Australian Stock Exchange - SEATS

ASX / ASX - 2546 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Midway ASX:MWY 40.5 11.6 Midway Dividends
Mighty Craft ASX:MCL 22.0 Mighty Craft Dividends
Millennium ASX:MHD Millennium Dividends
Millennium Minerals ASX:MOY Millennium Minerals Dividends
Millennium Services ASX:MIL 16.1 8.95 Millennium Services Dividends
Millinium's Alternative Fund ASX:MAX Millinium's Alternative Fund Dividends
Milton ASX:MLT 1,731 63.7 Milton Dividends
Minbos Resources ASX:MNB 11.2 Minbos Resources Dividends
Mincor Resources Nl ASX:MCR 230.5 45.3 Mincor Resources Nl Dividends
Mindax ASX:MDX Mindax Dividends
Mineral Commodities ASX:MRC 92.6 10.4 Mineral Commodities Dividends
Mineral Deposits ASX:MDL Mineral Deposits Dividends
Mineral Resources ASX:MIN 4,040 8.71 Mineral Resources Dividends
Minotaur Exploration ASX:MEP 43.0 Minotaur Exploration Dividends
Minrex Resources ASX:MRR 2.65 Minrex Resources Dividends
Mint Payments ASX:MNW Mint Payments Dividends
Mirabela Nickel ASX:MBN Mirabela Nickel Dividends
Miramar Resources ASX:M2R 6.58 Miramar Resources Dividends
Mirrabooka Investments ASX:MIR 297.9 Mirrabooka Investments Dividends
Mirvac ASX:MGR 5,143 13.2 Mirvac Dividends
Mission Newenergy ASX:MBT Mission Newenergy Dividends
Mitchell Services ASX:MSV 45.4 13.3 Mitchell Services Dividends
Mithril Resources ASX:MTH 17.6 Mithril Resources Dividends
Mitula ASX:MUA Mitula Dividends
Mma Offshore ASX:MRM 51.9 Mma Offshore Dividends
Mmj Group ASX:MMJ 14.1 Mmj Group Dividends
Mnc Media Investment ASX:MIH Mnc Media Investment Dividends
Mnf ASX:MNF 231.1 20.3 Mnf Dividends
Mobecom ASX:MBM 5.46 Mobecom Dividends
Mobilicom ASX:MOB 11.0 Mobilicom Dividends
Mod Resources ASX:MOD Mod Resources Dividends
Moelis Australia ASX:MOE 340.8 14.4 Moelis Australia Dividends
Moho Resources ASX:MOH 2.69 Moho Resources Dividends
Molopo Energy ASX:MPO Molopo Energy Dividends
Moly Mines ASX:MOL Moly Mines Dividends
Monadelphous ASX:MND 573.8 16.3 Monadelphous Dividends
Monash Absolute Investment ASX:MA1 33.8 Monash Absolute Investment Dividends
Monash Ivf ASX:MVF 159.2 13.2 Monash Ivf Dividends
Money3 ASX:MNY 330.5 13.1 Money3 Dividends
Moneyme ASX:MME 147.7 28.8 Moneyme Dividends
Mongolian Resource ASX:MUB 3.23 Mongolian Resource Dividends
Mont Royal Resources ASX:MRZ 5.34 Mont Royal Resources Dividends
Montaka Global Extension (quoted Managed Hdg) ASX:MKAX Montaka Global Extension (quoted Managed Hdg) Dividends
Montem Resources ASX:MR1 17.5 Montem Resources Dividends
Mooter Media ASX:MMZ Mooter Media Dividends
Moq ASX:MOQ 16.8 Moq Dividends
Moreton Resources ASX:MRV Moreton Resources Dividends
Morphic Ethical Equities Fund ASX:MEC 32.5 Morphic Ethical Equities Fund Dividends
