Canadian Securities Exchange

CNX / CNSX - 564 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
12 Exploration Inc CNSX:TWLV 0.000 12 Exploration Inc Dividends
1933 Industries Inc CNSX:TGIF 30.8 1933 Industries Inc Dividends
21c Metals Inc CNSX:BULL 5.71 21c Metals Inc Dividends
3 Sixty Risk Solutions CNSX:SAFE 4.54 3 Sixty Risk Solutions Dividends
37 Capital Inc CNSX:JJJ.X 0.17 37 Capital Inc Dividends
4front Ventures CNSX:FFNT 286.1 4front Ventures Dividends
66 Resources CNSX:SXX 0.88 66 Resources Dividends
Abacus Health Products Inc CNSX:ABCS 38.8 392.9 Abacus Health Products Inc Dividends
Abattis Bioceuticals CNSX:ATT Abattis Bioceuticals Dividends
Acreage Holdings Inc CNSX:ACRG.U 359.4 Acreage Holdings Inc Dividends
Advantagewon Oil CNSX:AOC 1.51 Advantagewon Oil Dividends
Advantex Marketing International Inc CNSX:ADX 2.59 Advantex Marketing International Inc Dividends
Aether Catalyst Solutions Inc CNSX:ATHR 9.83 Aether Catalyst Solutions Inc Dividends
Affinor Growers Inc CNSX:AFI 4.50 Affinor Growers Inc Dividends
Agraflora Organics International Inc CNSX:AGRA 55.0 10.00 Agraflora Organics International Inc Dividends
Agrios Global Holdings CNSX:AGRO 11.2 11.4 Agrios Global Holdings Dividends
Ajn Resources Inc CNSX:AJN 4.09 Ajn Resources Inc Dividends
Alba Minerals CNSX:AA 0.99 Alba Minerals Dividends
Alchemist Mining Inc CNSX:AMS Alchemist Mining Inc Dividends
Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc CNSX:AGN 2.96 Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Alliance Growers CNSX:ACG 1.01 Alliance Growers Dividends
Alternate Health CNSX:AHG 4.35 Alternate Health Dividends
American Aires Inc CNSX:WIFI 33.6 American Aires Inc Dividends
American Battery Metals CNSX:ABC 3.60 American Battery Metals Dividends
American Pacific Mining CNSX:USGD 2.22 American Pacific Mining Dividends
Amp German Cannabis Inc CNSX:XCX 4.09 Amp German Cannabis Inc Dividends
Ampd Ventures Inc CNSX:AMPD 0.000 Ampd Ventures Inc Dividends
Ansar Financial And Development CNSX:AFD Ansar Financial And Development Dividends
Appia Energy CNSX:API 9.98 Appia Energy Dividends
Aquarius Surgical Technologies Inc CNSX:ASTI 4.16 Aquarius Surgical Technologies Inc Dividends
Arctic Glacier Income Fund CNSX:AG.UN 5.15 Arctic Glacier Income Fund Dividends
Arev Brands International CNSX:AREV 1.34 Arev Brands International Dividends
Argo Gold Inc CNSX:ARQ 2.12 Argo Gold Inc Dividends
Armada Mercantile CNSX:ARM 2.59 Armada Mercantile Dividends
Armadillo Resources CNSX:ARO Armadillo Resources Dividends
Asante Gold CNSX:ASE 1.32 Asante Gold Dividends
Ascent Industries CNSX:ASNT Ascent Industries Dividends
Asia Bio-chem CNSX:ABC 3.60 Asia Bio-chem Dividends
Asia Cannabis CNSX:ASIA Asia Cannabis Dividends
Ateba Resources Inc CNSX:ATR Ateba Resources Inc Dividends
Augustine Ventures Inc CNSX:WAW Augustine Ventures Inc Dividends
