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Real Name: Jack Corsellis

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Fund Manager

Interests: Economics, Emerging Markets, European Markets, Funds, Geopolitics, Gold, Hedge Funds, Interest Rates, Stocks, US Market

Twitter: JackCorsellis

About Me:

I produce investing content to help others via my website and YouTube (click links below).  I am obsessed with achieving higher returns from low risk and outperforming the market.

Investment Strategy
I trade... constantly
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... a few months
I invest with... >£1m
Diversification is ... a hedge for ignorance
Stock Trader and Portfolio Builder Searching for Low Risk High Reward Opportunities


Free blog posts and videos to help others achieve higher returns from lower risk. I show my stock watchlist on the website and go through stock charts on YouTube to show you what I'm doing.

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Managing risk and cutting losses can have a significant positive effect on your portfolio returns.  Also below is why tracking your trading results is key to successfully managing risk.Firstly, hopefully the table above is an eye opener for how losses work geometrically against you - i.e., the more you lose the more required to get back to even.Below is a table showing example trading results…

Fellow Subscribers, In this blog post I will be using real GDP data combined with technical analysis (mainly price and volume) to help forecast my prediction for the S&P500.  Specifically, I will be using Wyckoff Analysis to help determine the course of future events now the index is in a clearly defined trading range.It would be useful if you had at least a basic understanding…

These are 3 of the most common psychological investment errors (in my view) and how we can find solutions as investors to these with the aim of increasing returns and not being our own worst enemy - I don't need anymore holes in my foot!1. Anchoring biasAnchoring bias is when an investor relies too heavily on an initial piece of information they receive / find.…

Hi Guys, I've been a Stocko sub for over 3 years now and trade for a living. Stocko has been a significant part to my success and I use it as my starting place for due diligence. I decided to start a free website to help others via stock alerts, showing my watch-list and other market content - such as annotated graphs and market commentary. …

My view is that over the next 5-10 years we'll see a shifting of power from the west to the east. By that I mean economic powerhouses will soon be those that are producers/manufactures and not consumer countries - i.e., America. Which country is well run and has a vast amount of natural resources to supply these emerging marketing countries? Australia. Even if the US…

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The table is from Mark's book.  I'll save you working the figures out... It's a total return for the year, exc divi's, of +189%.  This is with a 46.32% winning percentage and a largest single gain of 30.04%.  I don't get how anyone can argue the other side of this.

The calculations in the 50% win/loss table can be put in any order and still finish with the same end result. The point is to cut losses as soon as they start moving against you. Below I've used the same figures but just changed the order.

I understand the point you're making regarding fundamentals. However, you say if the fundamentals are still sound and the prospects of a recovery are good. Often times the price has already moved to account for new fundamentals, positive or negative, which are not yet known to the 'public'.This isn't my opinion it's the workings of Richard Wyckoff. Here's a great article on the Wyckoff Method.

You've missed my point, and we probably have different strategies for speculating in the markets. I am focused on breakouts and from your wording you seem more of a value investor or longer term holder. We inherently would disagree because from a value standpoint the 'cheaper' something becomes the more you should buy. If a stock moves 10% against you then your entry timing is…

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