Mortgage Choice ASX:MOC 80.1 13.5 Mortgage Choice Dividends
Mosaic Brands ASX:MOZ 41.9 5.25 Mosaic Brands Dividends
Motio ASX:MXO 9.42 Motio Dividends
Motorcycle Holdings ASX:MTO 82.3 8.00 Motorcycle Holdings Dividends
Motorcycle Holdings ASX:MTOR 82.3 Motorcycle Holdings Dividends
Mount Burgess Mining Nl ASX:MTB 2.52 Mount Burgess Mining Nl Dividends
Mount Gibson Iron ASX:MGX 573.6 3.71 Mount Gibson Iron Dividends
Mount Ridley Mines ASX:MRD 4.47 Mount Ridley Mines Dividends
Mpower ASX:MPR 8.30 Mpower Dividends
Mrg Metals ASX:MRQ 6.86 Mrg Metals Dividends
Msl Solutions ASX:MSL 21.1 160.2 Msl Solutions Dividends
Msm International ASX:MSM 27.5 Msm International Dividends
Multistack International ASX:MSI 1.56 Multistack International Dividends
Murchison Holdings ASX:MCH Murchison Holdings Dividends
Murray Cod Australia ASX:MCA 72.1 Murray Cod Australia Dividends
Murray River Organics Pty ASX:MRG 7.48 Murray River Organics Pty Dividends
Musgrave Minerals ASX:MGV 76.2 Musgrave Minerals Dividends
Mustera Property ASX:MPX 18.1 Mustera Property Dividends
Myanmar Metals ASX:MYL 68.8 Myanmar Metals Dividends
Mydeal.comau Pty ASX:MYD 143.9 Mydeal.comau Pty Dividends
Myer Holdings ASX:MYR 127.5 15.2 Myer Holdings Dividends
Myfiziq ASX:MYQ 135.6 Myfiziq Dividends
Myob ASX:MYO Myob Dividends
Mystate ASX:MYS 232.9 11.3 Mystate Dividends
Mzi Resources ASX:MZI Mzi Resources Dividends
N1 Holdings ASX:N1H 6.35 N1 Holdings Dividends
Nagambie Resources ASX:NAG 14.7 Nagambie Resources Dividends
Namoi Cotton ASX:NAM 28.4 9.00 Namoi Cotton Dividends
Nanollose ASX:NC6 6.34 Nanollose Dividends
Nanosonics ASX:NAN 972.5 120.7 Nanosonics Dividends
Nanoveu ASX:NVU 3.98 Nanoveu Dividends
Naos Emerging Opportunities ASX:NCC 37.5 Naos Emerging Opportunities Dividends
Naos Ex-50 Opportunities ASX:NAC 25.3 Naos Ex-50 Opportunities Dividends
Naos Small Cap Opportunities ASX:NSC 66.6 Naos Small Cap Opportunities Dividends
National Australia Bank ASX:NAB 48,193 15.5 National Australia Bank Dividends
National Storage Reit ASX:NSR 1,047 17.0 National Storage Reit Dividends
National Tyre & Wheel ASX:NTD 55.9 6.29 National Tyre & Wheel Dividends
National Veterinary Care ASX:NVL National Veterinary Care Dividends
Native Mineral Resources Holdings ASX:NMR 14.9 Native Mineral Resources Holdings Dividends
Navarre Minerals ASX:NML 38.6 Navarre Minerals Dividends
Navigator Global Investments ASX:NGI 146 9.73 Navigator Global Investments Dividends
Navitas ASX:NVT Navitas Dividends
Nb Globalorate Income Trust ASX:NBI 471.1 Nb Globalorate Income Trust Dividends
Nearmap ASX:NEA 536.9 Nearmap Dividends
Nelson Resources ASX:NES 3.23 Nelson Resources Dividends
Nemex Resources ASX:NXR Nemex Resources Dividends
