Australian Stock Exchange - SEATS

ASX / ASX - 2450 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Concentrated Leaders Fund ASX:CLF 39.7 Concentrated Leaders Fund Dividends
Condor Blanco Mines ASX:CDB Condor Blanco Mines Dividends
Conico ASX:CNJ 1.96 Conico Dividends
Connected Io ASX:CIO 2.79 Connected Io Dividends
Connexion Telematics ASX:CXZ 11.3 Connexion Telematics Dividends
Consolidated Operations ASX:COG 73.2 11.0 Consolidated Operations Dividends
Consolidated Tin Mines ASX:CSD 48.0 Consolidated Tin Mines Dividends
Consolidated Zinc ASX:CZL 6.43 Consolidated Zinc Dividends
Constellation Resources ASX:CR1 3.87 Constellation Resources Dividends
Contact Energy ASX:CEN 2,664 33.3 Contact Energy Dividends
Contango Asset Management ASX:CGA 10.4 Contango Asset Management Dividends
Contango Income Generator ASX:CIE 46.2 Contango Income Generator Dividends
Continental Coal ASX:CCC Continental Coal Dividends
Contrarian Value Fund ASX:CVF 36.1 Contrarian Value Fund Dividends
Coolgardie Minerals ASX:CM1 Coolgardie Minerals Dividends
Cooper Energy ASX:COE 449.8 16.4 Cooper Energy Dividends
Copper Strike ASX:CSE 2.80 Copper Strike Dividends
Coppermoly ASX:COY 4.43 Coppermoly Dividends
Corazon Mining ASX:CZN 2.13 Corazon Mining Dividends
Cordish Dixon Equity Fund Ii Pvt ASX:CD2 39.8 Cordish Dixon Equity Fund Ii Pvt Dividends
Cordish Dixon Equity Fund Iii Pvt ASX:CD3 Cordish Dixon Equity Fund Iii Pvt Dividends
Core Lithium ASX:CXO 15.6 3.95 Core Lithium Dividends
Corona Resources ASX:CNA Corona Resources Dividends
Coronado Global Resources Inc ASX:CRN 930.8 7.15 Coronado Global Resources Inc Dividends
Corporate Travel Management ASX:CTDRB 892.5 Corporate Travel Management Dividends
Corporate Travel Management ASX:CTD 892.5 16.5 Corporate Travel Management Dividends
Corum ASX:COO 10.1 Corum Dividends
Cosol ASX:COS 22.3 Cosol Dividends
Costa Group ASX:CGC 691.2 25.3 Costa Group Dividends
Cougar Metals Nl ASX:CGM Cougar Metals Nl Dividends
Countplus ASX:CUP 65.8 15.7 Countplus Dividends
County International ASX:CCJ 0.49 County International Dividends
Coventry ASX:CYG 50.0 8.12 Coventry Dividends
Cover-more ASX:CVO Cover-more Dividends
Cowan Lithium ASX:COW Cowan Lithium Dividends
Coziron Resources ASX:CZR 8.25 Coziron Resources Dividends
Cpt Global ASX:CGO 5.05 Cpt Global Dividends
Cradle Resources ASX:CXX 3.99 0.35 Cradle Resources Dividends
Crater Gold Mining ASX:CGN 6.94 Crater Gold Mining Dividends
Credible Labs Inc ASX:CRD Credible Labs Inc Dividends
Credit ASX:CCP 1,049 22.3 Credit Dividends
Credit Intelligence ASX:CI1 15.9 Credit Intelligence Dividends
Creso Pharma ASX:CPH 7.79 Creso Pharma Dividends
Cromwell Property ASX:CMW 1,390 14.8 Cromwell Property Dividends
Cronos Australia ASX:CAU 3.87 Cronos Australia Dividends
