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Readers of this board might like to know that if you have suffered losses resulting from relying on public information the Co-op bank disseminated which they knew to be false e.g. the 2012 accounts then you can make a claim against the Co-op bank for loses. I think it is time for everyone affected here to take action and make a claim against the Co-op…

We have some quite dramatic drops today in the Oil and Gas sector providing some bargain values (depending on your point of view) for many stocks. On my watch list, I have:Europa Oil & Gas (LON:EOG) is down 10% (after a big fall yesterday) to 27.5p. It is looking very likely that West Firby will come online around about expectations putting Core NAV around the…

This blog has been setup for general discussion of many different oil and gas companies similar to the TMF thread here The thread is intended for general market gossip and chat on a variety of subjects which are perhaps not suitable for the company specific blogs that already exist. For example comparing two oil companies which have similar assets. The thread/blog welcomes light hearted…

Following the recent rights issue I belive there are now 2.1Bn shares in issue and the share price is now 25p. Thought I'd do a bit of finger in the air arithmetic to see if the shares at this price are worth buying. Turnover has never really been a problem for DSGi and stands at a whopping £8.1bn but obviously they need to make a…

So we now have the incredible situation of 27bn shares in lloyds in issue! Lloyds have sacrificed shareholder value to aquire HBOS because it gives them huge market share only to find that EU competition regulation mean they might not be able to exploit this monopoly.Blank has gone (or is going) which I suppose is a good thing but no doubt he'll get a big…

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It is interesting that investors lost the battle on the ECNs at the Supreme court largely because the courts relied more on "commercial intent" than the investors interpretation of the terms. Very simply put the courts decided that a "regulatory par call" must mean that if the regulator changed the meaning of what was capital the bank could call the ECNs. That contradicted one interpretation…

Good post but personally I think if anything there is a negative correlation. In particular small cap brokers as we know are all hired by the firms they do the reports for and are all fed the same guff by the firms they represent. To think they are in anyway unbiased or even useful for that matter is naive at best. They are total cr*p…

Paul weirdly I thought that SPL video looked a bit fake too. After looking at it again though I think it is just that the frame rate from the drone was a bit slow which made it look a bit jumpy. I can't imagine they'd go to that length anyway but I guess you never know. Looks a reasonable punt in small size but I'm…

Hi Paul - think you are wrong about the way placings in things like BOOM work. It is actually even worse. The company pays for some PR. This is often in the form of dodgy video interviews, proactive investor, tips TV etc. etc. This is all paid for by the company. It also sometimes hires well known stock tipsters to make positive comments. This inevitably…

Thanks Jaknife as ever invaluable information on how this works in practice. Obviously I'm just trying to understand why, if the cash balance is real, they'd not use it to clear expensive debt. The whole idea of issuing a further HY bond is even more weird. To be honest the whole company reeks quite a bit! Log

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