Australian Stock Exchange - SEATS

ASX / ASX - 2451 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Stone Resources Australia ASX:SHK 0.41 Stone Resources Australia Dividends
Stonehorse Energy ASX:SHE 0.13 Stonehorse Energy Dividends
Story-i ASX:SRY 2.43 Story-i Dividends
Straker Translations ASX:STG 24.7 Straker Translations Dividends
Strandline Resources ASX:STA 18.1 Strandline Resources Dividends
Strategic Elements ASX:SOR 7.56 Strategic Elements Dividends
Strategic Energy Resources ASX:SER 2.29 Strategic Energy Resources Dividends
Strategic Minerals Nl ASX:SMC 17.5 Strategic Minerals Nl Dividends
Stream ASX:SGO 2.80 Stream Dividends
Strike Energy ASX:STX 117.4 Strike Energy Dividends
Strike Resources ASX:SRK 2.96 Strike Resources Dividends
Structural Monitoring Systems ASX:SMN 35.6 Structural Monitoring Systems Dividends
Success Global Media ASX:SGU Success Global Media Dividends
Suda Pharmaceuticals ASX:SUD 4.13 Suda Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Sultan Resources ASX:SLZ 1.65 Sultan Resources Dividends
Sumatra Copper & Gold ASX:SUM Sumatra Copper & Gold Dividends
Summit Resources ASX:SMM Summit Resources Dividends
Sunbridge ASX:SBB Sunbridge Dividends
Suncorp ASX:SUN 7,289 13.8 Suncorp Dividends
Sundance Energy Australia ASX:SEA 62.6 Sundance Energy Australia Dividends
Sundance Resources ASX:SDL Sundance Resources Dividends
Sunland ASX:SDG 114.6 8.29 Sunland Dividends
Sunstone Metals ASX:STM 4.36 0.40 Sunstone Metals Dividends
Sunvest ASX:SVS 1.30 Sunvest Dividends
Super Retail ASX:SUL 816.7 11.0 Super Retail Dividends
Superior Lake Resources ASX:SUP 3.53 Superior Lake Resources Dividends
Superior Resources ASX:SPQ 1.40 Superior Resources Dividends
Superloop ASX:SLC 143.6 Superloop Dividends
Supply Network ASX:SNL 84.4 16.4 Supply Network Dividends
Surefire Resources Nl ASX:SRN 0.51 Surefire Resources Nl Dividends
Surfstitch ASX:SRF Surfstitch Dividends
Swick Mining Services ASX:SWK 28.0 Swick Mining Services Dividends
Swift Media ASX:SW1 4.32 Swift Media Dividends
Sydney Airport Holdings Pty ASX:SYD 8,946 39.7 Sydney Airport Holdings Pty Dividends
Symbol Mining ASX:SL1 Symbol Mining Dividends
Syndicated Metals ASX:SMD 1.70 Syndicated Metals Dividends
Synergy Plus ASX:SNR Synergy Plus Dividends
Syngas ASX:SYS Syngas Dividends
Synlait Milk ASX:SM1 526.3 12.3 Synlait Milk Dividends
Syntonic ASX:SYT 3.45 Syntonic Dividends
Syrah Resources ASX:SYR 72.7 Syrah Resources Dividends
Tabcorp Holdings ASX:TAH 3,913 19.8 Tabcorp Holdings Dividends
Takor ASX:TKO Takor Dividends
Takoradi ASX:TKG Takoradi Dividends
Talga Resources ASX:TLG 42.4 Talga Resources Dividends
Tali Digital ASX:TD1 9.17 Tali Digital Dividends
Talisman Mining ASX:TLM 7.01 Talisman Mining Dividends
Talon Petroleum ASX:TPD 1.61 Talon Petroleum Dividends
Tamaska Oil And Gas ASX:TMK 2.25 Tamaska Oil And Gas Dividends
Tamawood ASX:TWD 48.3 Tamawood Dividends
Tambla ASX:TBL 3.88 Tambla Dividends
Tanami Gold Nl ASX:TAM 27.0 Tanami Gold Nl Dividends
Tanga Resources ASX:TRL 0.65 Tanga Resources Dividends
Tao Commodities ASX:TAO 1.03 Tao Commodities Dividends
Tap Oil ASX:TAP 20.8 Tap Oil Dividends
Target Energy ASX:TEX Target Energy Dividends
Tartana Resources ASX:TNA Tartana Resources Dividends
Taruga Minerals ASX:TAR 1.70 Taruga Minerals Dividends
