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TPFG and its competitor BLV are property management firms that use a franchise model to remain capital light. Both have high returns on equity. But apparently, their business is under regulatory threat, and there is some kind of government ban on tenants fees starting in June 2019. Is anyone here familiar with this issue, and how much of TPFG's revenues and earnings are coming from…

Any foreign investors considering EEP, please remember it is a MLP partnership and the US will put a withholding tax of 40% on distributions. A better choice for a foreign investor is EEQ, which is a corporate form of EEP whose shares own some of EEP. EEQ pays out distributions in like kind, so more shares of EEQ. That avoids any tax until the time…

Settlement seems like it should be a commodity business with low margins, but OCT pulls in very good margins. Can someone explain the business model and how is it possible to get these margins in a settlement activity? Are these margins defensible long term?

For UK stocks, I am looking for a website where I can plot the stock price that would be implied by the minimum and median historical Price to Sales ratio over time. The idea here is to be able to visualize the actual stock price against the range a stock could have traded at - on any given date - based on the median and…

I am watching the Provident (symbol PFG) equity as its drama progresses, and I decided to go have a look at their bonds: A few questions on these: 1) Are there others worth following besides the ones above? 2) Are there any unusual prospectus terms to be aware of on their bonds in general? 3) Does anyone know of a site that lets me set…

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Has TPFG ever signaled whether they are considering expanding their model to other countries?

So is everyone convinced that SafeGaze is the SFE competitor mentioned in their release? Is there any published information on SafeGlaze's financials? If they are selling at or below cost to gain market share, how deep is their balance sheet to sustain losses? How long has SafeGlaze been around? Are they copying the SFE direct-to-customer sales and production model? If this is a well-financed competitor…

rleonardw, well Amazon pressures all retail, but the fact of the matter is that Amazon cannot compete with veterinary medicine, and being able to cross sell services with merchandise is a powerful differentiation with high barriers to entry. The problem with PETS is that they overpaid for most of their vet service businesses. Now they have a ton of goodwill on the balance sheet, and…

What do you think the odds are that VOG buys Bowleven (BLVN)? What do you think BLVN's prospects are at this point?

They have grown rapidly. What are the drivers of that growth and how much of that would continue for the next five years?

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