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Real Name: Mark

Occupation: Private Investor

Interests: International Stocks, Private Equity, Property, Stocks, US Market

Location: Gloucestershire

Fantasy Fund: Mmarkkj777's Alt Test

About Me:

I have been investing for a long time, but have become more serious about my investments over the last 3 years and am looking to use Stockopedia tools and info. to help maximise my gains.

I have a Portfolio of 14 Buy and hold companies: 3 US, 1 European and 10 UK.  I have held one for 20 years and one for 14 years.

In the last few months I have added a growth portfolio (at least I hope they will grow!) .  It is now up to 6 stocks.

More recently Oct 2018, I have reverted to cash for a substantial part of my portfolio (over 2/3rds).  I'm now looking for bargains and opportunities to reinvest.

Investment Strategy
I trade... weekly
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... a year
I invest with... <£500k
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk
Was pure Value. Now moving towards value with low debt and high EPS growth potential. Just started a separate, pure-growth portfolio. Strategy is too long to detail here, But I learned value from reading Ben Graham, entry and exit timing from Nicolas Darvas & Mark Minervini and growth from Jim Stater. Now trying to incorporate more technical analysis, over-layed on my Fundamental approach. Still learning and enjoying it.

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Recently we have seen massive increases in the deployment and use of AI. From face recognition at airport's passport control, Netflix giving personal recommendations based on learned user preferences and Amazon's table top talking shopping list app. thingy! (not to mention, the upcoming driver-less cars and mini electric aircraft/flying cars). There is no doubt it will continue to grow exponentially and seamlessly play a part…

Kaz Minerals (LON:KAZ) has recently halved in Value. It seems to be due mainly to the fact the the company has bought a new project to develop. It also seems the market didn't want them to continue to develop the business for the future as it would hit financial performance in the near/mid term. Also they have bought the new prospect with cash and shares…

I hold and have just topped up in Infrastructure India (LON:IIP). I made 30% last week (with a smaller holding) and the shares are up massively today. It seems that this fund is still trading with a massive discount to NAV. Anyone got further insight into this fund?

Griffin Mining (LON:GFM) are down 12% so far this morning. I can't see any news. Anybody know why? or is it just normal volatility (seems high for that).

I hold this stock and have held it for two long(ish) periods over the last 3 years. I heard from Evil Knievil (Simon Cawkwell) that he was short on them (due to them being overvalued). At last years investor show that I attended, they (Evil and Tom W) did a blind test on tonics on stage, probably to show that it was all hype. The…

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Personally, I think it’s very, very difficult (impossible?), to predict full blown bear markets and crashes, simply because if they were easily predictable, they wouldn’t happen, because they usually happen when most people are most bullish. I’ve lived through several and been hit, to a greater or lesser extent each time ( the first I experienced as an investor was in 1987). I think it’s…

Great thread and great idea 0ctag0n, I'm going to have a bash at setting this up over the weekend! Many thanks. Cheers

Well......... Personally, I find it a little sad. I like Paul’s analysis on this site a lot. He has a light sabre approach that cuts, very quickly, to the important stuff. I guess some people who are a little bit too attached to a share could get tetchy. But he and Graham get through so much in a week I’d be amazed if an odd…

Hi Ken, Whilst I agree that Stocko is of real value to investors, and I for one am happy to pay for it and will continue to do so, I don't agree that free advice is worth what you pay for it. There is a lot of free information out there and free recorded webinars, podcasts and Utube videos etc., (including some by Mark Minervini…

Hi Jack, Yes that's whats strange! If he had put even 20% of that to one side in cash,bonds, or even a safety deposit box, he would never have gone bankrupt again. Traders can be their own worst enemy. We have to realise that its not the end of the world when we have a bad month and we cant walk on water just because…

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