Australian Stock Exchange - SEATS

ASX / ASX - 2451 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Food Revolution ASX:FOD 27.0 Food Revolution Dividends
Forager Australian Shares Fund ASX:FOR 63.0 Forager Australian Shares Fund Dividends
Force Commodities ASX:4CE 2.82 Force Commodities Dividends
Fortescue Metals ASX:FMG 17,000 7.19 Fortescue Metals Dividends
Fortune Asia ASX:FYA Fortune Asia Dividends
Founders First ASX:FFL 20.1 Founders First Dividends
Fox Resources ASX:FXR Fox Resources Dividends
Frankland River Olive Co ASX:FLR Frankland River Olive Co Dividends
Fraser Range Metals ASX:FRN 3.30 Fraser Range Metals Dividends
Freedom Foods ASX:FNP 627.6 21.0 Freedom Foods Dividends
Freedom Insurance ASX:FIG Freedom Insurance Dividends
Freedom Oil And Gas ASX:FDM Freedom Oil And Gas Dividends
Freehill Mining ASX:FHS 21.5 Freehill Mining Dividends
Freehill Mining ASX:FHM Freehill Mining Dividends
Freelancer ASX:FLN 90.8 61.1 Freelancer Dividends
Fremont Petroleum ASX:FPL 3.39 Fremont Petroleum Dividends
Frontier Capital ASX:FCG Frontier Capital Dividends
Frontier Diamonds ASX:FDX Frontier Diamonds Dividends
Frontier Digital Ventures ASX:FDV 118.3 Frontier Digital Ventures Dividends
Frontier Resources ASX:FNT 2.48 Frontier Resources Dividends
Fsa ASX:FSA 84.8 Fsa Dividends
Funtastic ASX:FUN 2.01 Funtastic Dividends
Future Generation Global Investment ASX:FGG 218.4 Future Generation Global Investment Dividends
Future Generation Investment ASX:FGX 221.9 Future Generation Investment Dividends
Fyi Resources ASX:FYI 6.27 Fyi Resources Dividends
G Medical Innovations Holdings ASX:GMV 15.5 6.42 G Medical Innovations Holdings Dividends
G-link International ASX:899 G-link International Dividends
G8 Education ASX:GEM 398.3 10.3 G8 Education Dividends
Gage Roads Brewing Co ASX:GRB 35.4 27.1 Gage Roads Brewing Co Dividends
Galan Lithium ASX:GLN 17.4 Galan Lithium Dividends
Galaxy Resources ASX:GXY 207.9 Galaxy Resources Dividends
Gale Pacific ASX:GAP 22.6 Gale Pacific Dividends
Galena Mining ASX:G1A 45.3 Galena Mining Dividends
Galena Mining ASX:G1AXX Galena Mining Dividends
Galilee Energy ASX:GLL 68.7 25.5 Galilee Energy Dividends
Galileo Japan Trust ASX:GJT Galileo Japan Trust Dividends
Galileo Mining ASX:GAL 9.17 Galileo Mining Dividends
Garda Capital ASX:GCM Garda Capital Dividends
Garda Diversified Property Fund ASX:GDF 109.8 14.2 Garda Diversified Property Fund Dividends
Gas2grid ASX:GGX 1.16 Gas2grid Dividends
Gascoyne Resources ASX:GCY Gascoyne Resources Dividends
Gasfields ASX:GFS Gasfields Dividends
Gateway Lifestyle ASX:GTY Gateway Lifestyle Dividends
Gateway Mining ASX:GML 8.75 Gateway Mining Dividends
Gazal ASX:GZL Gazal Dividends
Gbm Gold ASX:GBM Gbm Gold Dividends
Gbm Resources ASX:GBZ 3.54 Gbm Resources Dividends