Neometals ASX:NMT 107.5 Neometals Dividends
Neon Capital ASX:NEN Neon Capital Dividends
Netccentric ASX:NCL 27.7 Netccentric Dividends
Netcomm Wireless ASX:NTC Netcomm Wireless Dividends
Netlinkz ASX:NET 63.6 Netlinkz Dividends
Netwealth ASX:NWL 1,833 54.1 Netwealth Dividends
Neuren Pharmaceuticals ASX:NEU 81.7 Neuren Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Neuroscientific Biopharmaceuticals ASX:NSB 11.4 Neuroscientific Biopharmaceuticals Dividends
Neurotech International ASX:NTI 7.78 Neurotech International Dividends
New Age Exploration ASX:NAE 6.42 New Age Exploration Dividends
New Century Resources ASX:NCZ 110.5 3.65 New Century Resources Dividends
New Energy Minerals ASX:NXE New Energy Minerals Dividends
New Energy Solar ASX:NEW 142.2 New Energy Solar Dividends
New Hope ASX:NHC 589.6 15.4 New Hope Dividends
New Standard Energy ASX:NSE New Standard Energy Dividends
New World Resources ASX:NWC 28.5 New World Resources Dividends
New Zealand Coastal Seafoods ASX:NZS 9.31 New Zealand Coastal Seafoods Dividends
Newcrest Mining ASX:NCM 10,530 13.2 Newcrest Mining Dividends
Newfield Resources ASX:NWF 84.0 Newfield Resources Dividends
Newhaven Hotels ASX:NHH Newhaven Hotels Dividends
Newpeak Metals ASX:NPM 3.27 Newpeak Metals Dividends
News Corp ASX:NWS 10,047 40.4 News Corp Dividends
Nex Metals Explorations ASX:NME 3.32 Nex Metals Explorations Dividends
Nexion ASX:NNG Nexion Dividends
Next Science ASX:NXS 131.7 Next Science Dividends
Nextdc ASX:NXT 2,663 486.3 Nextdc Dividends
Nexus Minerals ASX:NXM 6.18 Nexus Minerals Dividends
Nge Capital ASX:NGE 11.5 Nge Capital Dividends
Nib Holdings ASX:NHF 1,377 18.7 Nib Holdings Dividends
Nice-vend ASX:NVD Nice-vend Dividends
Nick Scali ASX:NCK 458 13.1 Nick Scali Dividends
Nickel Mines ASX:NIC 1,748 14.1 Nickel Mines Dividends
Nido Petroleum ASX:NDO Nido Petroleum Dividends
Nine Entertainment Co Holdings ASX:NEC 2,769 18.9 Nine Entertainment Co Holdings Dividends
Nine Entertainment Co Pty ASX:NECZZ Nine Entertainment Co Pty Dividends
Nitro Software ASX:NTO 252.4 Nitro Software Dividends
Niuminco ASX:NIU Niuminco Dividends
Nkwe Platinum ASX:NKP Nkwe Platinum Dividends
Noble Metals ASX:NMM Noble Metals Dividends
Noronex ASX:NRX 2.82 Noronex Dividends
North Stawell Minerals ASX:NSM 29.0 North Stawell Minerals Dividends
Northern Minerals ASX:NTU 90.9 Northern Minerals Dividends
Northern Mining ASX:NMI Northern Mining Dividends
Northern Star Resources ASX:NST 3,938 11.5 Northern Star Resources Dividends
Norton Gold Fields ASX:NGFXX Norton Gold Fields Dividends
Norwest Energy Nl ASX:NWE 14.5 Norwest Energy Nl Dividends
Norwest Minerals ASX:NWM 3.73 Norwest Minerals Dividends
Norwood Systems ASX:NOR 3.03 Norwood Systems Dividends
