Australian Stock Exchange - SEATS

ASX / ASX - 2457 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
1-page ASX:1PG 1-page Dividends
1300 Smiles ASX:ONT 66.7 12.0 1300 Smiles Dividends
1414 Degrees ASX:14D 14.4 1414 Degrees Dividends
1st ASX:1ST 7.11 1st Dividends
333d ASX:T3D 0.58 333d Dividends
360 Capital ASX:TGP 108.5 22.2 360 Capital Dividends
360 Capital Digital Infrastructure Fund ASX:TDI 49.9 360 Capital Digital Infrastructure Fund Dividends
360 Capital Reit ASX:TOT 70.6 7.23 360 Capital Reit Dividends
3d Oil ASX:TDO 10.9 3d Oil Dividends
3d Resources ASX:DDD 1.88 3d Resources Dividends
3g Coal ASX:3GC 3g Coal Dividends
3p Learning ASX:3PL 56.5 19.2 3p Learning Dividends
4ds Memory ASX:4DS 31.4 4ds Memory Dividends
5g Networks ASX:5GN 40.2 5g Networks Dividends
88 Energy ASX:88E 20.5 88 Energy Dividends
8common ASX:8CO 5.16 8common Dividends
8i Holdings ASX:8IH 19.4 8i Holdings Dividends
8ip Emerging Companies ASX:8EC 1.73 8ip Emerging Companies Dividends
8vic Holdings ASX:8VI 6.57 8vic Holdings Dividends
9 Spokes International ASX:9SP 9.23 9 Spokes International Dividends
99 Wuxian ASX:NNT 36.3 99 Wuxian Dividends
A-cap Energy ASX:ACB 5.18 A-cap Energy Dividends
A1 Investments & Resources ASX:AYI 13.0 A1 Investments & Resources Dividends
A2 Milk ASX:A2M 6,904 32.7 A2 Milk Dividends
A2b Australia ASX:A2B 49.5 5.78 A2b Australia Dividends
Abacus Property ASX:ABP 931.1 9.81 Abacus Property Dividends
Abilene Oil And Gas ASX:ABL 0.21 Abilene Oil And Gas Dividends
Absolute Equity Performance Fund ASX:AEG 60.4 Absolute Equity Performance Fund Dividends
Abundant Produce ASX:ABT 0.73 Abundant Produce Dividends
Acacia Coal ASX:AJC 2.20 Acacia Coal Dividends
Academies Australasia ASX:AKG 17.2 Academies Australasia Dividends
Accelerate Resources ASX:AX8 1.46 Accelerate Resources Dividends
Accent ASX:AX1 402.9 16.2 Accent Dividends
Accent Resources Nl ASX:ACS Accent Resources Nl Dividends
Acn 004 410 833 ASX:ARI 34.9 Acn 004 410 833 Dividends
Acn 059 457 279 ASX:MIG Acn 059 457 279 Dividends
Acn 603 323 182 ASX:AXL Acn 603 323 182 Dividends
Aconex ASX:ACX Aconex Dividends
Acorn Capital Investment Fund ASX:ACQ 26.1 Acorn Capital Investment Fund Dividends
Acrow Formwork And Construction Services ASX:ACF 30.2 5.23 Acrow Formwork And Construction Services Dividends
Acrux ASX:ACR 12.2 Acrux Dividends
Actinogen Medical ASX:ACW 11.5 Actinogen Medical Dividends
Activex ASX:AIV 12.5 Activex Dividends
Acumentis ASX:ACU 6.73 Acumentis Dividends
Ad1 Holdings ASX:AD1 2.76 Ad1 Holdings Dividends
Adacel Technologies ASX:ADA 17.9 7.54 Adacel Technologies Dividends
Adairs ASX:ADH 163.6 11.7 Adairs Dividends
Adalta ASX:1AD 7.35 0.77 Adalta Dividends
Adavale Resources ASX:ADD 1.29 Adavale Resources Dividends
Adbri ASX:ABC 996.7 17.1 Adbri Dividends
Adcorp Australia ASX:AAU Adcorp Australia Dividends
Adg Global Supply ASX:ADQ Adg Global Supply Dividends
