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Empire is doing well in it's legal battle. The following Court transcript makes an interesting read. Guess who the Judge favour at this point. Court Transcript - 30th of October 2014 Smart Win lost their claim for Summary Judgement for the 2nd time. Trial Date - Set for the 13th of April 2015. 2015 looks like Empire Energy's big comeback year and should see…

InvestorHub appears to be run by a bunch of mainly biased moderators such as Drunken Sailor, oilsleuth & pitts77h. I keep seeing interesting posts being displayed, only for them to be deleted moments later. If readers of the site take a note of the sequence of the post numberings they will notice quite a lot of numbers of posts which have been deleted from the…

Finally some news out from TXO who have been a bit quiet in recent times. It's the old story where the duck doesn't look like it's moving much on the surface of the water, but under the water the feet are peddling like crazy. A lot of ground work and change has been going on.The Bahamas project has got off the ground and should be…

Malcolm Bendall (EEGC CEO) & Tim Baldwin (TXO CEO) have returned from several weeks of meetings in Korea with business partners, which my sources say went well. Myself and other investors will be looking forward to several Press releases which will be out soon with the outcome of the Korea meetings and information on the mobilisation of oil rigs and other progress made. April and…

Very tired of nonsense on the Interactive Investor - TXO discussion board. Unfortunately one person in particular under the name of 'Drunken Sailor' has some personal vendetta against TXO and doesn't much like EEGC either. For months he has been posting negative posts on the TXO boards with a lot of it focused around EEGC and his claims that Malcolm Bendall, Chairman of EEGC is…

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Use reliable information such as the companies SEC Also the companies own web Definitely worth reading the Synergy competent persons report and you'll then know what EEGC is striving to achieve. Unfortunately, in 2010 drilling was commencing, but Smart Win who was a company Empire was partnered with at the time, didn't play fair. They've tried to take a grab at it all.…

I agree. From what my sources inform me it should be some interesting weeks ahead. There have been some complications over the last couple of months, but these are now almost resolved and the project will finally start moving forward. It's been stagnant the last few months while there were delays initially with getting a Rig, then licence required renewal, etc... Like many things this…

An apology to readers. I do not wish to argue points, however this is also difficult when things that are said are then twisted so badly and slung back. 11-04-12 Re: GoldenAuras Drunken Sailor has twisted what others say in his usual fashion and claim that I have said that Empire "have smuggled a rig in and are drilling in secret". Similar was said by…

As I've pointed out above. Paul Heath is not the the person to contact rewarding investment enquiries. I have recieved communication from him with an appologie that he can not assist in these matters. Please see Paul Heath's LinkedIn profile for a description of his position. He is Chief Geologist and Operations Manager. This overseas personell and equipment primarily out in the field at various…

Sorry Drunken Sailor, I see you do not like a joke. But it's fun getting a rise out of you. Much like you do by teasing TheSack about the Faser patients. Anyway, you are quite right about one thing. Chance of Success (COS) is a standard industry definition which has been in use for approximately 10 years. However, I should run you through a small…

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