Australian Stock Exchange - SEATS

ASX / ASX - 2446 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Auto Innovations ASX:AIN Auto Innovations Dividends
Automotive Holdings ASX:AHG Automotive Holdings Dividends
Automotive Solutions ASX:4WD Automotive Solutions Dividends
Autosports ASX:ASG 176.3 11.5 Autosports Dividends
Ava Risk ASX:AVA 18.6 Ava Risk Dividends
Avanco Resources ASX:AVB Avanco Resources Dividends
Avecho Biotechnology ASX:AVE 3.33 Avecho Biotechnology Dividends
Avenira ASX:AEV 7.27 Avenira Dividends
Aventus ASX:AVN 803.5 15.1 Aventus Dividends
Aveo ASX:AOG 654.1 20.0 Aveo Dividends
Avira Resources ASX:AVW 0.79 Avira Resources Dividends
Avita Medical ASX:AVH 726.6 Avita Medical Dividends
Avjennings ASX:AVJ 133.9 9.48 Avjennings Dividends
Avz Minerals ASX:AVZ 70.1 Avz Minerals Dividends
Awati Resources ASX:AWA Awati Resources Dividends
Awe ASX:AWE Awe Dividends
Axiom Mining ASX:AVQ Axiom Mining Dividends
Axiom Properties ASX:AXI 11.7 Axiom Properties Dividends
Axs ASX:AXS Axs Dividends
Azumah Resources ASX:AZM 13.6 Azumah Resources Dividends
Azure Health Technology ASX:AZT Azure Health Technology Dividends
Azure Healthcare ASX:AZV 11.2 Azure Healthcare Dividends
Azure Minerals ASX:AZS 7.33 Azure Minerals Dividends
Baby Bunting ASX:BBN 229.8 18.9 Baby Bunting Dividends
Babylon Pump & Power ASX:BPP 3.35 Babylon Pump & Power Dividends
Bailador Technology Investments ASX:BTI 68.3 Bailador Technology Investments Dividends
Bandanna Energy ASX:BND Bandanna Energy Dividends
Bank Of Queensland ASX:BOQ 1,569 11.5 Bank Of Queensland Dividends
Bannerman Resources ASX:BMN 20.9 Bannerman Resources Dividends
Bapcor ASX:BAP 937.4 16.3 Bapcor Dividends
Bard1 Life Sciences ASX:BD1 21.2 Bard1 Life Sciences Dividends
Bardoc Gold ASX:BDC 55.1 Bardoc Gold Dividends
Barra Resources ASX:BAR 5.69 Barra Resources Dividends
Base Resources ASX:BSE 157.1 17.2 Base Resources Dividends
Bass Metals ASX:BSM 8.91 2.53 Bass Metals Dividends
Bass Oil ASX:BAS 3.44 Bass Oil Dividends
Bassari Resources ASX:BSR 19.3 Bassari Resources Dividends
Bathurst Resources ASX:BRL 105.6 5.05 Bathurst Resources Dividends
Battery Minerals ASX:BAT 5.57 Battery Minerals Dividends
Baumart Holdings ASX:BMH 16.1 Baumart Holdings Dividends
Bbx Minerals ASX:BBX 27.8 Bbx Minerals Dividends
Bcd Resources Nl ASX:BCD Bcd Resources Nl Dividends
Bci Minerals ASX:BCI 35.7 Bci Minerals Dividends
Beach Energy ASX:BPT 3,394 10.8 Beach Energy Dividends
Beacon Lighting ASX:BLX 127.4 12.7 Beacon Lighting Dividends
Beacon Minerals ASX:BCN 47.8 Beacon Minerals Dividends
Beadell Resources ASX:BDR Beadell Resources Dividends
Beam Communications Holdings ASX:BCC 8.66 Beam Communications Holdings Dividends
Bega Cheese ASX:BGA 510.3 26.7 Bega Cheese Dividends
Bell Financial ASX:BFGR 236.8 Bell Financial Dividends