Adherium ASX:ADR 2.62 Adherium Dividends
Aditya Birla Minerals ASX:ABY Aditya Birla Minerals Dividends
Admiralty Resources Nl ASX:ADY 6.89 Admiralty Resources Nl Dividends
Adriatic Metals ASX:ADT 223.5 Adriatic Metals Dividends
Adslot ASX:ADS 21.6 Adslot Dividends
Advance Nanotek ASX:ANO 156.2 Advance Nanotek Dividends
Advanced Braking Technology ASX:ABV 4.92 Advanced Braking Technology Dividends
Advanced Share Registry ASX:ASW 16.3 Advanced Share Registry Dividends
Adveritas ASX:AV1 12.2 Adveritas Dividends
Adx Energy ASX:ADX 4.95 Adx Energy Dividends
Aeeris ASX:AER 2.59 Aeeris Dividends
Aeon Metals ASX:AML 31.1 Aeon Metals Dividends
Aeris Environmental ASX:AEI 82.5 Aeris Environmental Dividends
Aeris Resources ASX:AIS 11.1 1.09 Aeris Resources Dividends
Aerometrex ASX:AMX 90.3 118 Aerometrex Dividends
Af Legal ASX:AFL 4.87 Af Legal Dividends
Affinity Energy And Health ASX:AEB Affinity Energy And Health Dividends
African Energy Resources ASX:AFR 6.40 African Energy Resources Dividends
African Gold ASX:A1G 4.24 African Gold Dividends
Aft ASX:AFT Aft Dividends
Afterpay ASX:APT 6,492 Afterpay Dividends
Afterpay Holdings ASX:AFY Afterpay Holdings Dividends
Agency Australia ASX:AU1 6.30 Agency Australia Dividends
Agl Energy ASX:AGL 5,881 12.9 Agl Energy Dividends
Agricultural Land Trust ASX:AGJ 1.32 Agricultural Land Trust Dividends
Agrimin ASX:AMN 50.4 Agrimin Dividends
Aguia Resources ASX:AGR 7.78 Aguia Resources Dividends
Ahalife Holdings ASX:AHL 2.73 Ahalife Holdings Dividends
Aic Mines ASX:A1M 9.27 Aic Mines Dividends
Aic Resources ASX:A1C Aic Resources Dividends
Aims Property Securities Fund ASX:APW 30.2 Aims Property Securities Fund Dividends
Ainsworth Game Technology ASX:AGI 83.7 21.2 Ainsworth Game Technology Dividends
Air New Zealand ASX:AIZ 784.4 105 Air New Zealand Dividends
Airxpanders Inc ASX:AXP Airxpanders Inc Dividends
Aj Lucas ASX:AJL 31.0 Aj Lucas Dividends
Alacer Gold ASX:AQG 1,458 13.6 Alacer Gold Dividends
Alara Resources ASX:AUQ 4.42 Alara Resources Dividends
Alchemy Resources ASX:ALY 4.17 Alchemy Resources Dividends
Alcidion ASX:ALC 83.0 Alcidion Dividends
Alcoa Inc ASX:AAIDA Alcoa Inc Dividends
Alderan Resources ASX:AL8 5.84 Alderan Resources Dividends
Aldoro Resources ASX:ARN 2.66 Aldoro Resources Dividends
Ale Property ASX:LEP 486.7 27.0 Ale Property Dividends
Alexium International ASX:AJX 12.5 Alexium International Dividends
Alicanto Minerals ASX:AQI 7.70 Alicanto Minerals Dividends
Alice Queen ASX:AQX 10.1 Alice Queen Dividends
Alita Resources ASX:A40 Alita Resources Dividends
Alkane Resources ASX:ALK 274.8 29.6 Alkane Resources Dividends
Allegiance Coal ASX:AHQ 22.1 Allegiance Coal Dividends
Allegra Orthopaedics ASX:AMT 6.19 Allegra Orthopaedics Dividends
Alliance Aviation Services ASX:AQZ 189.4 16.2 Alliance Aviation Services Dividends
Alliance Resources ASX:AGS 17.5 Alliance Resources Dividends
