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Real Name: Victor Igden

Occupation: Journalist

Interests: Emerging Markets, Oil, Property, Stocks

About Me:

I spent fifteen years working in the City as an analyst - now, I spend my time looking after my own portfolio and working as a writer.  I reckon I've probably looked at more than a thousand annual reports in varying degrees of detail over the years and I've noticed that useful information is often in inverse proportion to the size of the report! Very much a believer in value investing.

Investment Strategy

Value, value, value! All my worst investment mistakes have been when I believed a sexy story and 'bent' my value investor criteria to make it fit the portfolio.


Valueinvestor's Latest Blogs

Sure, Web 2.0 has proved transformative. Twitter has changed lives - and not just Stephen Fry's. On one level, you could say that it's Twitter and Facebook that has made the current wave of Arab revolutions possible. But let's face it, the valuations are now also approaching nosebleed territory. Most of them are private market valuations and so perhaps they need to be taken with…

Most investors in VCTs buy them new. They subscribe to new issues in the VCT season just before the end of the tax year, so that they can offset this year's income tax against the amount of the subscription. But in fact, VCTs also offer long term tax advantages since no tax is payable on either the income from dividends or any capital gains made…

In a marketwhere a lot of investors are looking for safety, Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) has been on a lot of financial advisers' lists as a 'safety stock'; high quality, large cap, with a low valuation and a yield that beats the 2% you can get on treasury bonds.  MoneyWeek, for instance, has an interesting article which shows how the current valuation levels for J&J…

Verizon (NYSE:VZ) is the US's largest mobile telecoms provider, through its 55% held subsidiary Verizon Wireless. It's also one of the bellwethers of US fixed line telecoms - it was formed through the merger of GTW and Bell Atlantic, back in 2000. But the share price has had a tough time in the last year or so. That reflects high capex as Verizon builds its…

Tech hasn't really performed this year, though it was one of many fund managers' top ideas for 2010. Just about the only interesting stock in the sector has been Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), due to the excitement over iPhones and iPads. But quietly, Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) has been doing rather well, though its shares haven't. Following a dreadful 2009 with earnings cut by a quarter, the company saw…

Valueinvestor's Latest Comments

One thing that would be very interesting is to work out what's the closest you can bring an equity ISA to cash? I have a very significant percentage of my portfolio in equity ISAs, which of course demand that you stay invested in equity and long term bonds (> 5 years, and I feel these may actually be riskier than equity right now) over the…

In reply to rivaldo (post #8) Great posts, Rivaldo although, having looked at it, I am less persuaded by the merits of this one personally. I have written up my thoughts here: . Comments always welcome if you think I have missed a trick.

A really super thread - impressive number crunching. I know talking to chartered surveyors earlier this year, many of them were expecting 10-20% declines in rents- so that was to some extent already in the share price. Equally, this year has seen fewer and fewer development completions, and 2010 will see practically no developments at all coming on stream in markets such as Birmingham and…

Interesting post by Monevator on how to create a Ivy League fund using ETFs: Domestic Equity (30%): FTSE 100 / FTSE 250  (ISF / MIDD) Emerging Market Equity (5%): MSCI Emerging Market Equity (IEEM) Foreign Developed Equity (15%): FTSE Developed World (IWXU) Property (REITs) (20%): FTSE EPRA/NAREIT UK Property (IUKP) U.K. Government Bonds (15%): FTSE UK All Stocks Gilt (IGLT) U.K. Inflation-Linked Bonds (15%):…

Barclays shares have had a good run this year - they're now trading at 330p, against a 52 week low of just 51p - but the last month has seen them fall back. While the yield at 1% isn't great, at least this is a bank that is yielding something, and without the government looking over its shoulder to make sure shareholders don't benefit from…

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