Nova Eye Medical ASX:EYE 27.6 21.8 Nova Eye Medical Dividends
Nova Minerals ASX:NVA 81.0 Nova Minerals Dividends
Novarise Renewable Resources International ASX:NOE Novarise Renewable Resources International Dividends
Novatti ASX:NOV 44.8 Novatti Dividends
Novonix ASX:NVX 469.2 457.9 Novonix Dividends
Noxopharm ASX:NOX 97.0 Noxopharm Dividends
Nrw Holdings ASX:NWH 487.3 9.39 Nrw Holdings Dividends
Nsx ASX:NSX 25.8 Nsx Dividends
Ntm Gold ASX:NTM 49.4 Ntm Gold Dividends
Nuchev ASX:NUC 28.2 Nuchev Dividends
Nucoal Resources ASX:NCR 4.27 Nucoal Resources Dividends
Nuenergy Gas ASX:NGY 44.5 Nuenergy Gas Dividends
Nufarm ASX:NUF 1,077 29.8 Nufarm Dividends
Nuheara ASX:NUH 34.6 Nuheara Dividends
Nuix ASX:NXL 882.1 62.2 Nuix Dividends
Nusantara Resources ASX:NUS 29.3 Nusantara Resources Dividends
Nutritional Growth Solutions ASX:NGS 12.9 Nutritional Growth Solutions Dividends
Nyota Minerals ASX:NYO Nyota Minerals Dividends
Nyrada Inc ASX:NYR 18.3 Nyrada Inc Dividends
Nzme ASX:NZM 84.4 5.92 Nzme Dividends
Nzuri Copper ASX:NZC Nzuri Copper Dividends
Oakajee ASX:OKJ 2.80 Oakajee Dividends
Oar Resources ASX:OAR 11.6 Oar Resources Dividends
Objective ASX:OCL 618 Objective Dividends
Ocean Grown Abalone ASX:OGA 9.77 Ocean Grown Abalone Dividends
Ocean Guardian Holdings ASX:OCG Ocean Guardian Holdings Dividends
Oceanagold ASX:OGC 722.2 8.62 Oceanagold Dividends
Oceania Capital Partners ASX:OCP Oceania Capital Partners Dividends
Ochre Group ASX:OGH Ochre Group Dividends
Octagonal Resources ASX:ORS Octagonal Resources Dividends
Octanex ASX:OXX 3.38 Octanex Dividends
Odin Energy ASX:ODN Odin Energy Dividends
Odin Metals ASX:ODM 3.47 Odin Metals Dividends
Odyssey Gold ASX:ODY 17.8 Odyssey Gold Dividends
Ofx ASX:OFX 155.3 14.2 Ofx Dividends
Oil Search ASX:OSH 5,106 27.7 Oil Search Dividends
Oilex ASX:OEX 6.18 Oilex Dividends
Okapi Resources ASX:OKR 3.61 Okapi Resources Dividends
Oklo Resources ASX:OKU 44.6 Oklo Resources Dividends
Oldfields Holdings ASX:OLH 3.95 Oldfields Holdings Dividends
Oliver's Real Food ASX:OLI 8.88 Oliver's Real Food Dividends
Om Holdings ASX:OMH 276.5 Om Holdings Dividends
Omni Bridgeway ASX:OBL 489.8 3.83 Omni Bridgeway Dividends
Oncosil Medical ASX:OSL 42.2 Oncosil Medical Dividends
Oneall International ASX:1AL Oneall International Dividends
Onemarket ASX:OMN Onemarket Dividends
Oneview Healthcare ASX:ONE 15.9 Oneview Healthcare Dividends
Onevue Holdings ASX:OVH Onevue Holdings Dividends
Onterran ASX:OTR Onterran Dividends
Onthehouse Holdings ASX:OTH Onthehouse Holdings Dividends
Ooh!media ASX:OML 542.9 24.9 Ooh!media Dividends
Ookami ASX:OOK Ookami Dividends
Openlearning ASX:OLL 15.5 Openlearning Dividends
Openpay ASX:OPY 153.1 Openpay Dividends
Ophir High Conviction Fund ASX:OPH 372.7 Ophir High Conviction Fund Dividends