Gbst Holdings ASX:GBT Gbst Holdings Dividends
Gdi Property ASX:GDI 404.7 17.4 Gdi Property Dividends
Genera Biosystems ASX:GBI Genera Biosystems Dividends
General Mining ASX:GMM General Mining Dividends
Generation Development ASX:GDG 49.9 22.5 Generation Development Dividends
Generation Healthcare Reit ASX:GHC Generation Healthcare Reit Dividends
Genesis Energy ASX:GNE 1,565 30.9 Genesis Energy Dividends
Genesis Minerals ASX:GMD 22.1 Genesis Minerals Dividends
Genesis Resources ASX:GES 1.99 Genesis Resources Dividends
Genetic Signatures ASX:GSS 62.9 Genetic Signatures Dividends
Genetic Technologies ASX:GTG 16.5 Genetic Technologies Dividends
Genex Power ASX:GNX 30.9 Genex Power Dividends
Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia ASX:GMA 703.7 15.5 Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia Dividends
Geocrystal ASX:GDC Geocrystal Dividends
Geopacific Resources ASX:GPR 27.8 Geopacific Resources Dividends
Getswift ASX:GSW 51.2 Getswift Dividends
Gi Dynamics Inc ASX:GID 6.34 Gi Dynamics Inc Dividends
Gibb River Diamonds ASX:GIB 4.18 Gibb River Diamonds Dividends
Gindalbie Metals ASX:GBG Gindalbie Metals Dividends
Gladiator Resources ASX:GLA 0.75 Gladiator Resources Dividends
Glennon Small Companies ASX:GC1 18.6 Glennon Small Companies Dividends
Glg ASX:GLE Glg Dividends
Global Energy Ventures ASX:GEV 27.6 Global Energy Ventures Dividends
Global Fortune Investment ASX:GFI Global Fortune Investment Dividends
Global Health ASX:GLH 2.76 Global Health Dividends
Global Masters Fund ASX:GFL 10.9 Global Masters Fund Dividends
Global Oil & Gas ASX:GLV 1.44 Global Oil & Gas Dividends
Global Petroleum ASX:GBP 3.29 Global Petroleum Dividends
Global Value Fund ASX:GVF 79.5 Global Value Fund Dividends
Globe International ASX:GLB 29.6 Globe International Dividends
Globe Metals And Mining ASX:GBE 3.55 Globe Metals And Mining Dividends
Gme Resources ASX:GME 13.4 Gme Resources Dividends
Go Energy ASX:GOE Go Energy Dividends
Go2 People ASX:GO2 0.90 Go2 People Dividends
Goconnect ASX:GCN Goconnect Dividends
Godfreys ASX:GFY Godfreys Dividends
Godolphin Resources ASX:GRL 7.39 Godolphin Resources Dividends
Gold Mountain ASX:GMN 17.6 Gold Mountain Dividends
Gold Road Resources ASX:GOR 742.2 17.9 Gold Road Resources Dividends
Golden Cross Resources ASX:GCR Golden Cross Resources Dividends
Golden Deeps ASX:GED 1.18 Golden Deeps Dividends
Golden Eagle Mining ASX:GEE Golden Eagle Mining Dividends
Golden Mile Resources ASX:G88 1.38 Golden Mile Resources Dividends
Golden Rim Resources ASX:GMR 3.49 Golden Rim Resources Dividends
Golden State Mining ASX:GSM 1.51 Golden State Mining Dividends
Gondwana Resources ASX:GDA Gondwana Resources Dividends
Goodman ASX:GMG 14,258 26.1 Goodman Dividends
