The Investor's Guide to Momentum Investing

If you have ever found yourself finding a stock increasingly attractive as it rose in price, you aren't alone. Ever since markets began speculators have noticed the tendency of prices to 'trend'. It seems that when prices move in one direction the allure of not missing out in an uptrend or of throwing in the towel in a downtrend is too great for investors to shy away from. As a result prices continue to trend beyond fair value in either direction.

Momentum Investing (or trend following) is the practice of buying stocks that are rising in price in the expectation that they will continue to rise in price. Many famous traders have made fortunes from trend following and strategies abound. Academic research has confirmed that following these strategies can yield over 1% per month in a very consistent fashion with the occasional vicious downturn.

But its not only prices that have a tendency to trend, due to a bias known as 'anchoring', brokers tend to only revise their earnings estimates by small increments when they have new information. This causes earnings estimates to trend upwards and downwards as analysts are biased to their previous figures. As earnings estimates lead prices estimate revisions can drive price trends.

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How to find stocks currently showing Momentum

The best way to find stocks showing momentum is to regularly review 52 week highs, earnings revisions and stocks trading above their moving averages. This can either be done with desktop software or on good websites. We have created a series of momentum screens for our premium subscribers which can be found at the following links.

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Even Further Reading!

If you need more information on momentum investing, you can find more information on each of our stock screens at the links, or why not try one of the following books or research papers which we highly recommend. Safe investing!

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