Croplogic ASX:CLI Croplogic Dividends
Crossland Strategic Metals ASX:CUX 2.60 Crossland Strategic Metals Dividends
Crowd Media Holdings ASX:CM8 2.85 0.90 Crowd Media Holdings Dividends
Crowdspark ASX:CSK Crowdspark Dividends
Crown Resorts ASX:CWN 4,090 23.2 Crown Resorts Dividends
Cryosite ASX:CTE 1.20 Cryosite Dividends
Csg ASX:CSV 69.4 15.3 Csg Dividends
Csl ASX:CSL 78,422 42.3 Csl Dividends
Csr ASX:CSR 1,217 17.7 Csr Dividends
Cti Logistics ASX:CLX 33.3 14.1 Cti Logistics Dividends
Cudeco ASX:CDU Cudeco Dividends
Cue Energy Resources ASX:CUE 43.0 Cue Energy Resources Dividends
Cuesta Coal ASX:CQC Cuesta Coal Dividends
Cullen Resources ASX:CUL 1.04 Cullen Resources Dividends
Cv Check ASX:CV1 15.4 Cv Check Dividends
Cvc ASX:CVC 119.1 Cvc Dividends
Cwh Resources ASX:CWH Cwh Resources Dividends
Cycliq ASX:CYQ 0.78 Cycliq Dividends
Cyclopharm ASX:CYC 37.7 50.7 Cyclopharm Dividends
Cygnus Gold ASX:CY5 1.31 Cygnus Gold Dividends
Cynata Therapeutics ASX:CYP 56.5 Cynata Therapeutics Dividends
Cyprium Metals ASX:CYM 5.21 0.98 Cyprium Metals Dividends
Dacian Gold ASX:DCN 162.3 6.26 Dacian Gold Dividends
Dampier Gold ASX:DAU 2.09 Dampier Gold Dividends
Damstra Holdings ASX:DTC 75.5 Damstra Holdings Dividends
Danakali ASX:DNK 79.5 Danakali Dividends
Dark Horse Resources ASX:DHR 3.04 Dark Horse Resources Dividends
Dart Mining Nl ASX:DTM 1.82 Dart Mining Nl Dividends
Data#3 ASX:DTL 372.5 29.0 Data#3 Dividends
Datadot Technology ASX:DDT 2.91 Datadot Technology Dividends
Dateline Resources ASX:DTR 10.4 Dateline Resources Dividends
Davenport Resources ASX:DAV 2.79 Davenport Resources Dividends
De Grey Mining ASX:DEG 45.1 De Grey Mining Dividends
De.mem ASX:DEM 12.6 De.mem Dividends
Decimal Software ASX:DSX Decimal Software Dividends
Decmil ASX:DCG 52.6 4.68 Decmil Dividends
Deep Yellow ASX:DYL 23.7 Deep Yellow Dividends
Delecta ASX:DLC 1.43 Delecta Dividends
Delta Sbd ASX:DSB Delta Sbd Dividends
Department 13 International ASX:D13 Department 13 International Dividends
Desane Group ASX:DGH 30.5 24.8 Desane Group Dividends
Devex Resources ASX:DEV 4.44 Devex Resources Dividends
Devine ASX:DVN 11.4 Devine Dividends
Dexus ASX:DXS 7,450 20.2 Dexus Dividends
Dexus Diversified Trust ASX:DDF Dexus Diversified Trust Dividends
Dexus Industrial Trust ASX:DIT Dexus Industrial Trust Dividends
Dexus Office Trust ASX:DOT Dexus Office Trust Dividends
Dgo Gold ASX:DGO 29.9 Dgo Gold Dividends
Dgr Global ASX:DGR 23.3 Dgr Global Dividends
Diatreme Resources ASX:DRX 8.27 Diatreme Resources Dividends
Dick Smith Holdings ASX:DSH 43.1 3.74 Dick Smith Holdings Dividends
Dicker Data ASX:DDR 572.1 Dicker Data Dividends
Digital Wine Ventures ASX:DW8 3.55 Digital Wine Ventures Dividends
Digitalx ASX:DCC 8.22 Digitalx Dividends
Dimerix ASX:DXB 14.5 Dimerix Dividends