Goodman ASX:MGM Goodman Dividends
Goodman Industrial Trust ASX:MGI Goodman Industrial Trust Dividends
Gooroo Ventures ASX:GOO Gooroo Ventures Dividends
Gowing Bros ASX:GOW 59.4 Gowing Bros Dividends
Gps Alliance Holdings ASX:GPS 2.87 Gps Alliance Holdings Dividends
Gpt ASX:GPT 5,914 17.5 Gpt Dividends
Gpt Metro Office Fund ASX:GMF Gpt Metro Office Fund Dividends
Gr Engineering Services ASX:GNG 72.5 14.8 Gr Engineering Services Dividends
Graincorp ASX:GNC 942.3 30.4 Graincorp Dividends
Grand Gulf Energy ASX:GGE 0.97 Grand Gulf Energy Dividends
Grandbridge ASX:GBA Grandbridge Dividends
Grange Resources ASX:GRR 132.2 Grange Resources Dividends
Graphex Mining ASX:GPX 3.80 Graphex Mining Dividends
Grays Ecommerce ASX:GEG Grays Ecommerce Dividends
Great Boulder Resources ASX:GBR 1.63 Great Boulder Resources Dividends
Great Northern Minerals ASX:GNM 0.59 Great Northern Minerals Dividends
Great Southern Mining ASX:GSN 7.97 Great Southern Mining Dividends
Great Western Exploration ASX:GTE 2.35 Great Western Exploration Dividends
Greatcell Solar ASX:GSL Greatcell Solar Dividends
Green Invest ASX:GNV Green Invest Dividends
Greencross ASX:GXL Greencross Dividends
Greenland Minerals And Energy ASX:GGG 56.4 Greenland Minerals And Energy Dividends
Greenvale Energy ASX:GRV 0.85 Greenvale Energy Dividends
Growthpoint Properties Australia ASX:GOZ 1,673 17.2 Growthpoint Properties Australia Dividends
Gryphon Capital Income Trust ASX:GCI 149.5 Gryphon Capital Income Trust Dividends
Gryphon Minerals ASX:GRY Gryphon Minerals Dividends
Gti Resources ASX:GTR 0.94 Gti Resources Dividends
Gtn ASX:GTN 97.2 7.90 Gtn Dividends
Gud Holdings ASX:GUD 475.8 15.4 Gud Holdings Dividends
Gulf Manganese ASX:GMC 13.7 Gulf Manganese Dividends
Gullewa ASX:GUL 3.62 Gullewa Dividends
Gwa ASX:GWA 465 16.9 Gwa Dividends
Gwr ASX:GWR 9.01 Gwr Dividends
Hammer Metals ASX:HMX 3.39 Hammer Metals Dividends
Hampton Hill Mining Nl ASX:HHM 3.78 Hampton Hill Mining Nl Dividends
Hannans ASX:HNR 8.07 Hannans Dividends
Hansen Technologies ASX:HSN 349.8 16.7 Hansen Technologies Dividends
Haoma Mining Nl ASX:HAO Haoma Mining Nl Dividends
Happy Valley Nutrition ASX:HVM 18.7 Happy Valley Nutrition Dividends
Haranga Resources ASX:HAR Haranga Resources Dividends
Harris Technology ASX:HT8 0.94 Harris Technology Dividends
Harvest Minerals ASX:HMI 14.1 Harvest Minerals Dividends
Harvey Norman Holdings ASX:HVN 2,740 14.8 Harvey Norman Holdings Dividends
Hastings Technology Metals ASX:HAS 53.5 Hastings Technology Metals Dividends
Havilah Resources ASX:HAV 12.3 Havilah Resources Dividends
Hawkley Oil And Gas ASX:HOG Hawkley Oil And Gas Dividends
Hawkstone Mining ASX:HWK 1.75 Hawkstone Mining Dividends
Hawthorn Resources ASX:HAW 13.9 Hawthorn Resources Dividends
Hazer ASX:HZR 25.7 Hazer Dividends
