way, I expect to continue to learn and adapt my strategy for some time to come.

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Hi All, I'm pretty disappointed in my investment in FairFX (LON:FFX) . All the updates seem to have been good, the direction of the company seems right, ok so Brexit and other things provide some headwind, but does that really justify the drop in the SP? My current holding is well underwater, beyond my normal tolerance, but I am having trouble letting go of it…

I held Keywords Studios (LON:KWS) from shortly after they floated until about 2 weeks ago when I cut it from my portfolio as the current draw-down started to happen. It has felt overpriced for a while and so I didn't need much encouragement to get out. I still have a lot of regard for the company though and have been tracking its price relentlessly downwards…

Hi, I've posted a few similar challenges over the years for various stocks. The general thinking is that when i'm looking at a company I should be looking for the one reason not to buy it rather than the positive reasons that confirm my bias. I've been looking at Stock Spirits (LON:STCK) for a while, ever since I started making the occasional trip to Poland…

Hi all, I'm interested in which alerts people are using on Stockopedia. I think we all probably know how to set up and get value from a Price Greater than or Price less than alert but there are a huge range of options, many of which I can't actually get to work how I think they should. If anyone from Stockopedia reads this, I would…

Anyone here invested in or have an opinion on Nintendo. Stocko says its a momentum trap but I just saw the new Nintendo "Labo" video (look on Youtube for it if you are interested, don't want to post unnecessary links here). To me in looks like Nintendo just hit it out of the park like they did with the Wii by grabbing the family market…

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I second Gromely's comments above. If anyone has an understanding of the short case then we would love to hear about it in the ongoing LTG thread here: Does it differ from the concerns I have brought up previously?

Looks like our conversation on here pretty much marked the low point for this share and its been slowly heading upwards ever since. I can't claim any particular foresight here but it is good to see when a share that you can't really see any real solid reason for a downtrend starts to pick up. It always seems it start going up at the point…

Hi Gromley, Thanks for the reply. Its a few months on from your comment and definitely no regrets now on my sell decision. Of course some of the SP drop is just due to the froth coming off the market and many shares have experienced similar drops but I do feel that maybe people are starting to see through the management here as well. PeopleFluent…

Howard - That's a really interesting graph, i would like to see how it pans out. Maybe you could post an updated version at some relevant point in the future?

Not yet, but then i've only really been buying into the ETF since December. Not sold any yet. In general I plan to buy into the ETF in small chunks as the market conditions continue to deteriorate (its my thesis that it will continue to deteriorate). I would plan to sell ideally just before market conditions start to improve but realistically (as no-one can time…

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