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Real Name: Jack Corsellis

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Fund Manager

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I produce content to help others via Blogs and YouTube (search Jack Corsellis or click on the link below).

I am obsessed with achieving higher returns from lower risk and outperforming the market.

My main skills in investing are selecting winning stocks via specific pattern recognition techniques: Wyckoff Method and Volume Contraction Patterns, and building portfolios that are adaptable to different market conditions.

Investment Strategy
I trade... constantly
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... a few months
I invest with... >£1m
Diversification is ... a hedge for ignorance
Stock Trader and Portfolio Builder Searching for Low Risk High Reward Opportunities

Financial Training

Blog and Videos to help other Stock Traders achieve Higher Returns from Lower Risk. I show my Stock Watch List and go through Stock Charts to show you what I'm doing.

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My view is that over the next 5-10 years we'll see a shifting of power from the west to the east. By that I mean economic powerhouses will soon be those that are producers/manufactures and not consumer countries - i.e., America. Which country is well run and has a vast amount of natural resources to supply these emerging marketing countries? Australia. Even if the US…

In this post I'm going to look at the similarities between the 2008 crash and what's currently going on in the market, there are some concerning similarities.  The S&P500 will be used in the example below. The idea of this is not financial advise, it is to provoke thought and discussion by looking at what is going on in the broader market. Hopefully you can…

I got this idea from Mark Minervini... Looking at which sectors are performing best can lead to new market leaders in due course. To find them follow the instructions below... Click on the 'Home' tab then 'Browse Sectors'. You will see a long list of Industry Groups appear. Click 'Economic Sectors' and select your region of choice. I've selected the UK. If you now click…

Stocko Subscribers, How does football formations relate to structuring a portfolio? Stay with me here! For my own portfolio I oscillate depending on market conditions. If I'm bullish I have a more attacking stock formation, such as a 3-4-3. If I'm being cautious I'll take off some of my strikers (growth stocks) and replace them with defenders (defensive stocks), such as a 5-4-1. If I…

Following my Next Stock Market Crash post, painting a dooms day picture for the US, I thought worthwhile giving some views on what asset(s) might perform best - and what others think might do well (please comment below). As we all know the US is overdue a recession. That led to my first piece of digging, what US sectors performed best in the Dot-Com crash…

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Jones, which overseas markets are your preference?

What if the Chinese (and others) no longer want to own the debt though because of the currency devaluation and the dollar is no longer the reverse currency of the world....

Give examples of the stock leaders of the last rally that have now all fallen...

Freak, I agree the whole thing is a massive Ponzi Scheme; if you define a Ponzi Scheme as receiving new money to pay off old money (debt) you couldn't otherwise pay off. Sound familiar right? I disagree about nationalising the banks and a new paper issued by Government. The problem is, currency that is not backed by anything, isn't backed by anything! It has no…

Adding to this, several days ago Fed Chair Powell came out basically saying that the Fed would shift policy significantly if needed and wouldnt hesitate to tweak the Feds balance sheet reduction if it was causing problems in the financial markets. He also said the Fed had no pre-set policy and would be patient in their approach. In other words... Fed will do everything they…

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