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Investment Strategy
Diversification is ... a hedge for ignorance

I use a mixture of dart throwing and technical analysis to identify undervalued stocks, and mesmerism to increase their prices. I had unmatched success with this combination, from march to september 2009.

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I'm going to copy in here a post from my own blog, which is mainly transcriptions of cultural/political discussions that interest me. I'm a long-term subscriber to this site, and have written a couple of articles which I'm not absolutely red-faced at.. The interviewee is a very minor political figure, but to avoid controversy (if Delingpole isn't controversial) I've redacted her party. Hope it's amusing…

You have probably wondered about the truth of the claim that Southern entrepreneurs - and the businesses they run - are shifty, unscrupulous and two-faced. We need take nobody's word for it because the data is available. Let's investigate!I got hold of a list of the postcodes of HQs of all the firms on the market, converted them into Latitude and Longitude, and merged this…

I took an accounting course a while ago, and partly for fun the professor described a forensic accounting technique, which I've been mulling over. In the spirit of Christmas, that time of year when we give away useless stuff to people we barely know, I thought I'd contribute the findings to the investing public. You can read about Benford's law on wikipedia. The article there…

You won't find anything new or unexpected in this piece - it will only confirm some common observations.I got interested in those network visualisations you see sometimes, and resolved to make one. As a slave to Twitter, and follower of some of this site's regulars, I thought mapping PI Twitter was a project. It's made with R and Gephi.First thing is to know what I'm…

There's much disappointment about the lack of an article on BooHoo today, so I'm going to step in. Prepare to be further underwhelmed. I'm wanted to see how BOO compared to Asos subsequent to the launch of Boo's app, and you can get the data to do this: a moving average of web traffic from and app downloads from I only have the…

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I'll give a plug to Tim Price's 'State of the Markets' podcast. TP is a dyspeptic value fund manager. He plays the bearish sage-like Holmes role in chats with a more bushy-tailed chart-signals guy, and they do interviews with some more or less interesting financial grunts and commentators. This week it was the gold-bug Ned Taylor-Leland. They had @truesinews, whose real name escapes me, on…

Seeing the near-magical feats that machine learning is capable of, the number of markets and the intense application of algorithms to investing in them, I'm surprised there's any money left on the table for humans. I mean, I'm not surprised, because markets are not closed systems with just one group trying to manipulate each. But on the other hand if volatility just drained right out…

And how the hell do you do that???? Seriously it would be interesting to see how the ranks react to news events. That's what I was wondering about. 

How do you get that q v m history under a chart?

I spent the morning picking stocks. Then I came in from the garden, stuck them in a vase, and logged on to the internet. Can you imagine how off putting it was when I discovered that the firm I had short sold had both tanked, and bombed? It's the sort of winner-take-all violence that a sensible person wants to avoid. So I met a friend…

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