Ding Sheng Xin Finance Co ASX:DXF Ding Sheng Xin Finance Co Dividends
Diploma ASX:DGX 1.46 Diploma Dividends
Discovery Africa ASX:DAF 1.78 Discovery Africa Dividends
Diversa ASX:DVA Diversa Dividends
Diversified United Investment ASX:DUI 570.3 Diversified United Investment Dividends
Djerriwarrh Investments ASX:DJW 384.6 Djerriwarrh Investments Dividends
Domacom Australia ASX:DCL 6.71 Domacom Australia Dividends
Domain Holdings Australia ASX:DHG 1,079 44.4 Domain Holdings Australia Dividends
Dome Gold Mines ASX:DME 27.0 Dome Gold Mines Dividends
Domino's Pizza Enterprises ASX:DMP 2,781 32.2 Domino's Pizza Enterprises Dividends
Domus Us Multifamily Real Estate Fund ASX:DMS Domus Us Multifamily Real Estate Fund Dividends
Donaco International ASX:DNA 32.6 0.85 Donaco International Dividends
Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding ASX:DFM Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding Dividends
Doray Minerals ASX:DRM Doray Minerals Dividends
Dorsavi ASX:DVL 2.20 0.45 Dorsavi Dividends
Dotz Nano ASX:DTZ 6.39 Dotz Nano Dividends
Downer Edi ASX:DOW 2,092 14.3 Downer Edi Dividends
Dragon Mining ASX:DRA 4.04 Dragon Mining Dividends
Dragon Mountain Gold ASX:DMG Dragon Mountain Gold Dividends
Dragontail Systems ASX:DTS 17.2 Dragontail Systems Dividends
Dreadnought Resources ASX:DRE 3.58 Dreadnought Resources Dividends
Dreamscape Networks ASX:DN8 Dreamscape Networks Dividends
Drillsearch Energy ASX:DLS Drillsearch Energy Dividends
Droneshield ASX:DRO 19.4 Droneshield Dividends
Dropsuite ASX:DSE 11.2 Dropsuite Dividends
Dti ASX:DTI 2.52 2.68 Dti Dividends
Dubber ASX:DUB 99.2 Dubber Dividends
Duet ASX:DUE Duet Dividends
Duketon Mining ASX:DKM 9.09 Duketon Mining Dividends
Duluxgroup ASX:DLX Duluxgroup Dividends
Duxton Broadacre Farms ASX:DBF 24.3 Duxton Broadacre Farms Dividends
Duxton Water ASX:D2O 98.4 27.2 Duxton Water Dividends
Dws ASX:DWS 72.5 Dws Dividends
Dxn ASX:DXN 9.05 1.87 Dxn Dividends
Dynasty Resources ASX:DMA Dynasty Resources Dividends
E&a ASX:EALXX E&a Dividends
E&a ASX:EAL E&a Dividends
E2 Metals ASX:E2M 12.5 E2 Metals Dividends
E3sixty ASX:E3S E3sixty Dividends
Eagle Health Holdings ASX:EHH 27.0 Eagle Health Holdings Dividends
Eagle Mountain Mining ASX:EM2 7.47 Eagle Mountain Mining Dividends
East Energy Resources ASX:EER 6.58 East Energy Resources Dividends
East West Energy ASX:EWE East West Energy Dividends
Eastern Iron ASX:EFE 0.85 Eastern Iron Dividends
Easton Investments ASX:EAS 21.2 Easton Investments Dividends
Ecargo Holdings ASX:ECG 13.3 Ecargo Holdings Dividends
Echo Resources ASX:EAR Echo Resources Dividends
Echoice ASX:ECO Echoice Dividends
Eclipse Metals ASX:EPM 2.95 Eclipse Metals Dividends
Eclipx ASX:ECX 282.7 12.4 Eclipx Dividends
Eco Systems ASX:ESL Eco Systems Dividends
Ecofibre ASX:EOF 452.8 36.0 Ecofibre Dividends
