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Real Name: Edward Croft

Occupation: Company Director, Entrepreneur, Other

Interests: Commodities, Stocks

Twitter: edcroft

Fantasy Fund: Quo Vadis Magister

About Me:

CEO at Stockopedia where I weave code, prose and investing strategies to help investors beat the stock markets. I've a background in the City and asset management but now am more interested in building great stock selection tools for the use of investors online.  

Traditionally investors online have had very poor access to the best statistics, analytics and strategies for the stock market and our aim is to set that straight.  High Quality fundamental information has been prohibitively expensive in the past and often annoyingly dull. People these days don't just want to know the PE Ratio and look at a balance sheet. They expect a layer of interpretation over data, signal from noise and the ability to know at a glance whether a stock is worth investigating or not.

All this is possible using great design and the insights gleaned from quantitative research.  Stockopedia is where we try to make it happen !

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England are through to the semis and the nation is dreaming. This time it seems we really do have a chance. I still remember precisely where I was the last time we made it this far. 14 years old, Waddle & Pearce missing penalties, Gazza’s tears… damn. My sons are the same age now as I was then and these moments don’t come around often,…

I  just wanted to congratulate Paul Scott on being awarded Most Insightful Blogger at the  Mello 2018 Awards last month and Journalist of the Year at the Small Cap Awards last night in London.  For years Paul's prolific online efforts in support of the UK private investor have been ignored by awards ceremonies in favour of print magazine writers. I'm absolutely thrilled he's now getting…

In 2013, a year after we launched the subscription service on the Stockopedia website we had an idea. Having read through hundreds of academic papers, quantitative research notes and books on the subject of stock selection we realised there were some common threads. Why not bring those threads together into a simple, intuitive and effective rating system for stocks? So were born the StockRanks, which…

2017 has been a good year for stock market investors, but it’s been a great one for NAPS investors. Over the course of 2017 this remarkably effortless stock selection system (that I’m now calling the “no-admin-portfolio-system”) returned over 45% after dividends, beating the performance of 99.8% of 3295 professionally managed funds in the UK. What’s more this was achieved in less than an hour’s work…

On Friday I asked Stockopedia subscribers a set of questions about their stock market performance in 2017. We’ve had a great response so far with 1,168 respondents and more coming in every hour. If you missed the invite, please do check your email inbox and submit your answers. We’ll be keeping the survey open for the next few days, but the results have stabilised and…

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Jonathan - yes it really should be a fantasy fund. I will get round to it. We're in the process of merging the Folios and Funds into one super feature. It's a work in progress... but the idea is that Funds are really publicly shared portfolios with certain transaction restrictions.

You should have a read of this - How many stocks should you hold in your portfolio?

Re. FTSE 250 as the benchmark. It really doesn’t make much difference. Since the inception of the naps, the FTSE 250 is up 29% versus 125% for the naps portfolio. Year-to-date the FTSE 250 Is flat. So the choice of benchmark to date has been largely irrelevant. I also question whether cherry picking a preferred benchmark that one perceives as high-quality due to its historic…

Plus500 was one of the few 'speculative' shares allowed in the portfolio at the start of the year. It's not surprising that speculative shares will either be at the top or bottom of the performance table. Plus500 has a lot of risk... it could be hit by regulatory issues at any time... so minimising the exposure to these kinds of shares makes sense. Re. FTSE…

Yes absolutely - human error. I should have an algorithm that stops me making these mistakes!

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