Healius ASX:HLS 1,005 18.8 Healius Dividends
Healthia ASX:HLA 39.7 10.9 Healthia Dividends
Healthscope ASX:HSO Healthscope Dividends
Hearmeout ASX:HMO Hearmeout Dividends
Hearts And Minds Investments ASX:HM1 350.7 15.8 Hearts And Minds Investments Dividends
Heemskirk Consolidated ASX:HSK Heemskirk Consolidated Dividends
Helios Energy ASX:HE8 110.2 Helios Energy Dividends
Helix Resources ASX:HLX 2.59 Helix Resources Dividends
Helloworld Travel ASX:HLO 238.1 10.1 Helloworld Travel Dividends
Henry Morgan ASX:HML Henry Morgan Dividends
Hera Med ASX:HMD 6.22 Hera Med Dividends
Heron Resources ASX:HRR 16.6 0.33 Heron Resources Dividends
Hexagon Energy Materials ASX:HXG 6.81 Hexagon Energy Materials Dividends
Hgl ASX:HNG 8.35 Hgl Dividends
Hhy Fund ASX:HHY 1.85 Hhy Fund Dividends
High Grade Metals ASX:HGM High Grade Metals Dividends
High Peak Royalties ASX:HPR 8.92 High Peak Royalties Dividends
Highfield Resources ASX:HFR 98.7 Highfield Resources Dividends
Highlands Pacific ASX:HIG Highlands Pacific Dividends
Hillgrove Resources ASX:HGO 14.9 Hillgrove Resources Dividends
Hills ASX:HIL 42.4 Hills Dividends
Hipo Resources ASX:HIP 3.14 Hipo Resources Dividends
Hitech Australia ASX:HIT 28.0 16.2 Hitech Australia Dividends
Hodges Resources ASX:HDG Hodges Resources Dividends
Holista Colltech ASX:HCT 17.2 Holista Colltech Dividends
Home Consortium ASX:HMC 382.6 Home Consortium Dividends
Homestay Care ASX:HSC 3.29 Homestay Care Dividends
Horizon Gold ASX:HRN 8.94 Horizon Gold Dividends
Horizon Minerals ASX:HRZ 20.6 Horizon Minerals Dividends
Horizon Oil ASX:HZN 49.6 Horizon Oil Dividends
Horseshoe Metals ASX:HOR 1.19 Horseshoe Metals Dividends
Hot Chili ASX:HCH 14.8 3.57 Hot Chili Dividends
Hotcopper Holdings ASX:HOT 7.06 Hotcopper Holdings Dividends
Hotel Property Investments ASX:HPI 252.2 16.1 Hotel Property Investments Dividends
Houston We Have ASX:HWH 1.04 Houston We Have Dividends
Hrl Holdings ASX:HRL 37.6 19.6 Hrl Holdings Dividends
Ht&e ASX:HT1 203.4 11.5 Ht&e Dividends
Hub24 ASX:HUB 342.7 35.0 Hub24 Dividends
Hudson Investment ASX:HGL 14.2 Hudson Investment Dividends
Hughes Drilling ASX:HDX Hughes Drilling Dividends
Huon Aquaculture ASX:HUO 185.8 15.5 Huon Aquaculture Dividends
Hutchison Telecommunications (australia) ASX:HTA 1,034 Hutchison Telecommunications (australia) Dividends
Hydrix ASX:HYD 6.46 Hydrix Dividends
Hydrocarbon Dynamics ASX:HCD 5.78 Hydrocarbon Dynamics Dividends
I Synergy ASX:IS3 12.1 I Synergy Dividends
Iab Holdings ASX:IAB Iab Holdings Dividends
Ibosses ASX:IB8 Ibosses Dividends
Icandy Interactive ASX:ICI 2.04 Icandy Interactive Dividends
Icar Asia ASX:ICQ 76.5 Icar Asia Dividends
Icetana ASX:ICE 17.0 Icetana Dividends
Icobalt ASX:1CO Icobalt Dividends
Icollege ASX:ICT 9.07 Icollege Dividends