Ecograf ASX:EGR 11.3 4.23 Ecograf Dividends
Ecp Emerging Growth ASX:ECP 10.6 Ecp Emerging Growth Dividends
Ecs Botanics Holdings ASX:ECS 1.10 Ecs Botanics Holdings Dividends
Eden Health Industry Holdings ASX:ETK Eden Health Industry Holdings Dividends
Eden Innovations ASX:EDE 32.4 Eden Innovations Dividends
Egan Street Resources ASX:EGA 34.8 Egan Street Resources Dividends
Ehr Resources ASX:EHX 6.83 Ehr Resources Dividends
Eildon Capital ASX:EDC 26.4 Eildon Capital Dividends
Elanor Commercial Property Fund ASX:ECF 138.1 Elanor Commercial Property Fund Dividends
Elanor Investors ASX:ENN 125.7 12.1 Elanor Investors Dividends
Elanor Retail Property Fund ASX:ERF 81.7 10.4 Elanor Retail Property Fund Dividends
Elders ASX:ELD 592.2 13.5 Elders Dividends
Electro Optic Systems Holdings ASX:EOS 465 38.6 Electro Optic Systems Holdings Dividends
Element 25 ASX:E25 7.55 Element 25 Dividends
Elementos ASX:ELT 2.38 Elementos Dividends
Elixinol Global ASX:EXL 37.3 Elixinol Global Dividends
Elixir Energy ASX:EXR 11.3 Elixir Energy Dividends
Elk Petroleum ASX:ELK Elk Petroleum Dividends
Ellerston Asian Investments ASX:EAI 76.4 Ellerston Asian Investments Dividends
Ellerston Global Investments ASX:EGI 64.1 Ellerston Global Investments Dividends
Ellex Medical Lasers ASX:ELX 54.6 2,597 Ellex Medical Lasers Dividends
Elmo Software ASX:ELO 252.7 Elmo Software Dividends
Elmore ASX:ELE Elmore Dividends
Elsight ASX:ELS 16.8 Elsight Dividends
Elsmore Resources ASX:ELR Elsmore Resources Dividends
Embelton ASX:EMB 12.1 Embelton Dividends
Emeco Holdings ASX:EHL 402 9.24 Emeco Holdings Dividends
Emerald Clinics ASX:EMD 12.8 Emerald Clinics Dividends
Emerald Resources Nl ASX:EMR 75.1 Emerald Resources Nl Dividends
Emerge Gaming ASX:EM1 2.69 Emerge Gaming Dividends
Emetals ASX:EMT 1.13 Emetals Dividends
Eml Payments ASX:EML 596.8 34.0 Eml Payments Dividends
Emmerson Resources ASX:ERM 17.5 Emmerson Resources Dividends
Emperor Energy ASX:EMP 0.86 Emperor Energy Dividends
Empire Energy ASX:EEG 41.6 Empire Energy Dividends
Empire Oil And Gas Nl ASX:EGO Empire Oil And Gas Nl Dividends
Empire Resources ASX:ERL 5.81 Empire Resources Dividends
Empired ASX:EPD 31.7 7.53 Empired Dividends
Emu Nl ASX:EMU 7.35 Emu Nl Dividends
Emvision Medical Devices ASX:EMV 26.5 Emvision Medical Devices Dividends
Encounter Resources ASX:ENR 15.5 Encounter Resources Dividends
Eneabba Gas ASX:ENB Eneabba Gas Dividends
Eneco Refresh ASX:ERG 9.37 Eneco Refresh Dividends
Enegex ASX:ENX 0.29 Enegex Dividends
Energy Action ASX:EAX 3.33 Energy Action Dividends
Energy Metals ASX:EME 10.8 Energy Metals Dividends
Energy One ASX:EOL 39.4 Energy One Dividends
Energy Resources Of Australia ASX:ERA 307.3 Energy Resources Of Australia Dividends
Energy Technologies ASX:EGY 11.0 Energy Technologies Dividends