Aurwest Resources CNSX:AWR 0.23 Aurwest Resources Dividends
Australis Capital Inc CNSX:AUSA 44.3 Australis Capital Inc Dividends
Auxico Resources Canada Inc CNSX:AUAG 1.19 Auxico Resources Canada Inc Dividends
Avalon Blockchain Inc CNSX:WSM Avalon Blockchain Inc Dividends
Avapecia Life Sciences CNSX:VVS Avapecia Life Sciences Dividends
Avarone Metals Inc CNSX:AVM 4.03 Avarone Metals Inc Dividends
Aylen Capital Inc CNSX:AYL Aylen Capital Inc Dividends
Ayr Strategies Inc CNSX:AYR.A 115.2 15.1 Ayr Strategies Inc Dividends
Bactech Environmental CNSX:BAC 0.60 Bactech Environmental Dividends
Bam Bam Resources CNSX:BBR 0.19 Bam Bam Resources Dividends
Beleave Inc CNSX:BE 7.50 Beleave Inc Dividends
Belgravia Hartford Capital Inc CNSX:BLGV 2.36 Belgravia Hartford Capital Inc Dividends
Benchmark Botanics Inc CNSX:BBT 36.3 Benchmark Botanics Inc Dividends
Berkley Renewables Inc CNSX:BKS Berkley Renewables Inc Dividends
Betterlife Pharma Inc CNSX:BETR 6.78 Betterlife Pharma Inc Dividends
Bevcanna Enterprises Inc CNSX:BEV 9.43 Bevcanna Enterprises Inc Dividends
Bexar Ventures Inc CNSX:BXV Bexar Ventures Inc Dividends
Bhang Inc CNSX:BHNG 3.75 Bhang Inc Dividends
Bigg Digital Assets Inc CNSX:BIGG 3.37 4.00 Bigg Digital Assets Inc Dividends
Biocure Technology Inc CNSX:CURE 0.64 Biocure Technology Inc Dividends
Biomark Diagnostics Inc CNSX:BUX 9.36 Biomark Diagnostics Inc Dividends
Biome Grow Inc CNSX:BIO 8.80 Biome Grow Inc Dividends
Biosenta Inc CNSX:ZRO Biosenta Inc Dividends
Bird River Resources Inc CNSX:BDR Bird River Resources Inc Dividends
Bitrush CNSX:BRH Bitrush Dividends
Black Tusk Resources Inc CNSX:TUSK 0.51 Black Tusk Resources Inc Dividends
Blackhawk Resource CNSX:BLR 2.38 Blackhawk Resource Dividends
Blissco Cannabis CNSX:BLIS Blissco Cannabis Dividends
Block X Capital CNSX:BXXX 1.14 Block X Capital Dividends
Blockchain Foundry Inc CNSX:BCFN 2.99 Blockchain Foundry Inc Dividends
Blockchain Holdings CNSX:BCX 2.68 Blockchain Holdings Dividends
Blocplay Entertainment Inc CNSX:PLAY 0.54 Blocplay Entertainment Inc Dividends
Blok Technologies Inc CNSX:BLK 0.70 Blok Technologies Inc Dividends
Blue Lagoon Resources Inc CNSX:BLLG 33.6 Blue Lagoon Resources Inc Dividends
Blue Zen Memorial Parks Inc CNSX:BZM Blue Zen Memorial Parks Inc Dividends
Blueberries Medical CNSX:BBM 10.5 Blueberries Medical Dividends
Bluesky Digital Assets CNSX:BTC 1.17 Bluesky Digital Assets Dividends
Body And Mind Inc CNSX:BAMM 31.8 Body And Mind Inc Dividends
Bond Resources Inc CNSX:BJB 0.52 Bond Resources Inc Dividends
Braingrid CNSX:BGRD 0.18 Braingrid Dividends
Brookfield New Horizons Income Fund CNSX:BIF.UN Brookfield New Horizons Income Fund Dividends
Bucephalus Capital CNSX:BCA 0.69 Bucephalus Capital Dividends
C21 Investments Inc CNSX:CXXI 34.7 C21 Investments Inc Dividends
Calaveras Resource CNSX:CRC 1.27 Calaveras Resource Dividends