Bell Financial ASX:BFG 236.8 Bell Financial Dividends
Bellamy's Australia ASX:BAL 792.3 40.1 Bellamy's Australia Dividends
Bellevue Gold ASX:BGL 140.3 86.0 Bellevue Gold Dividends
Bendigo And Adelaide Bank ASX:BEN 2,638 13.6 Bendigo And Adelaide Bank Dividends
Benitec Biopharma ASX:BLT 5.43 Benitec Biopharma Dividends
Benjamin Hornigold ASX:BHD Benjamin Hornigold Dividends
Bentley Capital ASX:BEL 1.69 Bentley Capital Dividends
Berkeley Energia ASX:BKY 28.0 Berkeley Energia Dividends
Beston Global Food ASX:BFC 20.1 0.11 Beston Global Food Dividends
Betashares Geared Australian Equity (hedge Fund) ASX:GEAR Betashares Geared Australian Equity (hedge Fund) Dividends
Betmakers Technology ASX:BET 37.1 34.5 Betmakers Technology Dividends
Beyond International ASX:BYI 24.3 Beyond International Dividends
Bhp ASX:BHP 110,054 14.3 Bhp Dividends
Bidenergy ASX:BID 65.5 Bidenergy Dividends
Big River Gold ASX:BRV 5.54 Big River Gold Dividends
Big River Industries ASX:BRI 44.3 12.3 Big River Industries Dividends
Big Star Energy ASX:BNL 1.68 Big Star Energy Dividends
Big Un ASX:BIG Big Un Dividends
Bigtincan Holdings ASX:BTH 96.2 Bigtincan Holdings Dividends
Billabong International ASX:BBG Billabong International Dividends
Bingo Industries ASX:BIN 1,026 25.8 Bingo Industries Dividends
Bio-gene Technology ASX:BGT 12.3 Bio-gene Technology Dividends
Biomics Biopharma ASX:BBM Biomics Biopharma Dividends
Bionomics ASX:BNO 22.2 Bionomics Dividends
Biotron ASX:BIT 18.9 Biotron Dividends
Bioxyne ASX:BXN 6.76 Bioxyne Dividends
Bir Financial ASX:BIR 3.43 Bir Financial Dividends
Birch And Prestige Investment ASX:BOP Birch And Prestige Investment Dividends
Bisalloy Steel ASX:BIS 26.6 Bisalloy Steel Dividends
Bisan ASX:BSN Bisan Dividends
Bki Investment ASX:BKI 652.3 Bki Investment Dividends
Bkm Management ASX:BKM Bkm Management Dividends
Black Cat Syndicate ASX:BC8 13.3 Black Cat Syndicate Dividends
Black Oak Minerals ASX:BOK Black Oak Minerals Dividends
Black Rock Mining ASX:BKT 17.3 Black Rock Mining Dividends
Black Star Petroleum ASX:BSP Black Star Petroleum Dividends
Blackearth Minerals Nl ASX:BEM 1.90 Blackearth Minerals Nl Dividends
Blackgold International Holdings ASX:BGG Blackgold International Holdings Dividends
Blackham Resources ASX:BLKRA 20.0 Blackham Resources Dividends
Blackham Resources ASX:BLK 20.0 Blackham Resources Dividends
Blackmores ASX:BKL 793.5 27.1 Blackmores Dividends
Blackstone Minerals ASX:BSX 14.0 Blackstone Minerals Dividends
Blackwall ASX:BWF 22.7 Blackwall Dividends
Blackwall Property Trust ASX:BWR 108.7 Blackwall Property Trust Dividends
Blaze International ASX:BLZ 1.89 Blaze International Dividends
Bligh Resources ASX:BGH Bligh Resources Dividends
Blina Minerals Nl ASX:BDI 2.31 Blina Minerals Nl Dividends
Blossomvale Holdings ASX:BLV 8.11 Blossomvale Holdings Dividends