Energy World ASX:EWC 78.4 Energy World Dividends
Enero ASX:EGG 79.1 10.4 Enero Dividends
Enevis ASX:ENE 6.50 Enevis Dividends
Engage:bdr ASX:EN1 4.80 Engage:bdr Dividends
Engenco ASX:EGN 86.9 14.0 Engenco Dividends
Enice Holding Co ASX:ENC Enice Holding Co Dividends
Ennox ASX:EXO Ennox Dividends
Ensogo ASX:E88 13.1 Ensogo Dividends
Ensurance ASX:ENA 2.92 Ensurance Dividends
Enterprise Metals ASX:ENT 2.06 Enterprise Metals Dividends
Enviromission ASX:EVM 29.0 Enviromission Dividends
Environmental ASX:EGL 4.13 Environmental Dividends
Environmental Clean Technologies ASX:ECT 6.28 Environmental Clean Technologies Dividends
Envirosuite ASX:EVS 39.9 Envirosuite Dividends
Eon Nrg ASX:E2E 1.19 Eon Nrg Dividends
Eor ASX:EOR Eor Dividends
Ephraim Resources ASX:EPA Ephraim Resources Dividends
Eqt Holdings ASX:EQT 318.3 23.0 Eqt Holdings Dividends
Equatorial Resources ASX:EQX 16.3 Equatorial Resources Dividends
Equus Mining ASX:EQE 6.34 Equus Mining Dividends
Erm Power ASX:EPW Erm Power Dividends
Esense-lab ASX:ESE 0.93 Esense-lab Dividends
Esports Mogul ASX:ESH 6.14 Esports Mogul Dividends
Estia Health ASX:EHE 314.6 19.2 Estia Health Dividends
Estrella Resources ASX:ESR 2.45 Estrella Resources Dividends
Ethane Pipeline Income Fund ASX:EPX Ethane Pipeline Income Fund Dividends
Etherstack ASX:ESK 10.6 Etherstack Dividends
Eumundi ASX:EBG 20.3 Eumundi Dividends
Eureka Group ASX:EGH 45.5 13.6 Eureka Group Dividends
Europa Metals ASX:EUZ 6.84 Europa Metals Dividends
European Cobalt ASX:EUC 5.09 European Cobalt Dividends
European Lithium ASX:EUR 25.6 European Lithium Dividends
Euroz ASX:EZL 80.5 Euroz Dividends
Evans & Partners Asia Fund ASX:EAF 87.4 Evans & Partners Asia Fund Dividends
Evans & Partners Australian Flagship Fund ASX:EFF 18.6 Evans & Partners Australian Flagship Fund Dividends
Evans & Partners Global Disruption Fund ASX:EGD 169.7 Evans & Partners Global Disruption Fund Dividends
Evans & Partners Global Flagship Fund ASX:EGF 116.2 Evans & Partners Global Flagship Fund Dividends
Evans Dixon ASX:ED1 109.6 Evans Dixon Dividends
Eve Investments ASX:EVE 6.15 Eve Investments Dividends
Event Hospitality And Entertainment ASX:EVT 1,035 17.7 Event Hospitality And Entertainment Dividends
Evolution Mining ASX:EVN 3,948 20.6 Evolution Mining Dividends
Evz ASX:EVZ 6.42 3.99 Evz Dividends
Excelsior Capital ASX:ECL 20.8 Excelsior Capital Dividends
Excelsior Gold ASX:EXG Excelsior Gold Dividends
Exopharm ASX:EX1 12.8 Exopharm Dividends
Exore Resources ASX:ERX 15.3 Exore Resources Dividends
Experience Co ASX:EXP 64.2 18.5 Experience Co Dividends
Explaurum ASX:EXU Explaurum Dividends
Expose Resources ASX:EXX Expose Resources Dividends
Exterra Resources ASX:EXC Exterra Resources Dividends
Factor Therapeutics ASX:FTT 1.61 Factor Therapeutics Dividends
