Bratislava Stock Exchange

BRA / BTS - 105 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Agria Liptov BTS:1AAA401E Agria Liptov Dividends
Agricultural Cooperative Ocova BTS:1ABK401E Agricultural Cooperative Ocova Dividends
Agrocons Nitra As BTS:1AGN401E Agrocons Nitra As Dividends
Ahp Hydraulika As BTS:1GET402E Ahp Hydraulika As Dividends
Aktiv Park As BTS:1PSS401E Aktiv Park As Dividends
Allianz Slovenska Poistovna As BTS:1SLP401E 1,391 Allianz Slovenska Poistovna As Dividends
Best Hotel Properties As BTS:1SRA001E Best Hotel Properties As Dividends
Biotika As BTS:1BSL01AE 22.2 Biotika As Dividends
Branko As BTS:1BRA01FE Branko As Dividends
Cas As BTS:1CAS401E Cas As Dividends
Cementaren Lietavska Lucka As BTS:1CLL401E Cementaren Lietavska Lucka As Dividends
Cemmac As BTS:1CEM01AE 28.0 Cemmac As Dividends
Cestne Stavby Povazska Bystrica Sro V Likvidacii BTS:1CSB01AE Cestne Stavby Povazska Bystrica Sro V Likvidacii Dividends
Cheminvest As BTS:1CHI01AE Cheminvest As Dividends
Chemolak As BTS:1CHL01AE 13.8 Chemolak As Dividends
Colas Slovakia As BTS:1ISK01AE Colas Slovakia As Dividends
Crh Slovensko As BTS:1HIR401E Crh Slovensko As Dividends
Cty As BTS:1HUS01AE Cty As Dividends
Devin Banka As BTS:1DEB01EE Devin Banka As Dividends
Dividend Development As V Likvidacii BTS:1TEM01AE Dividend Development As V Likvidacii Dividends
Dolkam Suja As BTS:1DSU01AE Dolkam Suja As Dividends
Doprastav As BTS:1DOP401E Doprastav As Dividends
Druha Strategicka As BTS:1DRS001E 1.67 Druha Strategicka As Dividends
Druzstvo Podielnikov Devin BTS:1AAC401E Druzstvo Podielnikov Devin Dividends
Ekopramene As V Likvidacii BTS:1EPM401E Ekopramene As V Likvidacii Dividends
Ekostav As BTS:1ESM01AE Ekostav As Dividends
Elektrokarbon As BTS:1ELK01AE Elektrokarbon As Dividends
Fpk Invest As V Konkurze BTS:1AVC401E Fpk Invest As V Konkurze Dividends
Frigo As BTS:1FRG01AE Frigo As Dividends
Garfin Holding As BTS:1GRT001E Garfin Holding As Dividends
Geocomplex As BTS:1GEC01AE Geocomplex As Dividends
Hotel Flora As BTS:1LDP01AE Hotel Flora As Dividends
Hydromelioracie As BTS:1HML01AE Hydromelioracie As Dividends
Hyza As BTS:1HYZ401E Hyza As Dividends
I G H P As V Likvidacii BTS:1IGH401E I G H P As V Likvidacii Dividends
Investicny Fond Psips As V Likvidacii V Konkurze BTS:1IFI401E Investicny Fond Psips As V Likvidacii V Konkurze Dividends
Kamex As V Likvidacii BTS:1KMX01AE Kamex As V Likvidacii Dividends
Krivan - Tatra Investicny Fond As V Likvidacii BTS:1KTA401E Krivan - Tatra Investicny Fond As V Likvidacii Dividends
Kt Invest As BTS:1KTN001E Kt Invest As Dividends
Kupele Dudince As BTS:1HON01AE Kupele Dudince As Dividends
Kupele Novy Smokovec As BTS:1KNS01AE Kupele Novy Smokovec As Dividends
Kupele Strbske Pleso As BTS:1KSP01AE Kupele Strbske Pleso As Dividends
Kupele Trencianske Teplice As BTS:1SLU01AE Kupele Trencianske Teplice As Dividends
Majetkovy Holding As BTS:1MAH001E Majetkovy Holding As Dividends
Merina As V Likvidacii BTS:1MER01AE Merina As V Likvidacii Dividends
Milsy As BTS:1MIL401E Milsy As Dividends
Mineralne Vody As BTS:1MIN01AE Mineralne Vody As Dividends
Mraziarne As Sladkovicovo BTS:1MRZ401E Mraziarne As Sladkovicovo Dividends
Osivo As BTS:1OSI002E Osivo As Dividends
Otp Banka Slovensko As BTS:1OTP005E 27.3 Otp Banka Slovensko As Dividends
Plastika As BTS:1PLS01AE 0.30 Plastika As Dividends
Podak As BTS:1ABL401E Podak As Dividends
Podtatranska Hydina As BTS:1PTH01AE Podtatranska Hydina As Dividends
Polianky Business Center As BTS:1PVP01AE Polianky Business Center As Dividends