California Gold Mining Inc CNSX:CGM 11.4 California Gold Mining Inc Dividends
Callitas Health Inc CNSX:LILY Callitas Health Inc Dividends
Camarico Investment CNSX:CIG 1.29 Camarico Investment Dividends
Can-ameri Agri Co Inc CNSX:CGQ Can-ameri Agri Co Inc Dividends
Canada House Cannabis Inc CNSX:CHV 4.42 Canada House Cannabis Inc Dividends
Canada Renewable Bioenergy CNSX:XZX Canada Renewable Bioenergy Dividends
Canadian Metals Inc CNSX:CME 0.98 Canadian Metals Inc Dividends
Canadian Overseas Petroleum CNSX:XOP 10.3 Canadian Overseas Petroleum Dividends
Canamex Gold CNSX:CSQ Canamex Gold Dividends
Canna-v-cell Sciences Inc CNSX:CNVC 9.11 Canna-v-cell Sciences Inc Dividends
Cannabis Growth Opportunity CNSX:CGOC 6.53 Cannabis Growth Opportunity Dividends
Cannabis One Holdings Inc CNSX:CBIS 4.67 Cannabis One Holdings Inc Dividends
Cannabix Technologies Inc CNSX:BLO 51.3 Cannabix Technologies Inc Dividends
Cannamerica Brands CNSX:CANA 1.26 Cannamerica Brands Dividends
Cannaone Technologies Inc CNSX:CNNA 2.06 Cannaone Technologies Inc Dividends
Cannara Biotech Inc CNSX:LOVE 127.9 Cannara Biotech Inc Dividends
Cannaroyalty CNSX:OH 245.4 11.6 Cannaroyalty Dividends
Canntab Therapeutics CNSX:PILL 7.15 Canntab Therapeutics Dividends
Cansortium Inc CNSX:TIUM.U 31.1 22.5 Cansortium Inc Dividends
Captiva Verde Industries CNSX:VEG 2.61 Captiva Verde Industries Dividends
Captiva Verde Land CNSX:PWR 20.6 Captiva Verde Land Dividends
Captor Capital CNSX:CPTR 5.70 Captor Capital Dividends
Carl Data Solutions Inc CNSX:CRL Carl Data Solutions Inc Dividends
Carlyle Entertainment CNSX:OLG Carlyle Entertainment Dividends
Cartier Iron CNSX:CFE 1.35 Cartier Iron Dividends
Cascadia Blockchain CNSX:CK Cascadia Blockchain Dividends
Castle Resources Inc CNSX:CRI Castle Resources Inc Dividends
Cat Strategic Metals CNSX:CAT Cat Strategic Metals Dividends
Cautivo Mining Inc CNSX:CAI 2.06 Cautivo Mining Inc Dividends
Cayenne Capital CNSX:CYC Cayenne Capital Dividends
Cb2 Insights Inc CNSX:CBII 5.88 Cb2 Insights Inc Dividends
Cbd Global Sciences Inc CNSX:CBDN 3.54 Cbd Global Sciences Inc Dividends
Cellcube Energy Storage Systems Inc CNSX:CUBE 2.73 Cellcube Energy Storage Systems Inc Dividends
Celtic Minerals CNSX:CWE Celtic Minerals Dividends
Centr Brands CNSX:CNTR 18.6 Centr Brands Dividends
Cerro De Pasco Resources Inc CNSX:CDPR 71.5 Cerro De Pasco Resources Inc Dividends
Cerro Grande Mining CNSX:CEG 1.00 Cerro Grande Mining Dividends
Certive Solutions Inc CNSX:CBP 4.29 Certive Solutions Inc Dividends
Charlotte Resources CNSX:CHT Charlotte Resources Dividends
Chemesis International Inc CNSX:CSI 6.43 Chemesis International Inc Dividends
Chemistree Technology Inc CNSX:CHM 2.66 Chemistree Technology Inc Dividends
Chitrchatr Communications Inc CNSX:CHA Chitrchatr Communications Inc Dividends
Choom Holdings Inc CNSX:CHOO 23.5 Choom Holdings Inc Dividends
Cielo Waste Solutions CNSX:CMC 13.3 Cielo Waste Solutions Dividends