Icon Energy ASX:ICN 2.12 Icon Energy Dividends
Icsglobal ASX:ICS 10.2 Icsglobal Dividends
Identitii ASX:ID8 8.30 Identitii Dividends
Idp Education ASX:IEL 2,974 54.4 Idp Education Dividends
Idt Australia ASX:IDT 15.6 Idt Australia Dividends
Ignite ASX:IGN 0.86 Ignite Dividends
Igo ASX:IGO 1,629 16.0 Igo Dividends
Ikwezi Mining ASX:IKW 4.13 Ikwezi Mining Dividends
Iluka Resources ASX:ILU 1,897 11.6 Iluka Resources Dividends
Image Resources Nl ASX:IMA 93.8 2.68 Image Resources Nl Dividends
Imagion Biosystems ASX:IBX 4.44 Imagion Biosystems Dividends
Imdex ASX:IMD 336.9 19.2 Imdex Dividends
Imexhs ASX:IME 14.1 Imexhs Dividends
Imf Bentham ASX:IMF 530.6 11.0 Imf Bentham Dividends
Immuron ASX:IMC 11.2 Immuron Dividends
Immutep ASX:IMM 79.9 10.3 Immutep Dividends
Impact Minerals ASX:IPT 6.71 Impact Minerals Dividends
Impedimed ASX:IPD 24.8 Impedimed Dividends
Impelus ASX:IMS 1.76 Impelus Dividends
Imperial Pacific ASX:IPC 1.63 Imperial Pacific Dividends
Impression Healthcare ASX:IHL 16.5 Impression Healthcare Dividends
Imricor Medical Systems Inc ASX:IMR 78.8 Imricor Medical Systems Inc Dividends
Imugene ASX:IMU 47.6 Imugene Dividends
Inca Minerals ASX:ICG 3.93 Inca Minerals Dividends
Incentiapay ASX:INP 2.71 0.59 Incentiapay Dividends
Incitec Pivot ASX:IPL 2,348 16.0 Incitec Pivot Dividends
India Fund ASX:INF 4.44 1.33 India Fund Dividends
India Resources ASX:IRL India Resources Dividends
Indiana Resources ASX:IDA 1.24 Indiana Resources Dividends
Indo Mines ASX:IDO Indo Mines Dividends
Indochine Mining ASX:IDC Indochine Mining Dividends
Indoor Skydive Australia ASX:IDZ 1.70 Indoor Skydive Australia Dividends
Indus Coal ASX:ICZ Indus Coal Dividends
Indus Energy Nl ASX:IND 1.77 Indus Energy Nl Dividends
Infigen Energy ASX:IFN 324.8 18.1 Infigen Energy Dividends
Infinity Lithium ASX:INF 4.44 1.33 Infinity Lithium Dividends
Infomedia ASX:IFM 290.7 27.2 Infomedia Dividends
Ingenia Communities ASX:INA 698.5 23.7 Ingenia Communities Dividends
Inghams ASX:ING 651 14.1 Inghams Dividends
Insurance Australia ASX:IAG 7,615 18.0 Insurance Australia Dividends
Intecq ASX:ITQ Intecq Dividends
Intega ASX:ITG 94.8 21.0 Intega Dividends
Integral Diagnostics ASX:IDX 391.1 21.0 Integral Diagnostics Dividends
Integrated Green Energy Solutions ASX:IGE 25.9 Integrated Green Energy Solutions Dividends
Integrated Media Technology ASX:ITL 20.6 Integrated Media Technology Dividends
Integrated Payment Technologies ASX:IP1 1.25 Integrated Payment Technologies Dividends
Integrated Research ASX:IRI 266.1 21.2 Integrated Research Dividends
Intellihr ASX:IHR 6.47 Intellihr Dividends
International Cobalt Resources ASX:ICR International Cobalt Resources Dividends
International Equities ASX:IEQ International Equities Dividends
