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Investment Strategy
I trade... weekly
I tend to buy... after much research
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk
My roots are very much in value investing (although ironically my very first involvement in the market some decades ago was using some "home brewed" technical analysis to variable degrees of success.) Focussing over the last year on improving my investment returns by removing errors and bad practises a particular focus area has been not to buy to soon. Whilst I am in no means a 'momentum investor' the word has at least now entered my lexicon. Systems and the systematic use of information and data form a significant support to my investing and having spent a career on this type of work, this is something I feel and hope gives me an edge.

Gromley's Latest Blogs

A shorter than usual summary from me of the weeks major RNSes (or at least those associated with the largest share price changes). For the same reason  I will not be producing a summary next weekend (although I may do a catch up).   Firstly the usual stats of number of RNSes associated with different levels of price movement Share Price Movement (+/-) / Mcap Micro…

This is the third of a series of weekly data delves in to what the market has taken as being the most significant RNS announcements of the week. The previous view can be found here and this in turn links to the first review. Pre-amble I have been putting some effort into improving the automation of compiling this data with the aim of simplifying production…

Following on fromlast weeks summary of the Company Announcements that had the very largest impact on share-prices  I have once again cast my net over the big announcements for the week ending 26-Jul-19. The scale of the task of actually reading all of the announcements remains daunting, once again there were over 3,000 announcements  - however again however again around of half of those do…

Keeping ‘across the news’ (am I the only one to be irritated by this new phraseology from BBC News?)  on the stock market can be a challenge. Investegate reports in the region of 3,000 articles each week, that’s around 600 each day it would be a big challenge to read all of those. Thankfully about half of them do not appear relate directly to UK…

Latest Review : 6-Aug-19 Conclusion - Hold. Given that I only just bought my Walker Greenbank (LON:WGB) shares today, this may seem a little premature. However, prompted by Jack Brumby’s piece Why are we so bad at selling   I thought to try out a little thought experiment and spell out publicly under what conditions I would sell. Why I bought Very briefly I believe this…

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I didn't notice this RNS-Reach yesterday from Bango (LON:BGO). Might be significant?I hadn't noticed that it was an RNS-Reach announcement (ie not a required regulatory disclosure).That however reinforces my initial view of it; that it was a typical "story stock announcement" - ie some seemingly quite profound news, that supports the story and you would think should be financially significant, but with no hard numbers…

is not a "victimless crime". Any shareholders who sold their shares while the share price was depressed have received less money than they would have received otherwise, so they are the victims who are the source of the shorter's profits.Indeed, "victimless crime" was a term I introduced as my personal interpretation of the line of argument being promoted. It is not a line of reasoning…

Yes it is an interesting and relatively balance article by Daniel Yu (Gotham City), but there are some points I would debate. I don’t think I get (or perhaps I mean agree with) the argument that the uncertainty around litigation makes it inappropriate to be funded through debt. If capital is deployed on an uncertain venture, then so long as the risk is appropriately ‘priced’,…

Shareprophets tell us that Gotham reserached [sic] Burford "very carefully" last year over several months but despite concluding that the shares were wildly misprice chose not to share their view "For a variety of reasons".Gotham apparently have no position in Burford Capital (LON:BUR) and have not discussed the company with Carson Block.Will be interesting to see if they have anything useful to say.

Seems that Burford price fell 18.8% on the day it was tweeted that there would be a report on a then unnamed company. RR down 6.9% and NMC Health 6.0%.Suggests the market thought that the price was ripe for a fall.That comment seems to ignore the fact that Tom Winifrith seemed to know which company was being targetted and apparently told his followers.It is widely…

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