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Real Name: Damian Cannon

Occupation: Private Investor

Interests: European Markets, Gold, Hedge Funds, Stocks

Location: London

Twitter: @RandomAmbler

Fantasy Fund: StockoHYP Large Cap

About Me:

Ex-rocket scientist, computer programmer, urban cyclist, calmer parenting advocate, high yield investor, yoga apprentice, genealogist and explorer of the outer bounds

Investment Strategy
I trade... a few times per year
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... years
I invest with... <£500k
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk
To sort the wheat from the chaff and not make gut decisions.


Thoughts on analysis and investing

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Damian Cannon's Latest Blogs

I was a little distracted from the markets this month, as real-life took charge, but the portfolio did just fine without my active oversight. On the whole most of my trading actions were driven by price alerts where I'd previously identified a level at which I would be happy to either buy or sell. To some degree this took the emotion out of these decisions,…

A few weeks ago I enjoyed myself at the first Stockopedia StockSlam of the year. Once again we managed to deliver an excellent line-up of presenters all happy to stand-up in front of a packed out audience. It's always a surprise, to me, finding out which companies are going to be presented but it's usually a happy surprise. Generally there's a good mix of names…

After a long break over the winter it's a pleasure to meet some new companies and catch up with familiar faces. Given how tumultuous the markets have been, since my last seminar back in October, it's instructive to remember that there are lots of good companies out there doing good work. The key is finding them and I certainly regard these ShareSoc seminars as very…

Summary I attended this half-day course in the afternoon of February 22nd in Central London. The material here is definitely educational even if just to reveal the gulf between the research that I do and the research that I could be doing. The fact is that professional analysts can spend weeks digging into a single stock, with access to tools such as Bloomberg, and this…

Summary I attended this half-day course in the morning of February 22nd in Central London. While I thought that I had a reasonable working knowledge of standard accounts it soon became obvious that I’ve barely been scratching the surface. There is just so much valuable information tucked away in the annual report that gets overlooked either because no one finds it or they don’t realise…

Damian Cannon's Latest Comments

Nice work Paul. The new format comes across very well - I like the idea of seeing a number of quick comments early on and then knowing that some of them are likely to be analysed in a lot more depth. Very nice. Damian

Yes I agree that it's a shame to lose valued posters from these boards as you never know where the next fabulous insight is going to come from. Twitter certainly has some use as a replacement but the volume of content means that anything over a day old is hard to find unless you're really looking for it. An alternative might be for users to…

Thanks for your feedback Doug. On the valuation front I must admit I've changed my thinking here after failing to act last August/September when (in retrospect) many valuations were stretched. While I'd have probably kept most of my holdings some of them had definitely got ahead of themselves. So nowadays I'm more conscious of looking for a lowish valuation when considering adding a share or…

Thanks Wimbledonsprinter. To your points, which I agree with, I would add: 1) Pressure on margins will continue as trusts renegotiate their framework agreements and put the screws on Medica. 2) Growth will continue to be restricted by the numbers of radiologists that they can recruit although the move towards using foreign radiologists will definitely help. 3) Hopefully the fact that the CEO is stepping…

You're not wrong Graham - I also calculate the NAV ps to be £12.92 at their latest share count and yet the company quote £12.48 in their trading update. This is definitely a peculiarity and I wonder if they've just made a typo? Still with the bid-offer spread meaning that you can currently only sell your shares at roughly the cash per share value (£10.94)…

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