Fairfax Media ASX:FXJ Fairfax Media Dividends
Fairstar Resources ASX:FAS Fairstar Resources Dividends
Family Insights ASX:FAM 0.92 Family Insights Dividends
Family Zone Cyber Safety ASX:FZO 13.4 Family Zone Cyber Safety Dividends
Fantastic Holdings ASX:FAN Fantastic Holdings Dividends
Far ASX:FAR 100.0 Far Dividends
Farm Pride Foods ASX:FRM 8.50 Farm Pride Foods Dividends
Farmaforce ASX:FFC 5.91 Farmaforce Dividends
Faster Enterprises ASX:FE8 0.46 Faster Enterprises Dividends
Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund ASX:FPC 24.3 Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund Dividends
Fat Prophets Global Property Fund ASX:FPP 11.3 Fat Prophets Global Property Fund Dividends
Fatfish Blockchain ASX:FFG 3.04 Fatfish Blockchain Dividends
Fbr ASX:FBR 36.0 Fbr Dividends
Fe ASX:FEL 3.05 Fe Dividends
Fe Investments ASX:FEI 6.97 Fe Investments Dividends
Fenix Resources ASX:FEX 6.72 7.30 Fenix Resources Dividends
Fertoz ASX:FTZ 5.94 Fertoz Dividends
Ffi Holdings ASX:FFI 28.7 Ffi Holdings Dividends
Fiducian ASX:FID 98.2 14.2 Fiducian Dividends
Field Solutions Holdings ASX:FSG 5.08 Field Solutions Holdings Dividends
Fiji Kava ASX:FIJ 3.94 Fiji Kava Dividends
Fin Resources ASX:FIN 1.95 Fin Resources Dividends
Finbar ASX:FRI 136.3 Finbar Dividends
Finders Resources ASX:FND Finders Resources Dividends
Fineos Holdings ASX:FCL 465.8 Fineos Holdings Dividends
Fintech Chain ASX:FTC 30.1 Fintech Chain Dividends
Firefly Resources ASX:FFR 0.71 Firefly Resources Dividends
Firestone Energy ASX:FSE Firestone Energy Dividends
First Au ASX:FAU 1.61 First Au Dividends
First Graphene ASX:FGR 36.6 First Graphene Dividends
First Growth Funds ASX:FGFDC First Growth Funds Dividends
Firstwave Cloud Technology ASX:FCT 23.1 Firstwave Cloud Technology Dividends
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare ASX:FPH 7,350 49.7 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Dividends
Fitzroy River ASX:FZR 8.89 Fitzroy River Dividends
Flagship Investments ASX:FSI 25.8 Flagship Investments Dividends
Flamingo Ai ASX:FGO 1.15 Flamingo Ai Dividends
Flat Glass Industries ASX:FGI Flat Glass Industries Dividends
Fleetwood ASX:FWD 95.2 8.83 Fleetwood Dividends
Fletcher Building ASX:FBU 2,307 15.6 Fletcher Building Dividends
Flexigroup ASX:FXL 376.7 9.52 Flexigroup Dividends
Flexiroam ASX:FRX 5.10 Flexiroam Dividends
Flight Centre Travel ASX:FLT 2,046 16.0 Flight Centre Travel Dividends
Flinders Mines ASX:FMS 82.3 Flinders Mines Dividends
Fluence ASX:FLC 95.2 115.8 Fluence Dividends
Focus Minerals ASX:FML 22.5 Focus Minerals Dividends
Folkestone ASX:FLK Folkestone Dividends
Fonterra Shareholders' Fund ASX:FSF 201.8 14.3 Fonterra Shareholders' Fund Dividends
Food Revolution ASX:FOD 25.7 Food Revolution Dividends
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