Tasfoods ASX:TFL 12.1 Tasfoods Dividends
Tasman Resources ASX:TAS 7.39 Tasman Resources Dividends
Tasmania Mines ASX:TMM Tasmania Mines Dividends
Tassal ASX:TGR 407 11.2 Tassal Dividends
Tatts ASX:TTS Tatts Dividends
Tawana Resources Nl ASX:TAW Tawana Resources Nl Dividends
Tbg Diagnostics ASX:TDL 2.88 Tbg Diagnostics Dividends
Teaminvest Private ASX:TIP 35.1 Teaminvest Private Dividends
Techniche ASX:TCN 3.76 Techniche Dividends
Technology Metals Australia ASX:TMT 4.28 Technology Metals Australia Dividends
Technologyone ASX:TNE 1,270 35.9 Technologyone Dividends
Telix Pharmaceuticals ASX:TLX 169.1 Telix Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Telstra ASX:TLS 20,796 17.4 Telstra Dividends
Temple & Webster ASX:TPW 187.3 103.4 Temple & Webster Dividends
Templeton Global Growth Fund ASX:TGG 130.5 Templeton Global Growth Fund Dividends
Tempo Australia ASX:TPP 10.2 5.90 Tempo Australia Dividends
Tempus Resources ASX:TMR 3.06 Tempus Resources Dividends
Ten Network Holdings ASX:TEN Ten Network Holdings Dividends
Terracom ASX:TER 50.0 Terracom Dividends
Terragen Holdings ASX:TGH 15.2 Terragen Holdings Dividends
Terrain Minerals ASX:TMX 1.31 Terrain Minerals Dividends
Terramin Australia ASX:TZN 44.5 Terramin Australia Dividends
Tesoro Resources ASX:TSO 0.48 Tesoro Resources Dividends
Tesserent ASX:TNT 6.07 Tesserent Dividends
Thc Global ASX:THC 21.3 Thc Global Dividends
Thedocyard ASX:TDY 10.2 Thedocyard Dividends
Theta Gold Mines ASX:TGM 44.0 Theta Gold Mines Dividends
Think Childcare ASX:TNK 37.9 11.2 Think Childcare Dividends
Thinksmart ASX:TSM 36.6 Thinksmart Dividends
Tho Services ASX:THO Tho Services Dividends
Thomson Resources ASX:TMZ 1.50 Thomson Resources Dividends
Thorn ASX:TGA 19.5 Thorn Dividends
Thorney Opportunities ASX:TOP 60.2 Thorney Opportunities Dividends
Thorney Technologies ASX:TEK 31.5 Thorney Technologies Dividends
Threat Protect Australia ASX:TPS 13.1 Threat Protect Australia Dividends
Thred ASX:THD Thred Dividends
Tian An Australia ASX:TIA 14.1 Tian An Australia Dividends
Tian Poh Resources ASX:TPO Tian Poh Resources Dividends
Tianmei Beverage ASX:TB8 Tianmei Beverage Dividends
Tietto Minerals ASX:TIE 34.3 Tietto Minerals Dividends
Tiger Resources ASX:TGS Tiger Resources Dividends
Tigers Realm Coal ASX:TIG 35.2 Tigers Realm Coal Dividends
Tikforce ASX:TKF Tikforce Dividends
Tillegrah ASX:TIH Tillegrah Dividends
Timah Resources ASX:TML 3.20 Timah Resources Dividends
Tinho Union (australia) ASX:TUA Tinho Union (australia) Dividends
Tinybeans ASX:TNY 18.9 Tinybeans Dividends
Titan Minerals ASX:TTM 13.7 Titan Minerals Dividends
Titanium Sands ASX:TSL 12.0 Titanium Sands Dividends
Titomic ASX:TTT 61.5 Titomic Dividends
Tlou Energy ASX:TOU 13.1 Tlou Energy Dividends
Tng ASX:TNG 38.9 Tng Dividends
Tnt Mines ASX:TIN 0.99 Tnt Mines Dividends
Todd River Resources ASX:TRT 2.17 Todd River Resources Dividends
Tomizone ASX:TOM Tomizone Dividends
Torian Resources ASX:TNR 1.06 Torian Resources Dividends
Toro Energy ASX:TOE 7.75 Toro Energy Dividends
Torque Metals ASX:TOR Torque Metals Dividends
Total Brain ASX:TTB 25.0 Total Brain Dividends
Touchcorp ASX:TCH Touchcorp Dividends
Tox Free Solutions ASX:TOX Tox Free Solutions Dividends
Tpc Consolidated ASX:TPC 6.01 Tpc Consolidated Dividends
Tpg Telecom ASX:TPM 3,562 30.2 Tpg Telecom Dividends
