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I'm starting to think about the effect of a Trump win on 8th November. It's fair to say Clinton is more a continuation of current policy whereas Trump is a wildcard potentially heralding big changes to US fiscal/monetary/foreign policy. But even what those changes might be are uncertain. Given the huge uncertainty, does anyone have any suggestion of hedging/insurance trades you are making over the…

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I support They review charities in depth and rank by 'good done' per £ donated. They work out 'good done' using a number of factors including lives saved. Essentially they rank charities enabling you to put your donation to maximum possible use. More info on the website. When I fist heard of such an approach and organisation I thought what a fantastic idea. Shaun

Crypto nonsense :-) I’ll raise my lone head once again to give a different view…. A decentralised trust network is unfolding in front of our eyes, with huge ramifications in the future. It’s right there if anyone cares to look. Short term swings in price may be crazy and are of little interest to me. I am sure that the eventual price will many orders…

These articles were interesting and some of the best refutation of blockchain that i've read. I'm fundamentally bullish on bitcoin, the more i learn on the subject the more my conviction grows. And i'll mention that i am the kind of person who looks for hype in the stocknarkets and shorts it :-) Like any wise investor though i seek out the criticisms and as…

"On the balance of probabilities, I think there must be life elsewhere, and I really hope we do discover extraterrestrial life forms in my lifetime. Providing they're friendly!" If we ever encounter lifeforms sufficiently technologically advanced to cross unimaginably massive distances to Earth, then we should be very afraid. They would appear to us as gods and may view us with a similar regard to…

G4m - my only worry about buying some today is the question of how they will expand their york warehouse. Presumably this will cost a few quid and may need to be borrowed or raised in a placing?

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