Australian Stock Exchange - SEATS

ASX / ASX - 2565 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Viagold Rare Earth Resources Holdings ASX:VIA 3.84 Viagold Rare Earth Resources Holdings Dividends
Vicinity ASX:CER Vicinity Dividends
Vicinity Centres ASX:VCX 4,286 Vicinity Centres Dividends
Victor Group ASX:VIG 9.65 Victor Group Dividends
Victory Mines ASX:VIC 4.97 Victory Mines Dividends
Victory Offices ASX:VOL 11.5 Victory Offices Dividends
Viento ASX:VIE Viento Dividends
Vietnam Industrial Investments ASX:VII Vietnam Industrial Investments Dividends
Viking Mines ASX:VKA 9.63 Viking Mines Dividends
Villa World ASX:VLW Villa World Dividends
Village Roadshow ASX:VRL Village Roadshow Dividends
Vimy Resources ASX:VMY 59.1 Vimy Resources Dividends
Vintage Energy ASX:VEN 21.4 Vintage Energy Dividends
Vip Gloves ASX:VIP 20.5 Vip Gloves Dividends
Viralytics ASX:VLA Viralytics Dividends
Virgin Australia Holdings ASX:VAH Virgin Australia Holdings Dividends
Virgin Money Uk ASX:VUK 2,792 10.4 Virgin Money Uk Dividends
Virtus Health ASX:VRT 273.4 15.4 Virtus Health Dividends
Visioneering Technologies Inc ASX:VTI 8.38 Visioneering Technologies Inc Dividends
Vista International ASX:VGL 275.8 217.7 Vista International Dividends
Visual Amplifiers ASX:VMP Visual Amplifiers Dividends
Vita ASX:VTG 81.5 5.59 Vita Dividends
Vita Life Sciences ASX:VLS 35.9 Vita Life Sciences Dividends
Vitaco Holdings ASX:VIT Vitaco Holdings Dividends
Vital Metals ASX:VML 102 Vital Metals Dividends
Vitalharvest Freehold Trust ASX:VTH 125.3 17.2 Vitalharvest Freehold Trust Dividends
Viva Energy ASX:VEA 1,608 26.9 Viva Energy Dividends
Viva Leisure ASX:VVA 127.6 21.5 Viva Leisure Dividends
Vivid Technology ASX:VIV Vivid Technology Dividends
Vmoto ASX:VMT 71.7 Vmoto Dividends
Vocation ASX:VET Vocation Dividends
Vocus ASX:VOC 1,906 30.0 Vocus Dividends
Volpara Health Technologies ASX:VHT 200.2 Volpara Health Technologies Dividends
Volt Power ASX:VPR 18.0 Volt Power Dividends
Volt Resources ASX:VRC 26.7 0.056 Volt Resources Dividends
Vonex ASX:VNX Vonex Dividends
Vonex ASX:VN8 14.2 Vonex Dividends
Vortiv ASX:VOR 11.1 Vortiv Dividends
Vpcl ASX:VPCDA Vpcl Dividends
Vrx Silica ASX:VRX 79.0 Vrx Silica Dividends
Vulcan Energy Resources ASX:VUL 340.8 Vulcan Energy Resources Dividends
Vysarn ASX:VYS 24.7 Vysarn Dividends
Wa Kaolin ASX:WAK 27.8 Wa Kaolin Dividends
Wagners Holding ASX:WGN 218.9 24.6 Wagners Holding Dividends
Walkabout Resources ASX:WKT 58.9 Walkabout Resources Dividends
Wam Active ASX:WAA 28.7 Wam Active Dividends
Wam Alternative Assets ASX:WMA 109.5 Wam Alternative Assets Dividends
Wam Capital ASX:WAM 971.4 Wam Capital Dividends
Wam Global ASX:WGB 314.5 Wam Global Dividends
Wam Leaders ASX:WLE 700.4 Wam Leaders Dividends
Wam Microcap ASX:WMI 240.5 Wam Microcap Dividends
Wam Research ASX:WAX 183.9 Wam Research Dividends
Wameja ASX:WJA 68.1 Wameja Dividends
Warrego Energy ASX:WGO 127.7 Warrego Energy Dividends
