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Fantasy Fund: Pension Zombies

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I'm just another amateur investor.

Investment Strategy
I trade... monthly
I tend to buy... after much research
I hold for... years
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk

I invest in what I think are solid and boring businesses, preferably when they are out of fashion. I expect returns to come more from what I exclude than what I include -- the idea being that "index less crap" should outperform the full index. My current holdings are published on my blog.

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Maybe they stopped for Italian customers only? In any case this nano-fine is far too small, someone like Michael O’Leary is just going to do a back of the envelope calculation whether the estimated benefit of this behaviour is greater than the fine, which is likely the case if you don’t count externalities. Developed economies rely on trust, where you can assume you get OK…

The "not disclosed before" trading PNL issue may be a policy change, previously it looked like they "hedged" by preventing traders to enter positions that would unbalance their book (greying out the buy or sell button on the wrong instruments, hoping the punter would wait or go and trade something else). If so it's easy to keep the trading PNL at zero. Maybe they've changed…

If gaming is worth more than music plus video, isn't it going to hit capacity constraints? All this is chasing finite demand for entertainment... Or we need Elon to terraform some new planets with fast reproducing gamers double quick.

You can short with a CFD (!) or other derivative where your counterparty is a long. Also published data does not necessarily reflect even the part of reality they’re supposed to capture very accurately, especially when the data is not actionable so nothing much happens when there are errors in reporting or processing.

Thing is, no country in Europe, save Monaco maybe, is particularly densely populated. England is 10% urban area, for 32 million households, so there's space for 288 million extra dwellings, without even playing with the urban density parameter (also ridiculously low). At Hong Kong densities you could comfortably fit the entire world population within England. That said the petition is misguided: the easier solution to…

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