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Interests: Property, Stocks

Location: Kent UK

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I'm looking to maximise my pension pot, and finding my way, learning as I go. Decided I've paid too much to fund managers for not very good results, so have been dabbling more and more with a DIY approach, learning as I go.

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Just noticed that the FT is holding what they call a 'weekend festival' on Saturday 7th September with some interesting offerings for speakers, including some on investing. It's the first I've ever heard of this event. Have any of you been to their past ones? And does anyone know any promotional code or way for getting discount tickets for the day?The only way I've found…

I would love to find a software programme or website which will help me to see the 'big picture' of my financial situation. Not just the equitites but other things such as premium bonds, rental property, savings - something that will help me to see, like in a pie chart say, the balance of these different elements - and also will help me to see…

Till now, I have been doing the bulk of my investing within my SIPP account with HL, with just a small amount in Stocks & Shares ISA Account. I am well over 55, so I am pondering the wisdom of taking some of my tax free portion from the SIPP (thus moving the necessary funds into drawdown account to accomplish this), and maxing out my…

This looks a potentially interesting company, and it qualifies for a number of guru screens, but for some reason the Stockopedia stock report says "This company is no longer active. Data may be out of date or incorrect." When I look at Hargreaves Lansdowne though, where I might make a bid to buy it if I decide to, all seems to be active and buyable....…

I have held RPC for 13 months now, and it has performed very well over that time, up 55%. It is one of those shares I have been thinking of selling in the not-too-distant, as its stock rank is not that compelling (except for the momentum that is...which makes me think I want to hold on for a while longer) However, now those of us…

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Brought a smile to my face John, thanks for that. Thinking back, I'd always be the one who held on and went very steadily. Perhaps that translates into the way I like to run my portfolios.

No offence take Sharmvr. Six packs aren't all they're cracked up to be if memory serves.

Pleased to hear your publisher has had a re-think Robbie! I guess being called the Naked Trader would invite you to be shirtless on the cover, if you were going to be literal about it, (no mention though of naked trader plus sexy half dressed woman in your title - if we are being literal). I don't think the marketing people behind Jamie Oliver, and…

I don't have an issue with Robbie being shirtless, sharmvr, nor is it a problem he is shirtless without a six pack. It is the busty seductive smiling woman leaning over him that put me off. I can understand how some booksellers put it in the 'adult reading' section. That's hilarious Felicity. wonder what the person who decided to place it there thought Spread Betting…

Interesting article. I can overlook all the unhelpful hype out there, read the good stuff, make my own (usually fairly cautious and patient, long term) investing decisions.. but in my sort of 'arty, alternative' social circles I can't find anyone - male or female- to talk to about this stuff - so I appreciate all you 'guys' willing to engage in it on a daily…

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