Blue Energy ASX:BLU 30.8 Blue Energy Dividends
Blue Sky Alternative Investments ASX:BLA Blue Sky Alternative Investments Dividends
Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund ASX:BAF 94.0 Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund Dividends
Bluechiip ASX:BCT 41.8 Bluechiip Dividends
Bluenergy ASX:BEG Bluenergy Dividends
Bluescope Steel ASX:BSL 4,234 15.1 Bluescope Steel Dividends
Bluglass ASX:BLG 20.6 Bluglass Dividends
Bmg Resources ASX:BMG 1.18 Bmg Resources Dividends
Bnk Banking ASX:BBC 27.0 Bnk Banking Dividends
Boadicea Resources ASX:BOA 6.70 Boadicea Resources Dividends
Boart Longyear ASX:BLY 75.9 Boart Longyear Dividends
Bod Australia ASX:BDA 12.9 Bod Australia Dividends
Bojun Agriculture Holdings ASX:BAH Bojun Agriculture Holdings Dividends
Boom Logistics ASX:BOL 30.2 Boom Logistics Dividends
Bora Bora Resources ASX:BBR Bora Bora Resources Dividends
Boral ASX:BLD 3,090 14.3 Boral Dividends
Boss Resources ASX:BOE 40.2 Boss Resources Dividends
Botai Technology ASX:BTK Botai Technology Dividends
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX:BOT 38.0 Botanix Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Bougainville Copper ASX:BOC 67.8 Bougainville Copper Dividends
Bounty Mining ASX:B2Y 5.90 Bounty Mining Dividends
Bounty Oil And Gas Nl ASX:BUY 2.01 Bounty Oil And Gas Nl Dividends
Bowen Coking Coal ASX:BCB 20.5 Bowen Coking Coal Dividends
Boyuan Holdings ASX:BHL 23.6 Boyuan Holdings Dividends
Bph Energy ASX:BPH 1.34 Bph Energy Dividends
Bradken ASX:BKN Bradken Dividends
Brainchip Holdings ASX:BRN 33.5 Brainchip Holdings Dividends
Brambles ASX:BXB 10,306 22.5 Brambles Dividends
Bravura Solutions ASX:BVS 736 31.6 Bravura Solutions Dividends
Braziron ASX:BZL Braziron Dividends
Breaker Resources Nl ASX:BRB 30.8 Breaker Resources Nl Dividends
Breville ASX:BRG 1,291 30.4 Breville Dividends
Brickworks ASX:BKW 1,593 18.4 Brickworks Dividends
Brierty ASX:BYL Brierty Dividends
Brighton Mining ASX:BTN Brighton Mining Dividends
Brisbane Broncos ASX:BBL 23.3 Brisbane Broncos Dividends
Broad Investments ASX:BRO Broad Investments Dividends
Broadspectrum ASX:BRS Broadspectrum Dividends
Broken Hill Prospecting ASX:BPL 1.33 Broken Hill Prospecting Dividends
Broo ASX:BEE 5.55 Broo Dividends
Brookside Energy ASX:BRK 3.69 Brookside Energy Dividends
Bryah Resources ASX:BYH 1.55 Bryah Resources Dividends
Bsa ASX:BSA 87.1 10.6 Bsa Dividends
Btc Health ASX:BTC 9.27 Btc Health Dividends
Bubs Australia ASX:BUB 254.4 100.3 Bubs Australia Dividends
Buddy Technologies ASX:BUD 30.6 Buddy Technologies Dividends
Buderim ASX:BUG 10.7 Buderim Dividends
Buildingiq Inc ASX:BIQ 2.37 Buildingiq Inc Dividends
Bulletin Resources ASX:BNR 1.89 Bulletin Resources Dividends
Bulletproof ASX:BPF Bulletproof Dividends
Bunji ASX:BCL Bunji Dividends
Buru Energy ASX:BRU 39.9 58.3 Buru Energy Dividends