Cim International Inc CNSX:CIM 0.16 Cim International Inc Dividends
Citation Growth CNSX:CGRO 10.3 Citation Growth Dividends
City View Green Holdings Inc CNSX:CVGR 5.87 City View Green Holdings Inc Dividends
Cloud Nine Education CNSX:CNI 0.79 Cloud Nine Education Dividends
Cmx Gold And Silver CNSX:CXC Cmx Gold And Silver Dividends
Codebase Ventures Inc CNSX:CODE 3.70 Codebase Ventures Inc Dividends
Cognetivity Neurosciences CNSX:CGN 5.69 Cognetivity Neurosciences Dividends
Copper Reef Mining CNSX:CZC 4.63 Copper Reef Mining Dividends
Copperbank Resources CNSX:CBK 9.55 Copperbank Resources Dividends
Core One Labs Inc CNSX:COOL 4.79 Core One Labs Inc Dividends
Corsurex Resource CNSX:CRC 1.27 Corsurex Resource Dividends
Cresco Labs Inc CNSX:CL 1,868 58.8 Cresco Labs Inc Dividends
Crest Resources Inc CNSX:CRES 1.27 Crest Resources Inc Dividends
Crestview Exploration Inc CNSX:CRS 15.1 Crestview Exploration Inc Dividends
Cruz Cobalt CNSX:CRUZ 1.62 Cruz Cobalt Dividends
Cryptobloc Technologies CNSX:CRYP 0.13 Cryptobloc Technologies Dividends
Cryptologic CNSX:CRY 5.99 Cryptologic Dividends
Cultivar Holdings Inc CNSX:CULT 0.41 Cultivar Holdings Inc Dividends
Curaleaf Holdings Inc CNSX:CURA 3,263 30.5 Curaleaf Holdings Inc Dividends
Cyntar Ventures Inc CNSX:CYN 0.69 Cyntar Ventures Inc Dividends
Cypherpunk Holdings Inc CNSX:HODL 2.12 Cypherpunk Holdings Inc Dividends
Data Deposit Box Inc CNSX:DDB 0.58 Data Deposit Box Inc Dividends
Debut Diamonds Inc CNSX:DDI 1.99 Debut Diamonds Inc Dividends
Deeprock Minerals Inc CNSX:DEEP 0.36 Deeprock Minerals Inc Dividends
Deer Horn Capital Inc CNSX:DHC 0.47 Deer Horn Capital Inc Dividends
Delma Inc CNSX:DLMA 8.17 Delma Inc Dividends
Delrey Metals CNSX:DLRY 0.42 Delrey Metals Dividends
Deveron Uas CNSX:DVR 4.71 Deveron Uas Dividends
Digicrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc CNSX:DIGI 1.07 Digicrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc Dividends
Dimension Five Technologies Inc CNSX:DFT 0.95 Dimension Five Technologies Inc Dividends
Dionymed Brands Inc CNSX:DYME 0.28 0.29 Dionymed Brands Inc Dividends
Direct Communication Solutions Inc CNSX:DCSI 0.000 Direct Communication Solutions Inc Dividends
Dixie Brands (usa) Inc CNSX:DIXI.U 16.9 Dixie Brands (usa) Inc Dividends
Dizun International Enterprises Inc CNSX:KDZ 0.34 Dizun International Enterprises Inc Dividends
Dni Metals Inc CNSX:DNI Dni Metals Inc Dividends
Draganfly Inc CNSX:DFLY 26.2 Draganfly Inc Dividends
Dragon Legend Entertainment Canada Inc CNSX:DLE Dragon Legend Entertainment Canada Inc Dividends
Drone Delivery Canada CNSX:FLT 90.8 Drone Delivery Canada Dividends
Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc CNSX:DST 7.52 Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc Dividends
E-play Digital Inc CNSX:EPY 1.88 E-play Digital Inc Dividends
Ea Education Inc CNSX:EA 0.71 Ea Education Inc Dividends
