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Occupation: Analyst, Blogger, Company Director, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Private Investor, Trader

Interests: Commodities, Economics, Funds, Hedge Funds, Stocks, US Market

Location: South Devon

Twitter: @runningprofits

About Me:

I trade and invest for a living and have done so for almost 9 years . I  design and build models that incorporate trading rules and risk management and are  powered by  a variety of data sources. ( increasingly using data visualisation to facilitate analysis and spot opportunities).These produce prospects  that I qualify further and then resolve into different time horizons with different capital allocations. From leveraged short-term income-generating trades, through swing trades with medium horizons to longer term wealth-creating investments in tax efficient wrappers.  I mainly trade shares though occasionally commodities and indices as hedges.  I have read hundreds of books done thousands of webinars  made countless mistakes and have learnt (and continue to learn) by doing . I have developed deep expertise in ShareScope and have  used the Pro  version for  8 years developing  my own studies and scripts. My workflows are encoded into ShareScope so I follow my processes and rules. I have become a keen student of behavioural psychology and cognitive biases.

I have developed detailed workflows, checklists and structured ways of working to enforce my discipline and preserve and grow my capital. I have learned to care less about my various portfolio performances and more about the shape and slope of my total equity curve. I  have befriended losses and know when I am wrong.

I started learning about shares in the early 1990s when I joined a share club  through work. It was pretty random but a good learning experience. We lost money with great diligence supported by good research
Been at it every since, survived , several cycles and the GFC. I've been trading and investing with my own capital fulltime for the past 9 years: my life before below . I enjoy analysis, love data, have a passion for technology and I have become increasingly drawn by trading . I am now more of a trader than an investor, it suits my personality. 


I originally trained as a scientist with a doctorate in Physical Chemisty: international research with big lasers, accelerators and super computers while studying CFCs which were destroying the ozone layer. We did the research that allowed ICI to tell Maggie to go ban them.....Did my bit for the planet and produced some good predictive computational  models based on experimental data.

I then went working on Tea for Unilever, that was a shocker for my mum. Worked as a Lead scientist in the big blue U then into product innovation then Innovation Management before roles starting things up including a global marketing information centre supported by a great IT team - we accidentally started Unilever's first global intranet in '96. That got the attention of the CIO and I went to work on strategy and technology at Head Office as part of his team. I  then cherry-picked my dream job: starting a Global Digital Futures Lab in North America for a few years. Spent a lot of time in the Valley and with the boffins at MIT and Stanford as we worked jointly at developing the early internet of things using RFID chips ... back in 2001. We worked like an incubator, attracting funding from Unilever's Op Cos to develop pilots and projects for adoption and scale-up.  Dot.bomb kinda ruined the funding in 2003 so I came back to Blighty and got led astray by Transformation Consulting with Electronic Data Systems: re designing business processes using technology.  That was acquired by Hewlett Packard and eventually I had my fill of leadership roles in complex organisations that were hell bent on making themselves more complex by repeatedly reorganising .. as well as the endless travel and the skulduggery.
Took a leap in my early 40s, started trading and investing with more earnest : found it really hard so I kept at it, now I love it and only occasionally miss the exec lounges.

 I now live with Janice in Devon near the sea: I run, swim, cycle, kayak and went though  a period of intense "triathloning"  but having completed three full Ironman distance races and about 15 half-Ironman races I think I have gotten it out of my system. I don't do more than marathons these days and prefer trail running on the south Devon's coast with a great bunch of friends who live locally.

Investment Strategy
I trade... constantly
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... a few months
. I design and build models that incorporate trading rules and risk management and are powered by a variety of data sources. ( increasingly using data visualisation to facilitate analysis and spot opportunities).These produce prospects that I qualify further and then resolve into different time horizons with different capital allocations. From leveraged short-term income-generating trades, through swing trades with medium horizons to longer term wealth-creating investments in tax efficient wrappers. I mainly trade shares though occasionally commodities and indices as hedges

Website is a tactical traders toolkit focused on the UK markets that uses data visualisation to facilitate the analysis of a suite of data services including- short interest- market sentiment dashboard- sectors and share analysis across the FTSE 250, 350 and AIM- aggregates earnings calendars and news sources- produces daily reports and bulletins including opening gaps studies of the market reaction to RNS announcements- periodic analysis and review articles- a daily analysis of UK market action after the close

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