Buxton Resources ASX:BUX 6.18 Buxton Resources Dividends
Bwp Trust ASX:BWP 1,388 22.0 Bwp Trust Dividends
Bwx ASX:BWX 282.9 30.2 Bwx Dividends
Byron Energy ASX:BYE 69.3 Byron Energy Dividends
Byte Power ASX:BPG Byte Power Dividends
Cadence Capital ASX:CDM 129.3 Cadence Capital Dividends
Cadence Opportunities Fund ASX:CDO Cadence Opportunities Fund Dividends
Caeneus Minerals ASX:CAD 1.13 Caeneus Minerals Dividends
Calidus Resources ASX:CAI 21.7 Calidus Resources Dividends
Calima Energy ASX:CE1 4.58 Calima Energy Dividends
Calix ASX:CXL 52.3 40.3 Calix Dividends
Caltex Australia ASX:CTX 4,615 17.4 Caltex Australia Dividends
Candy Club Holdings ASX:CLB 4.70 Candy Club Holdings Dividends
Cann ASX:CAN 115.4 Cann Dividends
Cann Global ASX:CGB 13.6 Cann Global Dividends
Cannindah Resources ASX:CAE 0.96 Cannindah Resources Dividends
Cannpal Animal Therapeutics ASX:CP1 7.38 Cannpal Animal Therapeutics Dividends
Canterbury Resources ASX:CBY 8.18 Canterbury Resources Dividends
Canyon Resources ASX:CAY 34.2 Canyon Resources Dividends
Cape Lambert Resources ASX:CFE 3.23 Cape Lambert Resources Dividends
Cape Range ASX:CAG 27.6 Cape Range Dividends
Cape Range ASX:CAG 27.6 Cape Range Dividends
Capilano Honey ASX:CZZ Capilano Honey Dividends
Capital Mining ASX:CMY Capital Mining Dividends
Capitol Health ASX:CAJ 93.4 13.7 Capitol Health Dividends
Capral ASX:CAA 28.1 Capral Dividends
Caprice Resources ASX:CRS 2.68 Caprice Resources Dividends
Capricorn Metals ASX:CMM 126.6 34.6 Capricorn Metals Dividends
Caq Holdings ASX:CAQ Caq Holdings Dividends
Caravel Minerals ASX:CVV 2.67 Caravel Minerals Dividends
Carawine Resources ASX:CWX 6.64 Carawine Resources Dividends
Carbine Resources ASX:CRB Carbine Resources Dividends
Carbon Energy ASX:CNX Carbon Energy Dividends
Carbon Minerals ASX:CRM 1.79 Carbon Minerals Dividends
Carbon Revolution ASX:CBR 275.8 Carbon Revolution Dividends
Carbonxt ASX:CG1 22.5 5.73 Carbonxt Dividends
Cardiex ASX:CDX 10.7 Cardiex Dividends
Cardinal Resources ASX:CDV 82.4 Cardinal Resources Dividends
Cardno ASX:CDD 96.2 8.99 Cardno Dividends
Carindale Property Trust ASX:CDP 226.3 16.8 Carindale Property Trust Dividends
Carlton Investments ASX:CIN 455.4 Carlton Investments Dividends
Carnaby Resources ASX:CNB 4.06 Carnaby Resources Dividends
Carnarvon Petroleum ASX:CVN 253.3 Carnarvon Petroleum Dividends
Carnavale Resources ASX:CAV 0.78 Carnavale Resources Dividends
Carnegie Clean Energy ASX:CCE 1.52 Carnegie Clean Energy Dividends
Carpentaria Resources ASX:CAP 4.36 Carpentaria Resources Dividends ASX:CAR 2,325 29.1 Dividends
Cash Converters International ASX:CCV 78.2 6.83 Cash Converters International Dividends
Cashwerkz ASX:CWZ 16.0 Cashwerkz Dividends
Cassini Resources ASX:CZI 20.6 Cassini Resources Dividends
Cassius Mining ASX:CMD 0.97 Cassius Mining Dividends