Warrnambool Cheese And Butter Factory Holdings ASX:WCB Warrnambool Cheese And Butter Factory Holdings Dividends
Washington H Soul Pattinson And ASX:SOL 4,452 33.5 Washington H Soul Pattinson And Dividends
Waterberg Coal Co ASX:WCC Waterberg Coal Co Dividends
Waterco ASX:WAT 58.4 Waterco Dividends
Watermark Global Leaders Fund ASX:WGF Watermark Global Leaders Fund Dividends
Watermark Market Neutral Fund ASX:WMK Watermark Market Neutral Fund Dividends
Watpac ASX:WTP Watpac Dividends
Wattle Health Australia ASX:WHA Wattle Health Australia Dividends
Wavenet International ASX:WAL Wavenet International Dividends
Way2vat ASX:W2V Way2vat Dividends
Waypoint Reit ASX:WPR 1,117 16.0 Waypoint Reit Dividends
Wcm Global Growth ASX:WQG 151.9 Wcm Global Growth Dividends
Wds ASX:WDS Wds Dividends
Wealth Defender Equities ASX:WDE Wealth Defender Equities Dividends
Webcentral ASX:WCG 63.7 Webcentral Dividends
Webjet ASX:WEB 1,010 247.4 Webjet Dividends
Webster ASX:WBA Webster Dividends
Weebit Nano ASX:WBT 147.4 Weebit Nano Dividends
Wellard ASX:WLD 18.2 3.40 Wellard Dividends
Wellcom ASX:WLL Wellcom Dividends
Wellfully ASX:WFL 5.35 Wellfully Dividends
Wellness And Beauty Solutions ASX:WNB 2.46 Wellness And Beauty Solutions Dividends
Wesfarmers ASX:WES 35,465 27.2 Wesfarmers Dividends
West African Resources ASX:WAF 511.3 5.07 West African Resources Dividends
West Wits Mining ASX:WWI 61.5 West Wits Mining Dividends
Westar Resources ASX:WSR 6.52 Westar Resources Dividends
Western Areas ASX:WSA 352.6 45.9 Western Areas Dividends
Westfield ASX:WFD Westfield Dividends
Westfield ASX:WDC 12,628 Westfield Dividends
Westfield America Trust ASX:WFA Westfield America Trust Dividends
Westfield Retail Trust ASX:WRT 5,043 Westfield Retail Trust Dividends
Westgold Resources ASX:WGX 552.8 7.52 Westgold Resources Dividends
Westoz Investment ASX:WIC 84.6 Westoz Investment Dividends
Westpac Banking ASX:WBCPF 51,390 59.0 Westpac Banking Dividends
Westpac Banking ASX:WBC 51,390 15.0 Westpac Banking Dividends
Weststar Industrial ASX:WSI 9.31 Weststar Industrial Dividends
Whispir ASX:WSP 188.1 Whispir Dividends
White Cliff Minerals ASX:WCN 5.52 White Cliff Minerals Dividends
White Energy ASX:WEC 47.9 White Energy Dividends
White Rock Minerals ASX:WRM 24.9 White Rock Minerals Dividends
Whitebark Energy ASX:WBE Whitebark Energy Dividends
Whitefield ASX:WHF 301.1 Whitefield Dividends
Whitehaven Coal ASX:WHC 865 28.4 Whitehaven Coal Dividends
Whitehawk ASX:WHK 29.5 Whitehawk Dividends
Wide Open Agriculture ASX:WOA 46.2 Wide Open Agriculture Dividends
Wildcat Resources ASX:WC8 6.77 Wildcat Resources Dividends
Wiluna Mining ASX:WMX 66.6 Wiluna Mining Dividends
Winchester Energy ASX:WEL 7.37 Winchester Energy Dividends
Windlab ASX:WND Windlab Dividends
Windward Resources ASX:WIN Windward Resources Dividends
Wingara Ag ASX:WNR 10.4 10.00 Wingara Ag Dividends
Winha Commerce And Trade International ASX:WQW Winha Commerce And Trade International Dividends
