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I urge anyone who has a share portfolio in nominee accounts or in an ISA or SIPP (which must by law be held in nominee accounts) to read this thread about the bankruptcy of Beaufort Securities: Rather than being ring-fenced, it seems that such a portfolio is at risk of losing 40% of its value over £50,000 if the provider of the nominee accounts…

Would any people, other than myself, like Stockopedia to change their share price graphs so that their price axes would always start at zero, or at least to have an option to display graphs in that way? At present, the graphs have their price axes starting and finishing at the lowest and highest price, respectively, over the time-period of the graph. But that means a…

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Is the pain from a 50% loss of the same magnitude as the pleasure from a 100% gain?

"The main benefit of cash accounting over fair value is that it is far less subjective than relying on managements estimates which with the best will in the world, auditors haven't really got a clue about the validity of, leaving aside the moral hazard which reliance on management estimates in the preparation of accounts introduces." And relying on management estimates of fair value means one…

I wonder whether Burford's failure to turn profit into cash for years, while accounting aggressively for future profits compared to its peers and raising cash from investors to fund new cases, has some similarities with a Ponzi scheme.

'Yes, there is the potential to overvalue cases there, but history shows that Burford overwhelmingly only make value changes in the 12 months before a case concludes, and in the last AR, 61% of investments made were valued at cost, and 39% was unrealised gain: given the size of Petersen, it would not be surprising if that was the bulk of the "write up".' In…

Hi Gromley, "2. You may actually be less fun at parties than even me! ;-)" I have no doubt that's true! "3. Some vague recollection of the escalation of childhood arguments, which went : mine is 10, well mine is 100, one thousand, one million, infinity, infinity plus one - at which point I would become apoplectic with rage because infinity is the "biggest number…

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