Castile Resources ASX:CST Castile Resources Dividends
Castillo Copper ASX:CCZ 7.12 Castillo Copper Dividends
Castle Minerals ASX:CDT 1.06 Castle Minerals Dividends
Catalyst Metals ASX:CYL 119.6 Catalyst Metals Dividends
Catapult International ASX:CAT 190.7 51.4 Catapult International Dividends
Cauldron Energy ASX:CXU 3.65 Cauldron Energy Dividends
Cazaly Resources ASX:CAZ 3.50 Cazaly Resources Dividends
Cbg Capital ASX:CBC Cbg Capital Dividends
Cbl ASX:CBL Cbl Dividends
Ccp Technologies ASX:CT1 12.8 Ccp Technologies Dividends
Cedar Woods Properties ASX:CWP 344.5 13.3 Cedar Woods Properties Dividends
Celamin Holdings ASX:CNL 10.4 Celamin Holdings Dividends
Cellmid ASX:CDY 10.2 Cellmid Dividends
Cellnet ASX:CLT 6.78 Cellnet Dividends
Celsius Resources ASX:CLA 5.20 Celsius Resources Dividends
Centaur Resources ASX:CR3 Centaur Resources Dividends
Centaurus Metals ASX:CTM 17.2 Centaurus Metals Dividends
Centennial Mining ASX:CTL Centennial Mining Dividends
Central Asia Resources ASX:CVR Central Asia Resources Dividends
Central Petroleum ASX:CTP 50.9 10.5 Central Petroleum Dividends
Centrepoint Alliance ASX:CAF 10.2 Centrepoint Alliance Dividends
Centrex Metals ASX:CXM 6.84 Centrex Metals Dividends
Centuria Capital ASX:CNI 486.3 18.2 Centuria Capital Dividends
Centuria Industrial Reit ASX:CIP 665.5 17.2 Centuria Industrial Reit Dividends
Centuria Metropolitan Reit ASX:CMA 564.6 16.1 Centuria Metropolitan Reit Dividends
Centuria Urban Reit ASX:CUA Centuria Urban Reit Dividends
Century Australia Investments ASX:CYA Century Australia Investments Dividends
Ceramic Fuel Cells ASX:CFU Ceramic Fuel Cells Dividends
Cervantes ASX:CVS Cervantes Dividends
Cfoam ASX:CFO 4.59 Cfoam Dividends
Chalice Gold Mines ASX:CHN 40.8 Chalice Gold Mines Dividends
Challenger ASX:CGF 2,736 14.9 Challenger Dividends
Challenger Exploration ASX:CEL 35.7 Challenger Exploration Dividends
Chalmers ASX:CHR Chalmers Dividends
Champion Iron ASX:CIA 657.5 7.44 Champion Iron Dividends
Change Financial ASX:CCA 7.35 Change Financial Dividends
Chant West Holdings ASX:CWL 3.86 Chant West Holdings Dividends
Chapmans ASX:CHP Chapmans Dividends
Charter Hall ASX:CHC 3,127 24.3 Charter Hall Dividends
Charter Hall Long Wale Reit ASX:CLW 1,016 19.4 Charter Hall Long Wale Reit Dividends
Charter Hall Retail Reit ASX:CQR 1,078 14.4 Charter Hall Retail Reit Dividends
Charter Hall Social Infrastructure Reit ASX:CQE 544.7 16.1 Charter Hall Social Infrastructure Reit Dividends
Charter Pacific ASX:CHF 2.12 Charter Pacific Dividends
Chase Mining ASX:CML 1.97 Chase Mining Dividends
Chesser Resources ASX:CHZ 10.3 Chesser Resources Dividends
China Dairy ASX:CDC China Dairy Dividends
China Magnesium ASX:CMC China Magnesium Dividends
China Track ASX:CTC China Track Dividends
China Waste ASX:CWC China Waste Dividends
Chongherr Investments ASX:CDH 0.69 Chongherr Investments Dividends
