13th Jul '15


Real Name: Tom

Occupation: Consultant

Interests: Commodities, Economics, Geopolitics, Gold, Interest Rates, International Stocks, Oil

Location: UK

About Me:

Sh*t hot Software Engineer, with bells. Well into Austrian Economics and libertarian philosophy.

I'm very bullish on Silver at the moment (gold was so last decade), very bearish on the Fed, BoE, BoJ and US/UK/Jap sovereign debt.

Mainly invest in Silver, Gold miners, and O&G.

Investment Strategy
I trade... a few times per year
I tend to buy... on instinct
I hold for... years
Diversification is ... a hedge for ignorance

1. Understand how the world works.

2. Check where the wind is blowing geopolitically, thermodynamically (finite planet don't you know), technologically, and socialogically,

3. Invest accordingly.

4. ???

5. Profit..

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former..."

Macroeconomix's Latest Blogs Thank you Matt for introducing me to the concept of peak oil and raising awareness of our energy predicament. May you rest in peace.

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Looks like Soco's work in the Democratic Republic of Congo gets a mention from James Delingpole in his article he wrote this coming Saturday: Thought it might be of interest to some on here.

Simple minds are ruled by emotive thinking, they repel truth and reason when that truth doesn't match a strong belief in a perceived or fabricated injustice. These minds are (sadly) in the majority, where neurolinguistic programming campaigns play on the emotions, in spite of the facts, to brainwash willing audiences who have a strong in-built compulsion to believe. The same tricks are played out by…

Perhaps Mr Market is pricing in the possibility of them drilling a bit further, and turning the well into plastic?

I think this conversation has gone beyond the reality of bitcoin. For one thing there is no fractional reserve system based on bitcoin (e.g. borrowing at from bitcoin banks who leverage) it is not even possible to fractionalise, so a "deflationary death spiral" in the typical sense is not really on the cards: What is evident is the "strengthening of the currency". Which, as…

:) I don't share the author's perspective at all.Look at the "deflation" we have in computers, memory chips, smart phones. Are prices constantly lowering in these cases such a bad thing?Shops still have to buy stock,and shift at a profit. The consumer gets a better product for the same money, or the product gets cheaper. And his savings go much further - this is capitalism…

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