Earthrenew Inc CNSX:ERTH 4.35 Earthrenew Inc Dividends
Eastern Zinc CNSX:EZNC 1.00 Eastern Zinc Dividends
Easy Technologies Inc CNSX:EZM Easy Technologies Inc Dividends
Eco Oro Minerals CNSX:EOM 5.02 Eco Oro Minerals Dividends
Egf Theramed Health CNSX:TMED 0.52 Egf Theramed Health Dividends
Empower Clinics Inc CNSX:CBDT 3.24 Empower Clinics Inc Dividends
Enfield Exploration CNSX:EXP Enfield Exploration Dividends
Enviroleach Technologies Inc CNSX:ETI 51.2 Enviroleach Technologies Inc Dividends
Esi Energy Services Inc CNSX:OPI 3.04 Esi Energy Services Inc Dividends
Etruscus Resources CNSX:ETR 3.14 Etruscus Resources Dividends
Eureka 93 Inc CNSX:ERKA Eureka 93 Inc Dividends
Eurogas International Inc CNSX:EI 0.18 Eurogas International Inc Dividends
Eurolife Brands Inc CNSX:EURO 7.49 Eurolife Brands Inc Dividends
European Metals CNSX:ECU European Metals Dividends
Eviana Health CNSX:EHC 0.91 Eviana Health Dividends
Evolving Gold CNSX:EVG 0.28 Evolving Gold Dividends
Exeblock Technology CNSX:XBLK 1.06 Exeblock Technology Dividends
Exmceuticals Inc CNSX:EXM 24.0 Exmceuticals Inc Dividends
Explorex Resources Inc CNSX:EX 2.61 Explorex Resources Inc Dividends
Exro Technologies Inc CNSX:XRO 24.3 Exro Technologies Inc Dividends
Eyelogic Systems Inc CNSX:EYE.A Eyelogic Systems Inc Dividends
Fandom Sports Media CNSX:FDM 0.95 Fandom Sports Media Dividends
Far Resources CNSX:FAT 3.10 Far Resources Dividends
Fincanna Capital CNSX:CALI Fincanna Capital Dividends
Fineqia International Inc CNSX:FNQ 2.24 Fineqia International Inc Dividends
Fiorentina Minerals Inc CNSX:FLO 0.000 Fiorentina Minerals Inc Dividends
First Choice Products Inc CNSX:FCI First Choice Products Inc Dividends
First Energy Metals CNSX:FE 0.73 First Energy Metals Dividends
First Responder Technologies Inc CNSX:WPN First Responder Technologies Inc Dividends
Flexwork Properties CNSX:RNG Flexwork Properties Dividends
Flower One Holdings Inc CNSX:FONE 87.0 Flower One Holdings Inc Dividends
Fogchain CNSX:FOG 0.46 Fogchain Dividends
Four Nines Gold Inc CNSX:FNAU 0.54 Four Nines Gold Inc Dividends
Fox River Resources CNSX:FOX 1.58 Fox River Resources Dividends
Fps Pharma Inc CNSX:FPS.U Fps Pharma Inc Dividends
Fsd Pharma Inc CNSX:HUGE 39.2 Fsd Pharma Inc Dividends
Future Farm Technologies Inc CNSX:FFT 7.29 Future Farm Technologies Inc Dividends
Gaby Inc CNSX:GABY 11.4 Gaby Inc Dividends
Gallagher Security CNSX:GLL 0.28 Gallagher Security Dividends
Gelum Capital CNSX:JEM Gelum Capital Dividends
Gencan Capital Inc CNSX:GCA 1.42 Gencan Capital Inc Dividends
Generation Mining CNSX:GENM 30.7 Generation Mining Dividends
Generic Gold CNSX:GGC Generic Gold Dividends
Genius Metals Inc CNSX:GENI 2.30 Genius Metals Inc Dividends
Getchell Gold CNSX:GTCH 3.30 Getchell Gold Dividends
Glance Technologies Inc CNSX:GET 4.84 Glance Technologies Inc Dividends