Alligator Energy ASX:AGE 4.58 Alligator Energy Dividends
Alloy Resources ASX:AYR 1.58 Alloy Resources Dividends
Alpha Hpa ASX:A4N 58.1 Alpha Hpa Dividends
Als ASX:ALQ 1,911 18.8 Als Dividends
Alt Resources ASX:ARS 15.1 Alt Resources Dividends
Alta Zinc ASX:AZI 8.33 Alta Zinc Dividends
Altech Chemicals ASX:ATC 19.8 Altech Chemicals Dividends
Alterity Therapeutics ASX:ATH 8.96 Alterity Therapeutics Dividends
Alternative Investment Trust ASX:AIQ 6.71 Alternative Investment Trust Dividends
Alterra ASX:1AG 3.06 Alterra Dividends
Althea Group ASX:AGH 45.4 Althea Group Dividends
Altium ASX:ALU 2,620 54.8 Altium Dividends
Alto Metals ASX:AME 8.99 Alto Metals Dividends
Altona Mining ASX:AOH Altona Mining Dividends
Altostratos Holdings ASX:ATO Altostratos Holdings Dividends
Altura Mining ASX:AJM 60.3 2.84 Altura Mining Dividends
Altus Renewables ASX:AWR Altus Renewables Dividends
Alumina ASX:AWC 2,427 13.9 Alumina Dividends
Ama ASX:AMA 267.6 13.8 Ama Dividends
Amaero International ASX:3DA 15.1 Amaero International Dividends
Amani Gold ASX:ANL 4.90 Amani Gold Dividends
Amaysim Australia ASX:AYS 51.8 12.0 Amaysim Australia Dividends
Ambertech ASX:AMO 1.98 Ambertech Dividends
Ambition ASX:AMB 1.46 Ambition Dividends
Amcil ASX:AMH 134 Amcil Dividends
Amcor ASX:AMC 13,026 15.0 Amcor Dividends
Amd Resources ASX:ADM Amd Resources Dividends
American Pacific Borates ASX:ABR 83.3 American Pacific Borates Dividends
American Patriot Oil & Gas ASX:AOW American Patriot Oil & Gas Dividends
Amex Resources ASX:AXZ Amex Resources Dividends
Aml3d ASX:AL3 11.4 Aml3d Dividends
Amp ASX:AMP 3,121 13.3 Amp Dividends
Amp Capital China Growth Fund ASX:AGF Amp Capital China Growth Fund Dividends
Amplia Therapeutics ASX:ATX 4.02 Amplia Therapeutics Dividends
Ampol ASX:ALD 3,610 16.3 Ampol Dividends
Anaeco ASX:ANQ Anaeco Dividends
Analytica ASX:ALT 5.71 Analytica Dividends
Anatara Lifesciences ASX:ANR 5.11 11.8 Anatara Lifesciences Dividends
Anchor Resources ASX:AHR Anchor Resources Dividends
Andromeda Metals ASX:ADN 52.8 Andromeda Metals Dividends
Angel Seafood Holdings ASX:AS1 9.26 Angel Seafood Holdings Dividends
Anglo Australian Resources Nl ASX:AAR 30.6 Anglo Australian Resources Nl Dividends
Anglogold Ashanti ASX:AGG 8,278 14.0 Anglogold Ashanti Dividends
Animoca Brands ASX:AB1 Animoca Brands Dividends
Anova Metals ASX:AWV 14.9 Anova Metals Dividends
Ansell ASX:ANN 2,446 19.2 Ansell Dividends
Ansila Energy Nl ASX:ANA 3.93 Ansila Energy Nl Dividends
Anson Resources ASX:ASN 15.2 Anson Resources Dividends
Anteotech ASX:ADO 21.2 Anteotech Dividends
Anteris Technologies ASX:AVR 21.3 Anteris Technologies Dividends
Antipa Minerals ASX:AZY 30.3 Antipa Minerals Dividends
Antipodes Global Investment ASX:APL 280.6 Antipodes Global Investment Dividends
Antisense Therapeutics ASX:ANP 18.6 Antisense Therapeutics Dividends
Ap Eagers ASX:APE 930.3 13.6 Ap Eagers Dividends
Apa ASX:APA 7,377 35.4 Apa Dividends