Winmar Resources ASX:WFE Winmar Resources Dividends
Wisetech Global ASX:WTC 5,860 84.0 Wisetech Global Dividends
Wiseway ASX:WWG 25.2 Wiseway Dividends
Wisr ASX:WZR 144.8 Wisr Dividends
Wolf Minerals ASX:WLF Wolf Minerals Dividends
Wolf Petroleum ASX:WOF Wolf Petroleum Dividends
Wollongong Coal ASX:WLC Wollongong Coal Dividends
Wooboard Technologies ASX:WOO 5.20 Wooboard Technologies Dividends
Woodside Petroleum ASX:WPL 13,020 15.3 Woodside Petroleum Dividends
Woodside Petroleum ASX:WPLR Woodside Petroleum Dividends
Woolworths ASX:WOW 29,905 25.9 Woolworths Dividends
Woomera Mining ASX:WML 4.59 Woomera Mining Dividends
World Titanium Resources ASX:WTR World Titanium Resources Dividends Services ASX:WNS Services Dividends
Worley ASX:WOR 3,167 17.4 Worley Dividends
Wotso Property ASX:WOT 104.7 Wotso Property Dividends
Wpg Resources ASX:WPG Wpg Resources Dividends
Wpp Aunz ASX:WPP 313.7 7.64 Wpp Aunz Dividends
Wt Financial ASX:WTL 5.72 Wt Financial Dividends
Xanadu Mines ASX:XAM 45.4 Xanadu Mines Dividends
Xantippe Resources ASX:XTC 5.73 Xantippe Resources Dividends
Xcd Energy ASX:XCD Xcd Energy Dividends
Xenith Ip ASX:XIP Xenith Ip Dividends
Xero ASX:XRO 11,705 300 Xero Dividends
Xpd Soccer Gear ASX:XPD Xpd Soccer Gear Dividends
Xped ASX:XPE 4.20 Xped Dividends
Xplore Wealth ASX:XPL 35.1 Xplore Wealth Dividends
Xref ASX:XF1 28.2 Xref Dividends
Xrf Scientific ASX:XRF 25.7 14.4 Xrf Scientific Dividends
Xs Resources ASX:XS1 Xs Resources Dividends
Xstate Resources ASX:XST 5.09 Xstate Resources Dividends
Xtek ASX:XTE 22.7 3.87 Xtek Dividends
Yancoal Australia ASX:YAL 1,692 Yancoal Australia Dividends
Yancoal Australia ASX:YALRA 1,692 Yancoal Australia Dividends
Yandal Resources ASX:YRL 25.8 Yandal Resources Dividends
Yellow Brick Road Holdings ASX:YBR 16.0 Yellow Brick Road Holdings Dividends
Yojee ASX:YOJ 92.6 Yojee Dividends
Youfoodz Holdings ASX:YFZ 49.5 Youfoodz Holdings Dividends
Yowie ASX:YOW 5.28 Yowie Dividends
Ypb ASX:YPB 7.13 Ypb Dividends
Z Energy ASX:ZEL 717.2 16.7 Z Energy Dividends
Zamanco Minerals ASX:ZAM Zamanco Minerals Dividends
Zamia Metals ASX:ZGM Zamia Metals Dividends
Zebit Inc ASX:ZBT 74.3 Zebit Inc Dividends
Zelira Therapeutics ASX:ZLD 42.0 31.9 Zelira Therapeutics Dividends
Zenitas Healthcare ASX:ZNT Zenitas Healthcare Dividends
Zenith Energy ASX:ZEN Zenith Energy Dividends
Zenith Minerals ASX:ZNC 21.5 Zenith Minerals Dividends
Zeotech ASX:ZEO 70.9 Zeotech Dividends
Zeta Petroleum ASX:ZTA Zeta Petroleum Dividends
Zeta Resources ASX:ZER 50.9 Zeta Resources Dividends
Zeus Resources ASX:ZEU 3.54 Zeus Resources Dividends
Zicom ASX:ZGL 9.89 Zicom Dividends
Zimplats Holdings ASX:ZIM 1,513 Zimplats Holdings Dividends
Zinc Of Ireland Nl ASX:ZMI 4.29 Zinc Of Ireland Nl Dividends
Zip Co ASX:Z1P 2,955 Zip Co Dividends
Zoono ASX:ZNO 79.1 Zoono Dividends
Zuleika Gold ASX:ZAG 7.88 Zuleika Gold Dividends
Zyber Holdings ASX:ZYB Zyber Holdings Dividends
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