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Real Name: Roland Head

Occupation: Blogger, Entrepreneur, Journalist, Private Investor

Interests: Bonds, Commodities, Emerging Markets, Interest Rates, Oil, Property, Stocks, US Market

Location: United Kingdom

Twitter: rolandhead

Fantasy Fund: Stock in Focus portfolio

About Me:

Private investor & writer on stock markets with a particular fondness for free cash flow, dividends and value, plus an interest in resource stocks.

In earlier life, I worked as an engineer in telecoms and IT. The quantitative, rule-based mindset required for this type of work is probably reflected in my investment style. 

Another factor that affects my investment choices is my experience working for a large telecoms company at the turn of the century, when tech stocks were booming. Watching this bubble inflate and then implode from the inside was very educational.

Investment Strategy
I trade... monthly
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... years
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk

I run two portfolios: the first is a fairly traditional mixed-cap value portfolio with a bias towards income stocks and contrarian picks. I look for asset plays and good businesses going cheap due to short-term pressures.

My second portfolio is the Stock in Focus Portfolio (SIF), which I run as a Stockopedia Fantasy Fund. I write a weekly column about this portfolio for Stockopedia.


Freelance financial writer, offering news, investment and opinion articles covering primarily UK stocks. Particular interests are dividend and value investing, plus the oil and gas industry. I have the CFA UK Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

Web Address:

Address: North Yorkshire

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Roland Head's Latest Blogs

The price of a barrel of Brent Crude oil hit $80 last week, for the first time since 2014. So now may not be an obvious time to invest in airline stocks. I’ve also only just got rid of one airline group from the SIF portfolio. Adding another one almost immediately might seem a little inefficient in terms of trading costs. However, this sort of…

The main UK stock market indices are all trading close to all-time highs. The minor blip seen earlier this year is has passed, and stocks have surged ahead over the last month. One consequence of this is that fewer and fewer shares are qualifying for my Stock in Focus screen. A month ago, 18 stocks qualified for the screen. On Monday, this number was down…

When following a rules-based investing strategy like the one I use for the SIF portfolio, the line between trading and investing can get blurred. In his recent interview with Ben Hobson (recommended reading), US trader Mark Minervini suggested that “an investor is someone who holds for long term capital gains; one year or more rather than weeks or months”. By that definition, I guess the…

After last week’s round-up of a successful year for the SIF portfolio, this week it’s back to business as usual. As it’s the end of the month, I’m looking at stocks which could be up for eviction after at least nine months in the portfolio. This month’s stocks No stocks were added to the portfolio in July last year, so none are nine months old.…

The SIF portfolio was launched on 19 April 2016, so last week it turned two years old. The SIF Fantasy Fund stats show me that the portfolio has delivered another market-beating performance last year: SIF portfolio 2017/18: +18pcFTSE All-Share 2017/18: +3.8pcOutperformance: +14.2pcThe portfolio delivered a 19% gain in 2016/17, so last year’s performance is very consistent. (If you’d like to know more about how I…

Roland Head's Latest Comments

Hi oaktree, One other thought on cash balances. In the case of the SIF portfolio, where stocks are bought/sold according to a fixed schedule and screening rules, there's no need to build up a cash balance. The aim is to stay invested without trying to time the market. Although the portfolio does have some spare cash at the moment (, this is the result of…

Hi Oaktree, Thanks for your comment. I should emphasise that my articles represent my opinion only and are not advice to buy and sell stocks. Although I own most of the stocks in the UK SIF portfolio, the international version is a virtual portfolio only. As for cash, I agree that it can be difficult to find a balance between decent opportunities today and the…

Hi Jim, The international version of the SIF portfolio is strictly a virtual portfolio, which I'm developing as an experiment. I don't own any of the stocks unless disclosed otherwise (at present only one or two of the UK stocks). I don't have much experience of investing internationally. My impression is that for mid/large caps it's easy enough to invest in EU and US stocks.…

Hi Melvyn, Thanks for your comment. The rules I use for the SIF portfolio mean that stocks are held in the portfolio for a minimum of nine months, whatever happens to them in the meantime. I have broken this rule occasionally, but I've usually regretted it. So now I don't! Regards, Roland

Gary, Thanks for your comments. I agree that it would be interesting to continue monitoring past sales at different intervals. To take an extreme view, would the portfolio be more profitable if I took a long-term buy and hold approach? Realistically, I'm not sure I'll have the time and resources to continue to monitor all the possible combinations, but I'll note this down as something…

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