Aphrodite Gold ASX:AQQ Aphrodite Gold Dividends
Apiam Animal Health ASX:AHX 49.8 4.92 Apiam Animal Health Dividends
Apn Convenience Retail Reit ASX:AQR 167.1 11.1 Apn Convenience Retail Reit Dividends
Apn Industria Reit ASX:ADI 267.8 13.1 Apn Industria Reit Dividends
Apn Outdoor ASX:APO Apn Outdoor Dividends
Apn Property ASX:APD 89.0 13.4 Apn Property Dividends
Apollo Consolidated ASX:AOP 32.3 Apollo Consolidated Dividends
Apollo Minerals ASX:AON 4.54 Apollo Minerals Dividends
Apollo Tourism & Leisure ASX:ATL 35.7 5.96 Apollo Tourism & Leisure Dividends
Appen ASX:APX 2,009 43.9 Appen Dividends
Appetise (holdings) ASX:ATZ Appetise (holdings) Dividends
Appsvillage Australia ASX:APV 6.84 Appsvillage Australia Dividends
Aquarius Platinum ASX:AQP Aquarius Platinum Dividends
Aquis Entertainment ASX:AQS 1.20 Aquis Entertainment Dividends
Arafura Resources ASX:ARU 44.5 Arafura Resources Dividends
Arb ASX:ARB 740.3 23.7 Arb Dividends
Archer Materials ASX:AXE 71.7 Archer Materials Dividends
Archtis ASX:AR9 3.73 Archtis Dividends
Ardea Resources ASX:ARL 20.3 Ardea Resources Dividends
Ardent Leisure ASX:ALG 240.9 Ardent Leisure Dividends
Ardent Leisure ASX:AAD Ardent Leisure Dividends
Ardiden ASX:ADV 4.33 Ardiden Dividends
Arena Reit No 1 ASX:ARF 398.9 16.4 Arena Reit No 1 Dividends
Argent Minerals ASX:ARD 6.50 Argent Minerals Dividends
Argo Exploration ASX:AXT Argo Exploration Dividends
Argo Global Listed Infrastructure ASX:ALI 371.3 Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Dividends
Argo Investments ASX:ARG 2,948 Argo Investments Dividends
Argonaut Resources N L ASX:ARE 5.88 Argonaut Resources N L Dividends
Argosy Minerals ASX:AGY 37.5 Argosy Minerals Dividends
Ariadne Australia ASX:ARA 48.9 0.057 Ariadne Australia Dividends
Aristocrat Leisure ASX:ALL 9,262 18.6 Aristocrat Leisure Dividends
Ark Mines ASX:AHK Ark Mines Dividends
Armnet ASX:AR1 Armnet Dividends
Armour Energy ASX:AJQ 7.43 Armour Energy Dividends
Armstrong Jones Office Fund ASX:AJO Armstrong Jones Office Fund Dividends
Arowana International ASX:AWN 5.13 Arowana International Dividends
Arq ASX:ARQ 7.59 Arq Dividends
Arrow Minerals ASX:AMD 3.43 Arrow Minerals Dividends
Artemis Resources ASX:ARV 14.7 Artemis Resources Dividends
Aruma Resources ASX:AAJ 1.92 Aruma Resources Dividends
Asaleo Care ASX:AHY 293.5 14.4 Asaleo Care Dividends
Asaplus Resources ASX:AJY Asaplus Resources Dividends
Asciano ASX:AIO Asciano Dividends
Asf ASX:AFA 38.1 Asf Dividends
Asg ASX:ASZ Asg Dividends
Ashley Services ASX:ASH 24.1 Ashley Services Dividends
Asia Pacific Data Centre ASX:AJD Asia Pacific Data Centre Dividends
Asia Pacific Digital ASX:DIG Asia Pacific Digital Dividends
Asian American Medical ASX:AJJ 6.39 Asian American Medical Dividends
Asian Masters Fund ASX:AUF Asian Masters Fund Dividends
Ask Funding ASX:AKF Ask Funding Dividends
Aspen ASX:APZ 62.5 16.7 Aspen Dividends
