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Investment Strategy
I tend to buy... according to my system
Diversification is ... a hedge for ignorance
80% of portfolio does not change very much from year to year. I try to let winners run. 20% of my portfolio, I simply trade. Stocks may be held for few seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. I do break my own trading rules on occasions. Of course, I can always justify it to myself at the time. Large companies tend to move with the market overall. They do offer liquidity to trade in and out on occasions. Micro-caps, however, are slippery creatures very much subject to random stock price movements on short-term speculation, media reports, and social media. Investing is somewhat recreational as I enjoy it. Too much time on your hands watching markets and studying shares only make an investor possibly trade more often than needed. I still do not know, whether I'm lucky, or have over time become an experienced trader with good tuition for share movements or simply another fool with capital still at the roulette table. Writing articles and comments on Stockopedia is enjoyable and improves my thought processes considerably. I have opened a Twitter account @MyDeargDoom recently which may mean I sometimes able to give an instant reaction rather than a considered one.

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    Sprue Aegis (LON:SPRP) Share Price  97.5p (-26.6%) -35p Bid/Offer 95p/100p                   NMS 1,500 Market Cap £47.3m                  No. of Shares 45.9m Enterprise Value £44m PS (To avoid any doubt, I own this stock as part of a diversified portfolio) 2017 Full Year Results The full results for y/e 31/12/2017 while unduly late were well flagged in advanced for good reason.  The pre-tax profit of £4.7 million would…

  Superdry (LON:SDRY) Share price: 1188p (Friday's Close) No. shares: 81.8m Market cap: £972m                 NMS 1,000 Investors Edge! Private investors don't normally have an edge in larger quoted companies. This is particularly true when compared to the access analysts and institutions may have with companies on a regular basis. Our only advantage as private investors is the interpretation of the information after the fact and the…

InterQuest (LON:ITQ) Share Price 19.5pMarket Cap £14.9 million                        Proposed cancellation of trading on AIM By taking the company private the minority shareholders are effectively being bullied by the major shareholders out of fair value for their shares. Sorely tempted in the past 12 months to buy Interquest's shares after a big drop in the share price. I thought that today's stricter city regulations would ultimately…

Carpetright (LON:CPR) Share Price 39.7p (pre-open) Market Cap £28.3m         No. of Shares 67.7m Enterprise Value £51.1m About the Company Carpetright is the largest UK flooring company selling carpets, vinyl, laminated and beds. The company has over 400 stores in UK, Ireland, and Channel Islands as well as an online offering. Carpetright's Website Offering Interim Funding The Company has now agreed, subject to the satisfaction of…

Fox Marble Holdings (LON:FOX) Share Price  9.25p                     Market Cap  £20.5 million Bid/Offer 9.00p – 9.50p             Normal Markt Size 5,000 About the Company A marble stone company, focused on quarrying in Kosovo and Macedonia and processing in Kosovo. It is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM:FOX). Fox Marble has five quarries under licence (four of which are in operation) and a…

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Greencore (LON:GNC) Share Price 173.15p (up 10.5% at 9:38 a.m.) Bid/Offer 173p/173.3p Market Cap £1.13bn                   No. of Shares  654.7 millionEnterprise Value £1.65bnRevenue £2.32bn Interim Results link The share price had been rising in recent weeks and this morning continued share price rise reflects further that optimism.  Their past mistakes are clearly evident which this same ambitious management are attempting to put right. After this morning's…

Hi DJA1969, The offer to buy shares from other shareholders was for only 4.6 million shares on a first come first served basis to bring the majority shareholder up to a critical voting power level. Once achieved the majority shareholder could do what he wishes in the near future which is to delist the company and take it private. This leaves the balance of shareholders…

Sprue Aegis #SPRP Share Price 88.5p  -9p  (-9.3%) Bid/Offer 87p/90p Tweeted this earlier this morning along these lines. Certainly, many more knowledgeable than I saw the following year's scenario along way off! I concentrated on 2017 issues which were easily solvable. This made the company an obvious bargain on an expected rebound, post any BRK legal resolution, with a substantial increase in profits for 2017…

GetBusy (LON:GETB) Share Price 37p Bid/Offer 35p/39p GetBusy has completed the integration of DocuSign's e-signature technology into its SmartVault product, having signed a global non-exclusive partnership and reseller agreement until 2020. RNS release today regarding DocuSign integration and partnership In 2017, 836,000 digital signatures were completed through GetBusy's products, 31,000 of which were through SmartVault.  DocuSign's knowledge-based authentication technology meets the United States  Internal Revenue…

Innovaderma #IDP Share Price 166.5p Bid/Offer 166p/167p       NMS 2,000 RNS news about Prolong product (Premature Ejaculation  Medical Device) was already known in January 2018.  The company not known normally for missing a marketing opportunity missed it.  The company saw Prolong in February 2018 as only giving incremental revenue.  No mention of transformational  product compared to its tanning products offered.   The RNS released 3:42 p.m. yesterday…

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