International Goldfields ASX:IGS 3.09 International Goldfields Dividends
Intiger ASX:IAM 0.85 Intiger Dividends
Intra Energy ASX:IEC 0.98 Intra Energy Dividends
Inventis ASX:IVT 1.78 Inventis Dividends
Investa Office Fund ASX:IOF Investa Office Fund Dividends
Investec Australia Property Fund ASX:IAP 468.4 16.1 Investec Australia Property Fund Dividends
Investigator Resources ASX:IVR 6.76 Investigator Resources Dividends
Investsmart ASX:INV 4.50 Investsmart Dividends
Invex Therapeutics ASX:IXC 29.3 Invex Therapeutics Dividends
Invictus Energy ASX:IVZ 3.97 Invictus Energy Dividends
Invigor ASX:IVO Invigor Dividends
Invion ASX:IVX 30.7 Invion Dividends
Invitrocue ASX:IVQ Invitrocue Dividends
Invocare ASX:IVC 849.5 27.2 Invocare Dividends
Iodm ASX:IOD 36.6 Iodm Dividends
Ioneer ASX:INR 127.3 Ioneer Dividends
Ioof Holdings ASX:IFL 1,076 10.9 Ioof Holdings Dividends
Iot ASX:IOT Iot Dividends
Ipb Petroleum ASX:IPB 2.58 Ipb Petroleum Dividends
Ipe ASX:IPE Ipe Dividends
Iph ASX:IPH 982.1 22.9 Iph Dividends
Iproperty ASX:IPP Iproperty Dividends
Iq3corp ASX:IQ3 10.6 Iq3corp Dividends
Iress ASX:IRE 1,048 24.1 Iress Dividends
Irexchange ASX:IRX Irexchange Dividends
Iron Mountain Inc ASX:INM 11,095 Iron Mountain Inc Dividends
Iron Road ASX:IRD 19.4 Iron Road Dividends
Ironbark Capital ASX:IBC 31.9 Ironbark Capital Dividends
Ironbark Zinc ASX:IBG 3.24 Ironbark Zinc Dividends
Iselect ASX:ISU 43.7 8.32 Iselect Dividends
Isentia ASX:ISD 22.3 5.50 Isentia Dividends
Isentric ASX:ICU 0.93 Isentric Dividends
Ishares S&p Small-cap Etf Aud ASX:IJR Ishares S&p Small-cap Etf Aud Dividends
Isignthis ASX:ISX Isignthis Dividends
Itl Health ASX:ITD Itl Health Dividends
Ive ASX:IGL 142.6 7.40 Ive Dividends
Ivs Holdings ASX:IVS Ivs Holdings Dividends
Ixup ASX:IXU 4.42 Ixup Dividends
Jacana Minerals ASX:JAC Jacana Minerals Dividends
Jack-in ASX:JIP Jack-in Dividends
Jacka Resources ASX:JKA Jacka Resources Dividends
Jadar Resources ASX:JDR 2.93 Jadar Resources Dividends
James Hardie Industries ASX:JHX 6,549 21.1 James Hardie Industries Dividends
Jameson Resources ASX:JAL 24.1 Jameson Resources Dividends
Janison Education ASX:JAN 36.9 75.2 Janison Education Dividends
Janus Henderson ASX:JHG 3,438 9.18 Janus Henderson Dividends
Japara Healthcare ASX:JHC 123.5 18.4 Japara Healthcare Dividends
Jatenergy ASX:JAT 24.1 Jatenergy Dividends
Jaxsta ASX:JXT 8.69 Jaxsta Dividends
Jayex Healthcare ASX:JHL 1.93 Jayex Healthcare Dividends
Jayride ASX:JAY 12.8 Jayride Dividends
Jb Hi-fi ASX:JBH 2,141 15.4 Jb Hi-fi Dividends
Jcurve Solutions ASX:JCS 6.16 Jcurve Solutions Dividends
Jervois Mining ASX:JRV 79.8 Jervois Mining Dividends
Jiajiafu Modern Agriculture ASX:JJF Jiajiafu Modern Agriculture Dividends
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