Aspermont ASX:ASP 11.5 Aspermont Dividends
Aspire Mining ASX:AKM 13.5 Aspire Mining Dividends
Assetowl ASX:AO1 1.79 Assetowl Dividends
Astivita ASX:AIR 9.76 Astivita Dividends
Astro Japan Property ASX:AJA Astro Japan Property Dividends
Astro Resources Nl ASX:ARO 1.37 Astro Resources Nl Dividends
Astron ASX:ATR 11.6 Astron Dividends
Asx ASX:ASX 9,268 33.3 Asx Dividends
Atc Alloys ASX:ATA 1.90 Atc Alloys Dividends
Athena Resources ASX:AHN Athena Resources Dividends
Atlantic ASX:ATI Atlantic Dividends
Atlas Arteria ASX:ALX 3,183 15.0 Atlas Arteria Dividends
Atlas Iron ASX:AGO Atlas Iron Dividends
Atlas Pearls ASX:ATP 1.38 Atlas Pearls Dividends
Atomo Diagnostics ASX:AT1 92.5 Atomo Diagnostics Dividends
Atomos ASX:AMS 57.5 Atomos Dividends
Atrum Coal ASX:ATU 60.6 Atrum Coal Dividends
Aub ASX:AUB 522.4 18.1 Aub Dividends
Auckland International Airport ASX:AIA 3,920 37.4 Auckland International Airport Dividends
Auctus Alternative Investments ASX:AVC 5.10 Auctus Alternative Investments Dividends
Audalia Resources ASX:ACP 3.12 Audalia Resources Dividends
Audinate ASX:AD8 226.1 Audinate Dividends
Audio Pixels Holdings ASX:AKP 306.2 Audio Pixels Holdings Dividends
Auking Mining ASX:AKN Auking Mining Dividends
Aumake International ASX:AU8 10.3 Aumake International Dividends
Aura Energy ASX:AEE 3.08 Aura Energy Dividends
Aurelia Metals ASX:AMI 151 3.65 Aurelia Metals Dividends
Auris Minerals ASX:AUR 3.98 Auris Minerals Dividends
Aurizon Holdings ASX:AZJ 5,003 16.7 Aurizon Holdings Dividends
Auroch Minerals ASX:AOU 4.88 Auroch Minerals Dividends
Aurora Absolute Return Fund ASX:ABW Aurora Absolute Return Fund Dividends
Aurora Global Income Trust ASX:AIB 0.34 Aurora Global Income Trust Dividends
Aurora Labs ASX:A3D 4.10 Aurora Labs Dividends
Aurora Minerals ASX:ARM 3.42 Aurora Minerals Dividends
Aurora Property Buy-write Income Trust ASX:AUP 7.69 Aurora Property Buy-write Income Trust Dividends
Aus Asia Minerals ASX:AQJ Aus Asia Minerals Dividends
Aus Tin Mining ASX:ANW 1.41 Aus Tin Mining Dividends
Auscann Group ASX:AC8 30.0 Auscann Group Dividends
Ausenco ASX:AAX Ausenco Dividends
Ausgold ASX:AUC 7.49 Ausgold Dividends
Ausmex Mining ASX:AMG 11.1 Ausmex Mining Dividends
Ausmon Resources ASX:AOA 0.85 Ausmon Resources Dividends
Ausnet Services ASX:AST 3,514 23.5 Ausnet Services Dividends
Ausquest ASX:AQD 4.75 Ausquest Dividends
Austal ASX:ASB 582.8 13.6 Austal Dividends
Austar Gold ASX:AUL 5.04 Austar Gold Dividends
Austchina Holdings ASX:AUH 1.68 Austchina Holdings Dividends
Austex Oil ASX:AOK Austex Oil Dividends
Austin Engineering ASX:ANG 40.7 7.00 Austin Engineering Dividends
Austpac Resources Nl ASX:APG 1.59 Austpac Resources Nl Dividends
Austral Gold ASX:AGD 48.4 Austral Gold Dividends
Australasian Resources ASX:ARH Australasian Resources Dividends
Australia And New Zealand Banking ASX:ANZ 28,723 10.7 Australia And New Zealand Banking Dividends