Opthea ASX:OPT 281.6 Opthea Dividends
Opticomm ASX:OPC Opticomm Dividends
Optiscan Imaging ASX:OIL 53.1 Optiscan Imaging Dividends
Opus ASX:OPG Opus Dividends
Opyl ASX:OPL 3.69 Opyl Dividends
Ora Banda Mining ASX:OBM 88.8 2.38 Ora Banda Mining Dividends
Ora Gold ASX:OAU 10.3 Ora Gold Dividends
Orbital ASX:OEC 31.5 24.5 Orbital Dividends
Orcoda ASX:ODA 13.9 Orcoda Dividends
Orecorp ASX:ORR 97.8 Orecorp Dividends
Orh ASX:ORH Orh Dividends
Orica ASX:ORI 2,776 17.5 Orica Dividends
Origin Energy ASX:ORG 4,396 18.4 Origin Energy Dividends
Orinoco Gold ASX:OGX Orinoco Gold Dividends
Orion Equities ASX:OEQ 1.39 Orion Equities Dividends
Orion Metals ASX:ORM 14.9 Orion Metals Dividends
Orion Minerals ASX:ORN 56.4 0.65 Orion Minerals Dividends
Orminex ASX:ONX 9.29 Orminex Dividends
Orocobre ASX:ORE 813 Orocobre Dividends
Orora ASX:ORA 1,507 16.8 Orora Dividends
Orotongroup ASX:ORL Orotongroup Dividends
Orthocell ASX:OCC 49.8 Orthocell Dividends
Osprey Medical Inc ASX:OSP 15.3 Osprey Medical Inc Dividends
Osteopore ASX:OSX 28.7 Osteopore Dividends
Otherlevels Holdings ASX:OLV Otherlevels Holdings Dividends
Otto Energy ASX:OEL 21.3 Otto Energy Dividends
Ovato ASX:OVT 26.7 Ovato Dividends
Oventus Medical ASX:OVN 16.7 Oventus Medical Dividends
Over The Wire Holdings ASX:OTW 163.6 16.5 Over The Wire Holdings Dividends
Oz Minerals ASX:OZL 3,927 19.8 Oz Minerals Dividends
Ozaurum Resources ASX:OZM 11.5 Ozaurum Resources Dividends
Ozgrowth ASX:OZG 41.9 Ozgrowth Dividends
P2p Transport ASX:P2P P2p Transport Dividends
Pacific American Holdings ASX:PAK 3.08 Pacific American Holdings Dividends
Pacific Bauxite ASX:PBX Pacific Bauxite Dividends
Pacific Brands ASX:PBG Pacific Brands Dividends
Pacific Current ASX:PAC 139 8.35 Pacific Current Dividends
Pacific Dairies ASX:PDF Pacific Dairies Dividends
Pacific Energy ASX:PEAR Pacific Energy Dividends
Pacific Energy ASX:PEA Pacific Energy Dividends
Pacific Mining ASX:PFM Pacific Mining Dividends
Pacific Nickel Mines ASX:PNM 2.16 Pacific Nickel Mines Dividends
Pacific Smiles ASX:PSQ 217.7 25.9 Pacific Smiles Dividends
Pact Group ASX:PGH 612 12.5 Pact Group Dividends
Painchek ASX:PCK 46.4 Painchek Dividends
Paladin Energy ASX:PDN 482.8 Paladin Energy Dividends
Palla Pharma ASX:PAL 44.9 14.2 Palla Pharma Dividends
Pan Asia ASX:PZC Pan Asia Dividends
Pan Asia Metals ASX:PAM 10.5 Pan Asia Metals Dividends
Pan Pacific Petroleum N L ASX:PPP Pan Pacific Petroleum N L Dividends
Pancontinental Oil & Gas Nl ASX:PCL 4.51 Pancontinental Oil & Gas Nl Dividends
Panoramic Resources ASX:PAN 153.9 Panoramic Resources Dividends
Pantoro ASX:PNR 137.3 18.0 Pantoro Dividends
Papyrus Australia ASX:PPY 7.49 Papyrus Australia Dividends
Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals ASX:PAR 289.2 Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals Dividends
Paragon Care ASX:PGC 44.1 6.01 Paragon Care Dividends
Paramount Mining ASX:PCP Paramount Mining Dividends
Parazero ASX:PRZ Parazero Dividends
Paringa Resources ASX:PNL Paringa Resources Dividends
Parkd ASX:PKD 2.51 Parkd Dividends
Parkway Minerals Nl ASX:PWN 14.4 Parkway Minerals Nl Dividends
Partners Global Income Fund ASX:PGG 287.6 Partners Global Income Fund Dividends
Pas ASX:PGR Pas Dividends
Paterson Resources ASX:PSL 5.58 Paterson Resources Dividends
Pathfinder Resources ASX:PF1 291.7 Pathfinder Resources Dividends
Patrys ASX:PAB 24.1 Patrys Dividends
Patties Foods ASX:PFL 130.1 13.9 Patties Foods Dividends
Pawnee Energy ASX:PAW Pawnee Energy Dividends
Payce Consolidated ASX:PAY Payce Consolidated Dividends
Paygroup ASX:PYG 24.1 292.9 Paygroup Dividends
Payright ASX:PYR 42.6 Payright Dividends
Peak Minerals ASX:PUA 5.67 Peak Minerals Dividends
Peak Resources ASX:PEK 82.0 Peak Resources Dividends
Peako ASX:PKO 2.21 Peako Dividends
Pearl Global ASX:PG1 12.3 Pearl Global Dividends
Peel Mining ASX:PEX 48.5 Peel Mining Dividends
Peet ASX:PPC 310.4 15.9 Peet Dividends
Pendal ASX:PDL 977.7 12.8 Pendal Dividends
Pengana Capital ASX:PCG 81.1 Pengana Capital Dividends
Pengana International Equities ASX:PIA 185.4 Pengana International Equities Dividends
Pengana Private Equity Trust ASX:PE1 155.9 Pengana Private Equity Trust Dividends
Peninsula Energy ASX:PEN 51.5 Peninsula Energy Dividends
Pensana ASX:PM8 285 Pensana Dividends
Pental ASX:PTL 28.8 7.80 Pental Dividends
Pentanet ASX:5GG 87.1 Pentanet Dividends
People Infrastructure ASX:PPE 171.5 13.1 People Infrastructure Dividends
Peopleshr ASX:PHR Peopleshr Dividends
Pepinnini Minerals ASX:PNN 6.11 Pepinnini Minerals Dividends
Pepper ASX:PEP Pepper Dividends
Peppermint Innovation ASX:PIL 14.8 Peppermint Innovation Dividends
Perenti Global ASX:PRN 421 7.42 Perenti Global Dividends
Perpetual ASX:PPT 943.6 13.9 Perpetual Dividends
Perpetual Credit Income Trust ASX:PCI 234.8 Perpetual Credit Income Trust Dividends
Perpetual Equity Investment ASX:PIC 229.7 Perpetual Equity Investment Dividends
Perpetual Resources ASX:PEC 20.4 Perpetual Resources Dividends
Perseus Mining ASX:PRU 749.8 7.48 Perseus Mining Dividends
Perth Mint Gold ASX:PMGOLD Perth Mint Gold Dividends
Petratherm ASX:PTR 12.8 Petratherm Dividends
Petsec Energy ASX:PSA Petsec Energy Dividends
Pharmaust ASX:PAA 16.1 Pharmaust Dividends
Pharmaxis ASX:PXS 17.4 Pharmaxis Dividends
Phileo Australia ASX:PHI Phileo Australia Dividends
Phillips River Mining ASX:PRH Phillips River Mining Dividends
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