Stockopedia Video Tutorials

The quickest way to get up to speed using Stockopedia is to watch a few videos. We add video guides regularly to our Youtube Channel.

Getting Started with Stockopedia

Ed Croft, CEO and Co-Founder of Stockopedia takes you through our award-winning research platform. Take a two-week free trial of Stockopedia today:

7 Most Important Features on the StockReports

Unlock exclusive insights into every stock on the market with a 2-week trial of Stockopedia: Join Ed Croft to explore Stockopedia's StockReports. He reveals how the StockReports allow any investor to quickly and easily analyse any stock on the market. StockReports tell you: 1) Is this share exposed to factors that have historically beaten the market? 2) How speculative is this investment? 3) What investing style does this stock fit into? 4) How do this s...

Getting started with Folios

Discover data-driven insights into your investments with the Stockopedia portfolio tools. This video will take you through how to add your stocks to a portfolio to gain a deeper understanding of how your investments work together....

Getting Started with Screens

With thousands of stocks listed in the market, filtering these down to a manageable list for further research is vital. In this short video, you'll discover how to create your first screen and identify stocks that fit your investment criteria....

Getting Started with Charts

Unlock advanced charting for every stock on the market with a 2-week trial of Stockopedia: Explore how easy it is for you to add technical overlays or indicators to the stock charts of the shares that you are interested in....

Getting Started with the Community

Discover indepth daily stock market discussion on the Stockopedia Community. This video gives you a quick overview to help you get involved in the discussions happening right now.

Getting started with Checklists

Discover how you can check any stock against the criteria that you like to see in your investments with our checklist tool.

Getting started with Comparisons

This video will show you how you can quickly compare two or more stocks against the key financial measures that you like to see in your investments.

Screening by Sector

This video shows you how you can quickly filter the market by economic sector, country or region to identify stocks to research further.

Exploring our Financial Ratios

Unlock exclusive insights into every stock on the market with a 2-week trial of Stockopedia: If you are the type of investor that likes to dig deep into the financial ratios of your investments - this video will help you discover the wealth of data available to you on Stockopedia....

Using the Financial Statements

In this short video you will discover the wealth of financial information we hold on every stock in the market. We take you through the financial statements, showing you where you can find key information for your investments....

Using Advanced Rules in Screens

Unlock powerful screening tools covering every stock on the market, with a 2-week trial of Stockopedia: Filtering the market for stocks that meet your investment criteria saves hours of research time. In this video we show you some of the more advanced screening rules that can supercharge your investment research....

How to Create an Article

Share your stock market insights with the Stockpedia community of private investors. This video shows you everything you'll need to contribute your first article.

How to Use Folio Allocations

There are masses of research insights that you can get through Stockopedia but one of the most powerful is portfolio allocations. In this video you'll discover how to view the diversification in your portfolio....

How to Add Stock to Folios

In this video you will discover the different ways in which you can add stocks of interest to a portfolio and the benefits this brings to your investing.

How to Add Transactions to Folios

Adding transactions to your portfolio holdings will give you deep data-driven insights into your investments. This video walks you through the steps you take to get these in your portfolio.

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Brilliant - You've created a folio! Now let's add some stocks to it.

  • Apple (AAPL)

  • Shell (RDSA)

  • Twitter (TWTR)

  • Volkswagon AG (VOK)

  • McDonalds (MCD)

  • Vodafone (VOD)

  • Barratt Homes (BDEV)

  • Microsoft (MSFT)

  • Tesco (TSCO)
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