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Real Name: Paul Lavin

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Fund Manager

Interests: Asian Markets, Commodities, Economics, Emerging Markets, European Markets, Funds, Geopolitics, Hedge Funds, International Stocks, Stocks, US Market

Location: UK

Twitter: @mojomogoz

Fantasy Fund: mojo cap mismanagement

About Me:

Looking for good stocks to own for the long term. Cash is king, valuation is your friend, the capital cycle drives fitness for most. Growth can be delightful but ephemeral. Look for hidden optionality and don't follow the crowd. The trend can be the trap.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Institute)

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There's been a little chat re Vertu Motors (LON:VTU) after interim results and below is a comment I made in this excellent post by leoleo73 - I've put it here so anyone interested in vertu can easily find it. Here is a segment from my spreadsheet analysis of Vertu Motors (LON:VTU) looking at unit volumes: So unit volume is up slightly over double since…

On National Milk Records (OFEX:NMRP) .... I read up on this company for first time today as seems a little odd and interesting. Does anyone know it a bit? Underlying profit improvement this year despite falling revenue is driven by an even bigger cut in Admin expense. From the data given its hard to understand why. There's a hint the 2018 report that it could…

FFI Holdings (LON:FFI) is historically a US based speciality finance business (actually listed in Media and Publishing industry sector) that's in the process of morphing into a broader based platform company providing services through the production life cycle to the film/TV/streaming production industry. Its been privately owned since founding in 1950 following the financing crisis that hit UK film industry in late 40s - interesting…

Hello Looking at this stock ahead of H1 results. Obviously the stock metrics look great. I think a lot of stockopeeps like this one. Found it tricky to get answer i was looking for from their website as seemed to be having some problems (e.g. couldn't pull down reports etc). I have a few things I'm interested in discussing and getting views on.... 1) Who…

I've owned Vertu Motors (LON:VTU) for a couple of years now from low 40s. I believed this to be a well managed business with the ability to improve returns on capital as it digests and streamlines all the acquisitions it has made over time. But the virtue I saw I see no more. I feel that recent announcements from the company have been dissonant with…

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UP Global Sourcing Holdings (LON:UPGS) - Nov 6 is prelim day. I still hold this and await result with interest. Some people really loath the stock and company, not just for its messy post-IPO performance but also just see it as an opportunistic cyclical business that shouldn't really be listed. I think it's cheap with cyclical upside (in terms of its business patterns) and better…

Interesting question as there's a possibility of liability and even charges for the other directors if the CFO has taken straight cash himself as there is a lack of control on a public company. They escape liability/charge if the CFO has used some chicanery away from their immediate oversight. However, whatever he did its seems highly unlikely it is possible to steal a large sum…

Apologies as a comment I made above is inaccurate. The dangers of saying things without reference to spreadsheets etc. This statement is incorrect as unit volume has grown:"Additionally, since they started with Bristol Street Motors acquisition (2006/7ish) the actual volume of cars they sell has stayed roughly flat (the last time I analysed properly a year plus ago it was negative). Look at the volume…

Great analysis. I owned Vertu Motors (LON:VTU) until quite recently and then sold out around 50p. My buy decisions have been a bit wonky recently but my sells have been excellent! :) Anyway, I wrote this at the time: This is a stock I have analysed in great detail creating quite a complete financial analysis as I bought 2-3 years ago at a time…

PS excuse the self-promo...but I wrote links below and its sort of related to this thread...if you have sympathy with what I say above maybe this will be of interest...On dangers of normative progressive thinking: the trap of house prices and how leftist/progressives are not honest on it: I write a column for a new economics mag (heterodox rather than orthodox) that I then post…

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