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Good evening I'm sure graham has a thread on this somewhere but cannot find it. My question is as above - what to do with cash in an ISA. Due to the almost non existent interest paid by aj bell I wonder if there is a way of earning say 1.5% Apr in an investment (I'm thinking etf's etc) that would approximate (risk wise) as…

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I read an interesting book about this from Thomas e woods (meltdown). Well worth a read. It may change your mind on wether what was done in 2008 was justifiable? In it they talk about the Austrian school of economics, the Fed, Fannie Mae Freddie mac etc. At the heart of it though was our current fiat currency and the central banks ability to control…

@JonesYour comment "I do worry about where the broker might park it." Can you expand on this. I presume your worried about the broker becoming insolvent? My understanding is the fscs covers the first £50k in an isa. So if you spread across providers this should mitigate this somewhat? Obviously larger portfolios this then becomes a concern? @Gus 1065 Interesting but I'm not sure this…

Agreed low rates are the problem although im not sure the online brokers are keen to pass much on anyway. As to my nerves in any downturn - I'm honestly not that sure on this one. On the brexit vote I was presented with some of my watch list falling at a fair clip and my mentality at the time was of "look at how…

@laughton I knew I was going to get abuse for that comment (probably rightly). There's more to it than simple timing the market. I don't want to lose my isa allowance this year but feel I need to reduce my risk. It might be the political upheaval at the moment but I don't want to invest 100% of it at the moment. So if there's…

@Laughton I hold cash at the moment (around 25%) of my portfolio. My basic idea is to hold this cash so if there's a market correction I have some liquidity to buy shares when I feel the time is right. The problem is it has sat there for around 10 months with inflation eating into it. So thinking a bit deeper what I'm actually after…

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