Australia China Holdings ASX:AAK 3.62 Australia China Holdings Dividends
Australia New Agribusiness & Chemical ASX:ANB Australia New Agribusiness & Chemical Dividends
Australia United Mining ASX:AYM 1.99 Australia United Mining Dividends
Australia Wetouch Technology ASX:AWT Australia Wetouch Technology Dividends
Australian Agricultural ASX:AAC 341.5 50.6 Australian Agricultural Dividends
Australian Agricultural Projects ASX:AAP 1.52 Australian Agricultural Projects Dividends
Australian Bauxite ASX:ABX 7.41 Australian Bauxite Dividends
Australian Careers Network ASX:ACO Australian Careers Network Dividends
Australian Dairy Nutritionals ASX:AHF 15.4 Australian Dairy Nutritionals Dividends
Australian Enhanced Income Fund ASX:AYF 9.66 Australian Enhanced Income Fund Dividends
Australian Ethical Investment ASX:AEF 435.5 Australian Ethical Investment Dividends
Australian Finance ASX:AFG 227.2 8.81 Australian Finance Dividends
Australian Foundation Investment ASX:AFI 4,003 Australian Foundation Investment Dividends
Australian Governance And Ethical Index Fund ASX:AGM 15.8 Australian Governance And Ethical Index Fund Dividends
Australian Governance Masters Index Fund ASX:AQF Australian Governance Masters Index Fund Dividends
Australian Industrial Minerals ASX:AAM Australian Industrial Minerals Dividends
Australian Leaders Fund ASX:ALF 113.1 Australian Leaders Fund Dividends
Australian Masters Yield Fund No 1 ASX:AYD Australian Masters Yield Fund No 1 Dividends
Australian Masters Yield Fund No 2 ASX:AYH Australian Masters Yield Fund No 2 Dividends
Australian Masters Yield Fund No 3 ASX:AYJ Australian Masters Yield Fund No 3 Dividends
Australian Masters Yield Fund No 4 ASX:AYK Australian Masters Yield Fund No 4 Dividends
Australian Masters Yield Fund No 5 ASX:AYZ Australian Masters Yield Fund No 5 Dividends
Australian Mastersorate Bond Fund No 5 ASX:AKY Australian Mastersorate Bond Fund No 5 Dividends
Australian Mines ASX:AUZ 16.8 Australian Mines Dividends
Australian Nutrition & Sports ASX:AN1 Australian Nutrition & Sports Dividends
Australian Pacific Coal ASX:AQC 3.82 Australian Pacific Coal Dividends
Australian Pharmaceutical Industries ASX:API 315.5 11.7 Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Dividends
Australian Potash ASX:APC 14.2 Australian Potash Dividends
Australian Primary Hemp ASX:APH 22.8 Australian Primary Hemp Dividends
Australian Rural Capital ASX:ARC 2.10 Australian Rural Capital Dividends
Australian Silica Quartz ASX:ASQ 4.64 Australian Silica Quartz Dividends
Australian United Investment ASX:AUI 545.6 Australian United Investment Dividends
Australian Unity Office Fund ASX:AOF 191.8 11.8 Australian Unity Office Fund Dividends
Australian Vanadium ASX:AVL 14.2 Australian Vanadium Dividends
Australian Vintage ASX:AVG 66.7 10.3 Australian Vintage Dividends
Australis Oil & Gas ASX:ATS 15.4 3.72 Australis Oil & Gas Dividends