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Real Name: Ken Lowes

About Me:

Retired 2003 having created and run Lowes Financial Management since 1971. We specialised primarily in collective investments and taxation for the retired investor. When I retired the daily running was handed to my son. I no longer have a financial interest as the company now belongs to family shareholders.

Hobbies Sailing, Classic Car Rallying, and trying to find the holy grail of investing successfully.

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We are as a I write in a critical phase of this market. Is it the end of the Bear or just a correction? I owe it to those who have read my last piece The Real Truth about Bear Markets to set out my current thinking. I am in doubt again as we are at a turning point todays date is 19th Feb 2019.…

This is excellent news for the construction industry but as I have been a contributor to this site for four years, I am going to be upfront with you right from the start. The above statement is true but not without your help, no not money just a few minutes of your time. You will all appreciate that if we build three million homes it…

The 1973 Bear started on the 4th May 1972 and reached the bottom on 6th December 1974, some would say the bear lasted 30 months. But that isn’t the way I experienced it or any other bear market since. At the bottom the investor was sitting on a 75% loss which took a further 32 months to recover and only then if they were nimble.…

It might be me but all the contact buttons seem to be disabled on the site and I would like to ask a question of the advice team. If anyone else can help it would be appreciated. Question:  If you want to screen out high volatility what integer would you use? The glossary says it is screenable with 0 highest and 100 lowest but having…

Having been out of the market since October 2017, as mentioned here at the time, it is obvious that I am a cautious investor, which perhaps comes from my many years building a financial services company. I am not ready to buy back in yet, but I have been preparing the way and looking at companies that I believe may make good investments. Plus 500…

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Was that the Harry Lime Theme? I can understand your views but as a further thought have you considered ETF's a very informative book might help "The Ultimate ETF Guidebook" . Not as a substitute to investment trusts but as a part of the portfolio. Cheap to buy, no stamp duty and liquid. Try here

I never realised that non-subscribers were on the site- I did realise that some who pontificate about certain strategies such as Minervini haven’t even bought the book so it would be a good thing to get rid of anyone who either is unwilling to pay, obviously an investor in their own Dreamtime or can’t afford it. The internet is awash with free advice which is…

It hurts to sell after a fall but re read the post and have a think about it. Utilitywise is an exanmple of what goes wrong, i had it three days and sold at a loss of 17% glad i did as it is now at 0.

Do you really know that many homeless who like it that way? I have met a few, a very few but that isn't really the point. So thanks to all of you who have read this and moved on all 600 of you, thanks to the10 who agreed and as for the 28 who didn't--- thanks for keeping this post open and at the top…

Everyone is right in their own way but if we don’t do anything then nothing will get done. It is about the quality of life and for some who are living in overcrowded conditions or on the street the word quality doesn’t come into the conversation. As I have said all I am asking for is your name on a petition, no money, no effort.…

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