Trade Me ASX:TME Trade Me Dividends
Traditional Therapy Clinics ASX:TTC Traditional Therapy Clinics Dividends
Traffic Technologies ASX:TTI 2.95 Traffic Technologies Dividends
Trafford Resources Pty ASX:TRF Trafford Resources Pty Dividends
Traka Resources ASX:TKL 1.02 Traka Resources Dividends
Transcendence Technologies ASX:TTL Transcendence Technologies Dividends
Transmetro ASX:TCO 8.60 Transmetro Dividends
Transurban ASX:TCL 20,689 63.6 Transurban Dividends
Traprock Mining ASX:TMI Traprock Mining Dividends
Treasury Wine Estates ASX:TWE 4,048 17.0 Treasury Wine Estates Dividends
Trek Metals ASX:TKM 0.56 Trek Metals Dividends
Triangle Energy (global) ASX:TEG 6.22 Triangle Energy (global) Dividends
Tribeca Global Natural Resources ASX:TGF 45.0 Tribeca Global Natural Resources Dividends
Tribune Resources ASX:TBR 151.1 Tribune Resources Dividends
Trigg Mining ASX:TMG 1.24 Trigg Mining Dividends
Trimantium Growthops ASX:TGO 7.01 Trimantium Growthops Dividends
Triple Energy ASX:TNP 0.29 Triple Energy Dividends
Triton Minerals ASX:TON 14.2 0.65 Triton Minerals Dividends
Troy Resources ASX:TRY 25.4 Troy Resources Dividends
Truscott Mining ASX:TRM 0.48 Truscott Mining Dividends
Tta Holdings ASX:TTA 0.77 Tta Holdings Dividends
Tubi ASX:2BE 18.6 Tubi Dividends
Tungsten Mining Nl ASX:TGN 61.3 Tungsten Mining Nl Dividends
Tv2u International ASX:TV2 Tv2u International Dividends
Twenty Seven Co ASX:TSC 3.50 Twenty Seven Co Dividends
Tymlez ASX:TYM 1.93 Tymlez Dividends
Tyranna Resources ASX:TYX 1.44 Tyranna Resources Dividends
Tyro Payments ASX:TYR 870.9 Tyro Payments Dividends
Tz ASX:TZL 2.37 Tz Dividends
Ucw ASX:UCW 11.9 Ucw Dividends
Ugl ASX:UGL Ugl Dividends
Uil Energy ASX:UIL Uil Energy Dividends
Ultima United ASX:UUL 0.24 Ultima United Dividends
Ultracharge ASX:UTR Ultracharge Dividends
United Networks ASX:UNL 2.82 United Networks Dividends
United Overseas Australia ASX:UOS 599.8 United Overseas Australia Dividends
Uniti ASX:UWL 214.6 20.2 Uniti Dividends
Unity Mining ASX:UML Unity Mining Dividends
Unity Pacific ASX:UPG Unity Pacific Dividends
Universal Biosecurity ASX:UBL Universal Biosecurity Dividends
Universal Biosensors Inc ASX:UBI 13.6 Universal Biosensors Inc Dividends
Universal Coal ASX:UNV 55.9 2.28 Universal Coal Dividends
Updater Inc ASX:UPD Updater Inc Dividends
Urb Investments ASX:URB 39.5 Urb Investments Dividends
Urbanise Com ASX:UBN 19.7 Urbanise Com Dividends
Us Masters Residential Property Fund ASX:URF 76.8 Us Masters Residential Property Fund Dividends
Us Residential Fund ASX:USR Us Residential Fund Dividends
Us Select Private Opportunities Fund ASX:CD1 30.8 Us Select Private Opportunities Fund Dividends
Uscom ASX:UCM 21.8 Uscom Dividends
Uuv Aquabotix ASX:UUV 0.25 Uuv Aquabotix Dividends
Uxa Resources ASX:UXA Uxa Resources Dividends
Uxc ASX:UXC Uxc Dividends
Valmec ASX:VMX 16.0 6.82 Valmec Dividends
Valor Resources ASX:VAL 1.45 Valor Resources Dividends
Vanadium Resources ASX:VR8 1.95 Vanadium Resources Dividends
Vango Mining ASX:VAN 32.0 Vango Mining Dividends
Vanguard International Fixed Interest (hdg) Etf ASX:VIF Vanguard International Fixed Interest (hdg) Etf Dividends
Vanguard Msci Index International Shs (hedged) Etf ASX:VGAD Vanguard Msci Index International Shs (hedged) Etf Dividends