Glenbriar Technologies Inc CNSX:GTI.X Glenbriar Technologies Inc Dividends
Global Cannabis Applications CNSX:APP 2.37 Global Cannabis Applications Dividends
Global Gaming Technologies CNSX:GGAM.U 0.48 Global Gaming Technologies Dividends
Global Health Clinics CNSX:MJRX Global Health Clinics Dividends
Global Hemp Inc CNSX:GHG 2.77 Global Hemp Inc Dividends
Global Li-ion Graphite CNSX:LION 2.22 Global Li-ion Graphite Dividends
Global Uav Technologies CNSX:UAV 0.40 Global Uav Technologies Dividends
Globex Data CNSX:SWIS 4.63 Globex Data Dividends
Glorious Creation CNSX:GCIT Glorious Creation Dividends
Go Metals CNSX:GOCO 2.01 Go Metals Dividends
Gold Lion Resources Inc CNSX:GL 4.44 Gold Lion Resources Inc Dividends
Golden Lake Exploration Inc CNSX:GLM 0.000 Golden Lake Exploration Inc Dividends
Golden Leaf Holdings CNSX:GLH 12.6 Golden Leaf Holdings Dividends
Golden Opportunity Resources CNSX:GOOP 0.93 Golden Opportunity Resources Dividends
Goldrea Resources CNSX:GOR 1.19 Goldrea Resources Dividends
Govermedia Plus Canada CNSX:MPLS Govermedia Plus Canada Dividends
Goviex Uranium Inc CNSX:GXU 37.4 Goviex Uranium Inc Dividends
Grand Peak Capital CNSX:GPK 2.56 Grand Peak Capital Dividends
Graph Blockchain Inc CNSX:GBLC 0.81 Graph Blockchain Inc Dividends
Graphite Energy CNSX:GRE Graphite Energy Dividends
Gravitas Financial Inc CNSX:GFI 0.43 Gravitas Financial Inc Dividends
Green 2 Blue Energy CNSX:GTBE 0.30 Green 2 Blue Energy Dividends
Green Growth Brands Inc CNSX:GGB 86.1 Green Growth Brands Inc Dividends
Green River Gold CNSX:CCR 0.88 Green River Gold Dividends
Green Thumb Industries Inc CNSX:GTII 1,649 95.8 Green Thumb Industries Inc Dividends
Greenbank Capital Inc CNSX:GBC Greenbank Capital Inc Dividends
Greenstar Biosciences CNSX:GSTR 5.02 Greenstar Biosciences Dividends
Grown Rogue International Inc CNSX:GRIN 4.48 Grown Rogue International Inc Dividends
Harborside Inc CNSX:HBOR 18.6 Harborside Inc Dividends
Harrys Manufacturing Inc CNSX:HARY 8.23 Harrys Manufacturing Inc Dividends
Harvest Health & Recreation Inc CNSX:HARV 273.9 25.5 Harvest Health & Recreation Inc Dividends
Healthspace Data Systems CNSX:HS 2.91 Healthspace Data Systems Dividends
Helius Medical Technologies Inc CNSX:HSM Helius Medical Technologies Inc Dividends
Hello Pal International Inc CNSX:HP Hello Pal International Inc Dividends
Hemp For Health Inc CNSX:HFH Hemp For Health Inc Dividends
Heritage Cannabis Holdings CNSX:CANN 83.6 60.0 Heritage Cannabis Holdings Dividends
Heybryan Media Inc CNSX:HEY 0.000 Heybryan Media Inc Dividends
Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc CNSX:HHS 0.82 Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc Dividends
High Tide Inc CNSX:HITI 28.9 High Tide Inc Dividends
Hiku Brands CNSX:HIKU Hiku Brands Dividends
Hld Land Development Lp CNSX:HLD.UN Hld Land Development Lp Dividends
Hollister Biosciences Inc CNSX:HOLL 10.6 Hollister Biosciences Inc Dividends