Chorus ASX:CNU 1,464 62.3 Chorus Dividends
Ci Resources ASX:CII 73.3 Ci Resources Dividends
Cimic ASX:CIM 5,882 13.2 Cimic Dividends
Cipherpoint ASX:CPT 1.40 Cipherpoint Dividends
Cirralto ASX:CRO 2.62 Cirralto Dividends
Cirrus Networks Holdings ASX:CNW 17.7 7.42 Cirrus Networks Holdings Dividends
Citadel ASX:CGL 121.5 18.6 Citadel Dividends
Citigold ASX:CTO 5.70 Citigold Dividends
City Chic Collective ASX:CCX 276.2 22.6 City Chic Collective Dividends
Clarity Oss ASX:CYO Clarity Oss Dividends
Class ASX:CL1 123.9 34.3 Class Dividends
Classic Minerals ASX:CLZ 3.18 Classic Minerals Dividends
Clean Seas Seafood ASX:CSS 30.9 Clean Seas Seafood Dividends
Clean Teq Holdings ASX:CLQ 114.4 Clean Teq Holdings Dividends
Cleanaway Waste Management ASX:CWY 2,225 27.0 Cleanaway Waste Management Dividends
Clearview Wealth ASX:CVW 159 9.72 Clearview Wealth Dividends
Clearvue Technologies ASX:CPV 8.52 Clearvue Technologies Dividends
Cleveland Mining ASX:CDG Cleveland Mining Dividends
Clime Capital ASX:CAM 47.0 Clime Capital Dividends
Clime Investment Management ASX:CIW 18.5 Clime Investment Management Dividends
Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals ASX:CUV 740.2 39.7 Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Clover ASX:CLV 233.8 31.5 Clover Dividends
Cml ASX:CGR 58.0 9.51 Cml Dividends
Coalspur Mines Pty ASX:CPL Coalspur Mines Pty Dividends
Coassets ASX:CA8 7.09 Coassets Dividends
Cobalt Blue Holdings ASX:COB 13.1 Cobalt Blue Holdings Dividends
Cobalt One ASX:CO1 Cobalt One Dividends
Coca-cola Amatil ASX:CCL 4,482 21.2 Coca-cola Amatil Dividends
Cochlear ASX:COH 7,263 43.7 Cochlear Dividends
Codan ASX:CDA 740.4 23.4 Codan Dividends
Coffey International ASX:COF Coffey International Dividends
Cogstate ASX:CGS 35.7 Cogstate Dividends
Cohiba Minerals ASX:CHK 4.21 Cohiba Minerals Dividends
Cokal ASX:CKA 19.8 Cokal Dividends
Coke Resources ASX:CKE Coke Resources Dividends
Coles ASX:COL 11,366 23.2 Coles Dividends
Collaborate ASX:CL8 6.53 Collaborate Dividends
Collection House ASX:CLH 79.9 5.23 Collection House Dividends
Collins Foods ASX:CKF 565.3 20.8 Collins Foods Dividends
Colorpak ASX:CKL Colorpak Dividends
Comet Resources ASX:CRL 2.92 Comet Resources Dividends
Comet Ridge ASX:COI 67.3 Comet Ridge Dividends
Commonwealth Bank Of Australia ASX:CBAPE 77,954 21.1 Commonwealth Bank Of Australia Dividends
Commonwealth Bank Of Australia ASX:CBA 77,954 16.8 Commonwealth Bank Of Australia Dividends
Commschoice ASX:CCG 4.12 4.17 Commschoice Dividends
Compumedics ASX:CMP 65.5 18.5 Compumedics Dividends
Computershare ASX:CPU 5,120 17.4 Computershare Dividends
Concentrated Leaders Fund ASX:CLF 43.3 Concentrated Leaders Fund Dividends
Condor Blanco Mines ASX:CDB Condor Blanco Mines Dividends
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