20th Oct '16


Real Name: harryr

Occupation: Other

Interests: Stocks

About Me:

I like to win,  find stocks that the city has dumped, that gives me the edge as no one is looking at the right place and at the right time. Greed = a loss, never sell at the top just happy to live and not have to work.

Have fun that is what its about.


Investment Strategy

Reduce risk at all cost, buy shares that others no longer want, never buy a stock that can not go up 12 fold within 18 months.

As of today, Oct 2010 only posted two shares on Stockopedia.

Northacre with a share price of 30p, and  I- Design at 14p

Profits lift shares. BIG TIME

Harryr's Latest Blogs

I understand from this weekends papers he has returned £23.00 for each £1.00 invested,25 years ago. I think I am right is saying it puts him the No1 fund manager. Well done, more so to any investors who were in at the start. I have a target of turning £1.00 into £100.00 in just ten years. Not very hard to do as it requires just…

R4E issued an "in line" trading statement this morning to the market. In line is for a £900.000 profit in 2013. That in itself puts the stock on a very low per, however what has caught my eye is the £70M turnover, head office cost reductions and the upbeat tone of the statement. It has taken years to clean up this company [and put it…

The first reason is that big profits can be booked,as we have far more buyers than sellers. The second reason is it is cheap money that is lifting house prices [not higher wages.] The third reason is low rates will not last for more than a few more months or years. The fourth reason is when you want to sell the market will not want…

Valued to go bust at just under one million pounds TRD just might be the recovery stock of the year. Market Cap £1M Results to Feb 2011 came in with a £900,000 loss Results to Feb 2012 came in with a £200,000 profit Results to Feb 2013 are due [based on last year] this week. If one extrapolates those numbers to trend, investors might see…

Or is it.? It is low cap, it started the week valued at £600,000.Few if any shares traded on the LSE have lower valuations. High risk? The market,from todays valuation, says yes. But is it high risk? Well that is for other investors to take a view on. The company looked to have been on the verge of going down a year ago and was…

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The number of new houses being started by builders in England has risen by 31% over the last year, according to new government figures. The period coincides with the first year of the government's Help to Buy programme, which began in April 2013. However the number of new homes actually being completed only rose by 4% over the year. So, just as the market starts…

I started this thread just about one year ago. House builders shares have,overall been flat ever since. Builders profits are still going up as more Government cash, the buy to let mob , and cheap mortgages keep the show on the road. Thing is ,money can not get any cheaper, builders wages and materials are going up and mortgages, or the amount banks will lend…

All any investor wants is low risk high returns. Not sure he cares a hoot about fund size. That being the case I see no reason why a young fund manager with say ten million starting fund could not soon build that up 50 fold to £500M. ( 5 - 10 years) If he then builds that £500M just ten fold you have a rather…

Most here are missing the point, London houses are not worth what you have to pay. Note the new fad to dig down and live in a hole under your house, how silly is that.? All booms are based on more wood feeding the fire,that fire is burning itself out. The rich do not trust the banks, paper money and 98% of the worlds governments.…

No one minds paying 5% stamp duty in a bull market. They will on a down market, that,and a nice rate rise will kill the London prime market dead. Not that hard to understand is it.? I also am of the view it's not just 30% off that is on the cards. Try 70% and then flat for years,and years. If ever bank lending halted…

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