Hydro66 Holdings CNSX:SIX 16.1 Hydro66 Holdings Dividends
Hyperblock Inc CNSX:HYPR Hyperblock Inc Dividends
Ianthus Capital Holdings Inc CNSX:IAN 239 Ianthus Capital Holdings Inc Dividends
Ic Capitalight CNSX:IC 2.49 Ic Capitalight Dividends
Icc International Cannabis CNSX:WRLD.U 10.9 Icc International Cannabis Dividends
Icesoft Technologies Canada CNSX:ISFT Icesoft Technologies Canada Dividends
Idaho Champion Gold Mines Canada Inc CNSX:ITKO 2.01 Idaho Champion Gold Mines Canada Inc Dividends
Ignite International Brands CNSX:BILZ 87.0 Ignite International Brands Dividends
Im Cannabis CNSX:IMCC 34.9 Im Cannabis Dividends
Im Exploration Inc CNSX:IM 0.61 Im Exploration Inc Dividends
Imagin Medical Inc CNSX:IME 5.73 Imagin Medical Inc Dividends
Imagination Park Technologies Inc CNSX:IP 3.00 Imagination Park Technologies Inc Dividends
Imc International Mining CNSX:IMCX 5.44 Imc International Mining Dividends
Indus Holdings Inc CNSX:INDS 14.4 Indus Holdings Inc Dividends
Inner Spirit Holdings CNSX:ISH 14.6 Inner Spirit Holdings Dividends
Innocan Pharma CNSX:INNO 10.6 Innocan Pharma Dividends
Inspiration Mining CNSX:ISM Inspiration Mining Dividends
Integrated Cannabis Inc CNSX:ICAN 14.9 Integrated Cannabis Inc Dividends
Intellabridge Technology CNSX:INTL 0.50 Intellabridge Technology Dividends
International Battery Metals CNSX:IBAT 4.54 International Battery Metals Dividends
International Cannabrands Inc CNSX:INCB 2.64 International Cannabrands Inc Dividends
International Cobalt CNSX:CO 1.10 International Cobalt Dividends
Ionic Brands CNSX:IONC 3.38 Ionic Brands Dividends
Irving Resources Inc CNSX:IRV 107.8 Irving Resources Inc Dividends
Isodiol International Inc CNSX:ISOL 7.56 Isodiol International Inc Dividends
Isracann Biosciences Inc CNSX:IPOT 24.9 Isracann Biosciences Inc Dividends
Izotropic CNSX:IZO 2.71 Izotropic Dividends
James Bay Resources CNSX:JBR 2.06 James Bay Resources Dividends
Jdf Explorations Inc CNSX:JDF Jdf Explorations Inc Dividends
Jushi Holdings Inc CNSX:JUSH 106.5 Jushi Holdings Inc Dividends
Kal Minerals CNSX:KAL 0.45 Kal Minerals Dividends
Karam Minerals Inc CNSX:KMI Karam Minerals Inc Dividends
Koios Beverage CNSX:KBEV 6.82 Koios Beverage Dividends
Kontrol Energy CNSX:KNR 10.4 Kontrol Energy Dividends
Kootenay Zinc CNSX:ZNK 0.28 Kootenay Zinc Dividends
Kwg Resources Inc CNSX:KWG 3.00 Kwg Resources Inc Dividends
La Imperial Resources Inc CNSX:LAI La Imperial Resources Inc Dividends
Lanebury Growth Capital CNSX:LLL 0.61 Lanebury Growth Capital Dividends
Leanlife Health Inc CNSX:LLP 2.84 Leanlife Health Inc Dividends
Leocor Ventures Inc CNSX:LECR 1.06 Leocor Ventures Inc Dividends
Leviathan Cannabis Inc CNSX:EPIC 9.48 Leviathan Cannabis Inc Dividends
Lexington Biosciences Inc CNSX:LNB 0.22 Lexington Biosciences Inc Dividends
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