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Real Name: JOHN333

Occupation: Analyst

Interests: Private Equity

Location: Berkshire

About Me:

700 club gold member. Anniversary yesterday 1/10/2013. Recently returned from New York with a wish to see Wall Street for myself as a bit of a satisfying accomplishment. I first got interested in investments when I was a financial advisor for 14 years. I learned a lot & went to quite a few investment seminars. The one I remember particularly was with Fidelity. They visited the companies that they invested in and held them for a long duration in their portfolios. The other thing was with different currencies that they could buy a particular stock with and of course sell it if it was favourable with another currency. This was potentially more risky of course. It was not long before I realised that all the money from the insurance premiums had to be invested and who was doing it. We used to sell investment bonds where 5% was allowed to be taken tax free once a year on the anniversary of the policy which could run for 20 years.There was a choice of Managed, Property, or Equity to invest into. It was at this point of time that the Property fund went up 40% in less than a year. A simple comparison with the Managed and Equity funds showed the difference. I was soon taking a keen interest in unit trusts and shares, looking for things that were going up and the highest that they had been and bought them. I bought a software package with Up-data which enabled me to be much more efficient, putting stop losses in. Drummed into my head was cut your losses and sell when a stock breached the stop loss and let the profits run. Another stepping stone was to buy myself a Rolls Royce silver shadow that was chestnut brown in colour. The reasons were threefold. 1. That I could afford it. 2. The two managers for the insurance company that I was working for were called Douglas & Rolls. 3. I was still single. As well as doing the insurance business I joined an investment club in Basingstoke and became their chairman. We closed it this year sadly because of ill health with some of the members. Now I have a portfolio that I am able to take out (if & when I want to some cash) just like the insurance bonds but much more flexible. I enjoy the technology stocks and have taken profits several times from Arm Holdings which is the only share that I have held for many years now. Having just got this Stockopedia yesterday (first saw it at an investment seminar in London earlier this year) when I noticed Dart Group (DTG) so that is now in my portfolio too. I suppose you could say I am an analyst & a chartist. It was good to see my portfolio already has Globo, , Blinks, Clingen ,Dart, Wanddisco, opay,Easyjet ,LLoyds Arm Telicom Plus(which has doubled and a bit more but then started to drop so I have just sold almost half and re invested the proceeds into ASOS.) In conclusion I hold about 20 shares, and have just INCREASED my holdings in Globo about two weeks ago, and noticed someone has reduced their holding with Globo to 3%.I hope they are not still holding the poor pawnbroker shares (guess who) -40% in one day followed by further catastrophic drop. A good case for a stoploss . Join the 700 club and put some money to work I say.

Investment Strategy
I trade... constantly
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... a few months
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk
Look for good profits,100% growth per year with increase from 1 week 1monthmust be higher% so must 3months & 6months.Share must be as high as it has been & still going up.Volitility minimal. I also check for 5 years If I can.


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This Johannesburg mining company has hit 2 of my screens. First screen is at least 30% up in the last 30 days.The 2nd screen shows at least 100% up over the last year. This is, as you can see, is a speculative high flyer. Stock Rank 58,Quality 63,Momentum 93 and has 1 screen 52 week high. There is a lot of interest in this share…

This has come into my "radar" with a dividend payment of 58p. This of course means that the share price tomorrow will go down by 58p and the share price will be around 80p or so. Having said that the share has hit an all time high, with tha main increase over the last 3 or 4 months. There is plenty of cash.The question is…

The name says it all. Not much information on this share except it has about 11M trades so far today and it is heading in the right direction. It is in the right place in the city. Now about 11.8M trades. Worth a punt or put into a watch list? In the sector of investment banking. Up 30% today at the time of writing .

Currently Rank 77 momentum 94 with 2 brokers showing a strong Buy rating. XD is coming up on 15/3/18 & paid @ 41.4p /share on 29/3/18. Details @, as is is not yet shown on Stockopedia yet but it does show EPS growth @ 147.9%.Net profit last year £146.3M, with estimated profit of £363.2M for 2018, which, if estimates are correct, will certainly turn…

Hot News with the tax cuts means action from AT&T who will be giving their employees $1,000 each.Boeing, Comcast, & Wells Fargo, who are increasing their minimum wage 11% to $15. News on 700 Club 21/12/17 run time 2 minutes in. Check news tab on the AT&T screen.. Billions more are going into investment in companies. It is all happening now & certainly worth making…

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We could be in for another breakout! Stockopedia shows revenues estimated from $64.2M to $408.2M 2018/19 and Net profit estimated $99.4M to $163.6M 2018/19. Although the StockRank is only 32, Momentum is 99. In addition to that Vectorvest is showing a Fib retracement above 160p and a valuation of 228p, so it is well undervalued according to their figures. Share price today up 8.3% @…

Another great article Ed, thank you. Enjoy Australia with the kangaroo steaks, sunshine and scenery. In the first few days into 2019 the portfolio is up 0.43% with Plus 500 showing the highest return of 7.19% so far. It is also in 2nd position in the bubble chart, with CCT in top position. Plus 500 is also the most undervalued share with a valuation of…

Having just received a payment yesterday for the 25% tax refund from Israel via ESOP, the payment is way short of the 25% refund that it should be. I have e-mailed ESOP today asking for some reason why it is incorrect or where massive charges or fees have been taken, and also contacted Hargreaves , who are looking into it.Has anybody else had a similar…

Worth mentioning the dividends paid out in November for SCS @ 10.9p / share & Plus 500 @ 79.84p/ share net.,which leaves ESOP to pay the tax refund of 25% back for Plus 500 from Israel. The 70.84p/ share also includes the 1 .% charge for currency charges from Hargreaves. the dividend paid out for plus 500 was $1.3786 US.

Results out today from Reuters stating Q4 figures will be "above market expectations".Looking into 2019 the outlook is also positive. That has pushed the share price up 11.3% to 1430p at the time of writing. .It also brings the 50 day MA back on track and only 2days for the dividend payment to be paid out. It's about time the share price starts reversing. The…

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