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Real Name: Ken Lowes

About Me:

Retired 2003 having created and run Lowes Financial Management since 1971. We specialised primarily in collective investments and taxation for the retired investor. When I retired the daily running was handed to my son. I no longer have a financial interest as the company now belongs to family shareholders.

Hobbies Sailing, Classic Car Rallying, and trying to find the holy grail of investing successfully.

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I have been working on the concept that it is the period and period return that is important not just the amount of profit. The results are interesting and worked on actual investment portfolios. Here is the problem. Let us say that you invest £100,000 but you find that after an average of 7 weeks you are stopped out and are holding 70% of your…

Prior to all of the hype, there is another name for it but I can't remember what it is, perhaps you know. Prior to all the hype I held IQE for about three months,. I liked what the company was doing and it seemed like a fair bet as they say. I tucked away 35% and shortly afterwards the share erupted. I am sure it…

After a nightmare week with IG, first spent two days trying to get them to answer the phone and then it takes five days to release £150k from my account, when I had no open positions and a clean account, As a result I have looked around and came across Spread.Co which looks good but I have no experience of them. Can anyone throw any…

Why is it that so many people including me don't like stop losses and yet the best people in the industry will tell you that you shouldn't trade without them. I came across this which I think might just solve the problem.

“What do you want for your Birthday” if you don’t know and can’t answer you will probably get nothing, or something you could happily do without. How about Minervini’s second book “Think and Trade Like a Champion”. I could have bought it myself but couldn’t be bothered as it isn’t sold in the UK and I had heard it took weeks and cost unreasonable amounts…

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Thanks Gus -my head hurts but I will have to read it again-- a few times. This is a perfect example as to why I employed all those (people) degrees. Regards Ken

Sorry seismo, just spotted your response-- I did stick with IG, via Hargreaves Lansdown, I now understand the problem with IG. My account was with HL and IG didn't seem to realise that. For anti money laundering purposes, the cash has to go back to the account that it came from., back to HL. This does of course mean that it might be difficult if…

Thanks Ricky-- It depends upon the tolerance to risk, I keep a record of the portfolio and I would have been up a further 5% had I not sold. Over the period there have been some steep drops and buttock clenching moments, this is now a fully fledged bear market as far as I am concerned but of course we will only know in time.…

Alex Read two books prior to investing any money and remember the main criteria for trading is the condition of the underlying market --you can make money by saving losses and if the general market trend is weak why bother with the risk. I have been in cash for almost a year now. on the other hand if you are an investor for the long…

I agree with You Gus Craneware has everything but the price. My personal view is it will become cheaper as this bear progresses Regads Ken

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