Variscan Mines ASX:VAR 52.5 Variscan Mines Dividends
Vault Intelligence ASX:VLT 9.18 Vault Intelligence Dividends
Vdm ASX:VMG 4.80 Vdm Dividends
Vealls ASX:VELCP Vealls Dividends
Vection Technologies ASX:VR1 6.70 Vection Technologies Dividends
Vector Resources ASX:VEC Vector Resources Dividends
Vectus Biosystems ASX:VBS 6.91 Vectus Biosystems Dividends
Veda ASX:VED Veda Dividends
Veem ASX:VEE 31.5 Veem Dividends
Velocity Property ASX:VP7 5.54 Velocity Property Dividends
Velpic ASX:VPC Velpic Dividends
Venture Minerals ASX:VMS 3.98 Venture Minerals Dividends
Venturex Resources ASX:VXR 14.6 Venturex Resources Dividends
Venus Metals ASX:VMC 10.4 Venus Metals Dividends
Verdant Minerals ASX:VRM Verdant Minerals Dividends
Veris ASX:VRS 10.2 4.91 Veris Dividends
Vgi Partners ASX:VGI 393.2 Vgi Partners Dividends
Vgi Partners Asian Investments ASX:VG8 438.4 Vgi Partners Asian Investments Dividends
Vgi Partners Global Investments ASX:VG1 454.3 Vgi Partners Global Investments Dividends
Viagold Capital ASX:VIA Viagold Capital Dividends
Vicinity ASX:CER Vicinity Dividends
Vicinity Centres ASX:VCX 4,137 12.1 Vicinity Centres Dividends
Victor Group ASX:VIG Victor Group Dividends
Victory Mines ASX:VIC 0.69 Victory Mines Dividends
Victory Offices ASX:VOL 34.4 6.28 Victory Offices Dividends
Viento ASX:VIE Viento Dividends
Vietnam Industrial Investments ASX:VII Vietnam Industrial Investments Dividends
Viking Mines ASX:VKA 1.28 Viking Mines Dividends
Villa World ASX:VLW Villa World Dividends
Village Roadshow ASX:VRL 349.1 23.9 Village Roadshow Dividends
Vimy Resources ASX:VMY 10.6 Vimy Resources Dividends
Vintage Energy ASX:VEN 16.3 Vintage Energy Dividends
Vip Gloves ASX:VIP Vip Gloves Dividends
Viralytics ASX:VLA Viralytics Dividends
Virgin Australia Holdings ASX:VAH 451.9 Virgin Australia Holdings Dividends
Virgin Money Uk ASX:VUK 2,180 6.32 Virgin Money Uk Dividends
Virtus Health ASX:VRT 169.1 12.6 Virtus Health Dividends
Visioneering Technologies Inc ASX:VTI 7.32 Visioneering Technologies Inc Dividends
Visual Amplifiers ASX:VMP Visual Amplifiers Dividends
Vita ASX:VTG 119.8 8.65 Vita Dividends
Vita Life Sciences ASX:VLS 18.5 Vita Life Sciences Dividends
Vitaco Holdings ASX:VIT Vitaco Holdings Dividends
Vital Metals ASX:VML 8.00 Vital Metals Dividends
Vitalharvest Freehold Trust ASX:VTH 67.0 13.1 Vitalharvest Freehold Trust Dividends
Viva Energy ASX:VEA 1,738 17.5 Viva Energy Dividends
Viva Energy Reit ASX:VVR 1,080 18.0 Viva Energy Reit Dividends
Viva Leisure ASX:VVA 73.6 14.2 Viva Leisure Dividends
Vivid Technology ASX:VIV Vivid Technology Dividends
Vmoto ASX:VMT 25.2 Vmoto Dividends
Vocation ASX:VET Vocation Dividends
Vocus ASX:VOC 1,088 19.0 Vocus Dividends
Volpara Health Technologies ASX:VHT 153.4 Volpara Health Technologies Dividends
Volt Power ASX:VPR 4.20 Volt Power Dividends
Volt Resources ASX:VRC 9.80 0.039 Volt Resources Dividends
Vonex ASX:VNX Vonex Dividends
Vonex ASX:VN8 7.31 Vonex Dividends
Vortiv ASX:VOR 7.40 Vortiv Dividends
Vrx Silica ASX:VRX 18.3 Vrx Silica Dividends
Vulcan Energy Resources ASX:VUL 3.64 Vulcan Energy Resources Dividends
Vysarn ASX:VYS 4.17 Vysarn Dividends
Wagners Holding ASX:WGN 132.6 16.6 Wagners Holding Dividends
Wakenby ASX:WAK Wakenby Dividends
Walkabout Resources ASX:WKT 22.6 Walkabout Resources Dividends
Wam Active ASX:WAA 24.2 Wam Active Dividends