Polnohospodarske Druzstvo Cingov Smizany BTS:1AAF401E Polnohospodarske Druzstvo Cingov Smizany Dividends
Polnohospodarske Druzstvo Mlynica BTS:1ABI401E Polnohospodarske Druzstvo Mlynica Dividends
Polnohospodarske Druzstvo V Tomasove BTS:1ABA401E Polnohospodarske Druzstvo V Tomasove Dividends
Polnohospodarske Druzstvo Vranov Hencovska BTS:1AAR401E Polnohospodarske Druzstvo Vranov Hencovska Dividends
Polnonakup Saris As BTS:1PSA01AE 0.54 Polnonakup Saris As Dividends
Polnonakup Turiec As BTS:1PTM01AE Polnonakup Turiec As Dividends
Polnoprofit As BTS:1PIB401E Polnoprofit As Dividends
Povazske Strojarne As BTS:1PSP401E Povazske Strojarne As Dividends
Priatelstvo As BTS:1HDN401E Priatelstvo As Dividends
Prima Banka Slovensko As BTS:1PKB02CE Prima Banka Slovensko As Dividends
Pro Populo Pp As BTS:1IFP01AE Pro Populo Pp As Dividends
Projekting Ruzomberok As BTS:1PJR401E Projekting Ruzomberok As Dividends
Proxima Alfa Trade As BTS:1ABN401E Proxima Alfa Trade As Dividends
Prva Strategicka As BTS:1PRV001E 1.32 Prva Strategicka As Dividends
Real Za As BTS:1PRI401E Real Za As Dividends
Rona As BTS:1AAW401E Rona As Dividends
Salvator Konzervaren As BTS:1SAL401E Salvator Konzervaren As Dividends
Sandrik Dolne Hamre As BTS:1SDH401E Sandrik Dolne Hamre As Dividends
Sberbank Slovensko As BTS:1LUB404E Sberbank Slovensko As Dividends
Semat As BTS:1SEA01AE Semat As Dividends
Seredsky Masovy Priemysel As BTS:1SMP01AE Seredsky Masovy Priemysel As Dividends
Sitno As V Likvidacii BTS:1TSR01AE Sitno As V Likvidacii Dividends
Slovakia Industries As BTS:1SLI401E Slovakia Industries As Dividends
Slovenske Energeticke Strojarne As BTS:1SES01AE 0.013 Slovenske Energeticke Strojarne As Dividends
Slovenske Lucobne Zavody As Hnusta BTS:1SLZ401E Slovenske Lucobne Zavody As Hnusta Dividends
Slovfood As BTS:1SCK401E Slovfood As Dividends
Slovnaft As BTS:1SLN01AE Slovnaft As Dividends
Smrecina As BTS:1SMC401E Smrecina As Dividends
Solivary As Presov V Konkurze BTS:1SOL01AE Solivary As Presov V Konkurze Dividends
Stapring As BTS:1STP01AE Stapring As Dividends
Stp As Michalovce BTS:1SMI01AE Stp As Michalovce Dividends
Syraren Bel Slovensko As BTS:1ZPM401E Syraren Bel Slovensko As Dividends
Tatra Banka As BTS:1TAT01DE 1,354 Tatra Banka As Dividends
Tatranska Teplarenska As BTS:1EUC01AE Tatranska Teplarenska As Dividends
Tatry Mountain Resorts As BTS:1TMR001E 203.9 Tatry Mountain Resorts As Dividends
Tazke Strojarstvo As BTS:1TAS401E Tazke Strojarstvo As Dividends
Trebisovske Pekarne A Cukrarne As V Likvidacii BTS:1TRP401E Trebisovske Pekarne A Cukrarne As V Likvidacii Dividends
Union Poistovna As BTS:1UNI003E Union Poistovna As Dividends
Unistav As BTS:1UNS401E Unistav As Dividends
Vipo As BTS:1VIP01AE Vipo As Dividends
Vodomont Vodohospodarske Stavby As BTS:1VDM01AE Vodomont Vodohospodarske Stavby As Dividends
Vseobecna Uverova Banka As BTS:1VUB02AE 1,750 Vseobecna Uverova Banka As Dividends
Vunar As BTS:1VNR01AE Vunar As Dividends
Vyskumny Ustav Ovocnych A Okrasnych Drevin As BTS:1VUD401E Vyskumny Ustav Ovocnych A Okrasnych Drevin As Dividends
Zeling As BTS:1ZLG401E Zeling As Dividends
Zentiva As BTS:1SKF401E 128 Zentiva As Dividends
Zlievaren Sez Krompachy As BTS:1ZLK01AE Zlievaren Sez Krompachy As Dividends
Zrebcin Motesice As V Konkurze BTS:1ZMT401E Zrebcin Motesice As V Konkurze Dividends
Zts Inmart As BTS:1ZIM01AE Zts Inmart As Dividends
Zts Sabinov As BTS:1ZTS01NE Zts Sabinov As Dividends
Zts Vyskumno-vyvojovy Ustav Kosice As BTS:1SVV01AE Zts Vyskumno-vyvojovy Ustav Kosice As Dividends
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