Wam Capital ASX:WAM 772.1 Wam Capital Dividends
Wam Global ASX:WGB 220.3 Wam Global Dividends
Wam Leaders ASX:WLE 444.3 Wam Leaders Dividends
Wam Microcap ASX:WMI 97.3 Wam Microcap Dividends
Wam Research ASX:WAX 136.7 Wam Research Dividends
Wameja ASX:WJA 71.0 Wameja Dividends
Warrego Energy ASX:WGO 46.6 Warrego Energy Dividends
Warrnambool Cheese And Butter Factory Holdings ASX:WCB Warrnambool Cheese And Butter Factory Holdings Dividends
Washington H Soul Pattinson And ASX:SOL 2,382 14.4 Washington H Soul Pattinson And Dividends
Waterberg Coal Co ASX:WCC Waterberg Coal Co Dividends
Waterco ASX:WAT 38.9 Waterco Dividends
Watermark Global Leaders Fund ASX:WGF Watermark Global Leaders Fund Dividends
Watermark Market Neutral Fund ASX:WMK Watermark Market Neutral Fund Dividends
Watpac ASX:WTP Watpac Dividends
Wattle Health Australia ASX:WHA Wattle Health Australia Dividends
Wavenet International ASX:WAL Wavenet International Dividends
Wcm Global Growth ASX:WQG 77.9 Wcm Global Growth Dividends
Wds ASX:WDS Wds Dividends
Wealth Defender Equities ASX:WDE Wealth Defender Equities Dividends
Webjet ASX:WEB 660.9 12.4 Webjet Dividends
Webster ASX:WBA 369.3 150.3 Webster Dividends
Weebit Nano ASX:WBT 12.3 Weebit Nano Dividends
Wellard ASX:WLD 19.0 7.00 Wellard Dividends
Wellcom ASX:WLL Wellcom Dividends
Wellness And Beauty Solutions ASX:WNB 0.63 Wellness And Beauty Solutions Dividends
Wesfarmers ASX:WES 23,496 23.1 Wesfarmers Dividends
West African Resources ASX:WAF 246 4.78 West African Resources Dividends
West Wits Mining ASX:WWI 4.08 West Wits Mining Dividends
Western Areas ASX:WSA 337.6 9.58 Western Areas Dividends
Westfield ASX:WFD Westfield Dividends
Westfield ASX:WDC 11,451 Westfield Dividends
Westfield America Trust ASX:WFA Westfield America Trust Dividends
Westfield Retail Trust ASX:WRT 4,573 Westfield Retail Trust Dividends
Westgold Resources ASX:WGX 413.6 9.60 Westgold Resources Dividends
Westoz Investment ASX:WIC 65.0 Westoz Investment Dividends
Westpac Banking ASX:WBCPF 42,013 55.7 Westpac Banking Dividends
Westpac Banking ASX:WBC 42,013 12.9 Westpac Banking Dividends
Weststar Industrial ASX:WSI 5.65 Weststar Industrial Dividends
Wfd Unibail Rodamco Nv ASX:URW 12,872 174.8 Wfd Unibail Rodamco Nv Dividends
Whispir ASX:WSP 67.7 Whispir Dividends
White Cliff Minerals ASX:WCN 0.96 White Cliff Minerals Dividends
White Energy ASX:WEC 19.5 White Energy Dividends
White Rock Minerals ASX:WRM 2.50 White Rock Minerals Dividends
Whitebark Energy ASX:WBE 8.01 Whitebark Energy Dividends
Whitefield ASX:WHF 237.6 Whitefield Dividends
Whitehaven Coal ASX:WHC 1,046 12.5 Whitehaven Coal Dividends
Whitehawk ASX:WHK 4.75 Whitehawk Dividends
Wide Open Agriculture ASX:WOA 4.32 Wide Open Agriculture Dividends
Winchester Energy ASX:WEL 6.60 Winchester Energy Dividends
Windlab ASX:WND 29.2 1.68 Windlab Dividends
Windward Resources ASX:WIN Windward Resources Dividends
Wingara Ag ASX:WNR 14.2 Wingara Ag Dividends
Winha Commerce And Trade International ASX:WQW Winha Commerce And Trade International Dividends
Winmar Resources ASX:WFE Winmar Resources Dividends
Wisetech Global ASX:WTC 2,449 56.1 Wisetech Global Dividends
Wiseway ASX:WWG 8.64 Wiseway Dividends
Wisr ASX:WZR 68.5 Wisr Dividends
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